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Quick Quotes: The relationship between people is complicated.There are life and death, there are green plums and bamboo horses, and they use each other.Cutting it is that people cannot do without others.You are going to die, remembering the intersection of life and death; you need emotion, think of green plums; you have something to think of people who can use it.Let's see how Long Dahai faces calculations and calculations in the officialdom, play and play in the mall, conquer and conquer in the love field.Officially in the officialdom, the venue is wonderful; the white road underworld transports the road, the road is also afraid of the alleys, good books are also afraid of unknown, please support many bookmates to support, recommend more!QQ group: 71636277 (overflow), 64991730 (upgraded, add 100 vacant positions), 75510919 (full) are welcome to join.VIP reader senior group: 80710064, invite VIP readers to join, please support the new book "The Pastoral Life of the Trust"