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This is a novel of & ldquo; real & rdquo; novels.Because in the article about the hero's practice, it is mainly & ldquo; Dan Dao entry & rdquo; This part has adopted an approximate realistic approach.The protagonist of this book is a teenager who grew up in the mountain village and seek to learn in the city.He once had a weirdness, but this power did not seem to give him any miracles and good luck.Until one day & hellip; & hellip; meet the stranger in the market, experience the number of robberies, and learn the legendary Taoist magical powers, and have a wonderful life with Hongchen!He fell in love with the beautiful and sexy class teacher unknowingly, and at the same time, he was entangled with unclear people with the ghost girl who was rescued by himself and the charming demon spirit in the market.Although he is not willing, he was involved in the complex disputes of the cultivation martial arts hidden in the world, and eventually became a wonders of the world!However, when he faced the highest realm of & ldquo; Dan Dao & rdquo;Is the vast -rising state in the legend?Or choose to stay in the market, becoming the mysterious existence among countless ordinary people, to spill the romance of the world?Due to the writing, the first volume of this book & ldquo; Yin Shen chapter & rdquo; and the second volume & ldquo;It will feel relatively bland.The wonderful story plot will be unfolded after the second volume. Reading will become more and more exciting!