Xianhong Road

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One day, a strange meteor dropped by the sky.The genius teenagers of the Xianxian family actually abolished their cultivation and became a waste.Since then, he has been ridiculed, humiliated, and laughed.However, who knows that behind Yang Fan's calm smile, the unknown secret & hellip; & hellip; a generation of famous medical voices was born.IntersectionIntersectionThe genius is rebuilt, and has mysterious & ldquo;****** [Fast food shop] 2O1O Nianxian Xia masterpiece, the old book "The Road to Fairy" 2OO Wan VIP finished this work, without eunuch worries.The manager's support ⑤ Group: 11725o148 (high -level group, just newly built, free, fast food sitting) Note: This book is slow in the early stage and slightly bland, but the novel is very long, the subsequent is unlimited, suitable for slow reading.