Cyan cycle

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[This book once caused a paralyzed function of the recovery of the Tianya community, becoming the strongest post in the history of Tianya] The blue sac can be alive; the corpse can avoid the sky.In the world, Hua Hua's "Blue Sutra" can save people and live. Liu Bowen's "Corpse Sutra" can ward off evil spirits & hellip; & hellip; In the 13th year of Jian'an (AD 208).Under the erratic oil light, an old man with a white beard handed a cloth bag to his head and whispered: This can be living!That jurisdiction quietly put the cloth bag into his arms.After 1,700 years, a tourist went to Huayu Temple in Peixian, Jiangsu. There was a couplet in front of the temple gate: the doctor's belly, do not open the Qi Shengmen court, who knows the prison officials, causing the testament to return toBody, do you have to dandy in the gangsters, regret the pen and pen, and the anti -generals slander Qianqiu.What is said is that Hua Yan, a god doctor in the Three Kingdoms, transmitted his life "Green SutraSighing sighs.In the long years, the vicissitudes of the sea, this incident has long been obliterated in the long world.In the autumn of 1975, under the foot of Nanshan, Jiangxi, under a tall old locust tree, a group of villagers were surrounded by a group of villagers.This new book: "Black Spiritual Taohave a look.

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