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With the mutant stand -alone version of the online game came to the parallel modern world, Lin Yunxuan got the ability of the summoning game to be the ability to separate!The fighters, the magician, the night assassin, the Paladin, the ghost swordsman, the ghost swordsman, the gods of gunners are waiting for his call.Aquatic alchemist, puppet master, enchanting master & hellip; & hellip; many sub -professions are waiting for his study.The blade of meteor fell, the light of the sacred thousands of years, the language of the elf & hellip; & hellip; countless magic weapons waiting for his use.There are thousands of skills, thousands of props, waiting for Lin Yunxuan's excavation!Facing the infinite possibilities brought by the avatar, Lin Yunxuan vowed to start with his own power!Drom the earth and change the whole world!PS: New book friends can log in to click, recommend, collect O (& CAP; _ & CAP;) o