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This is a Datang Empire on the fork.This is another era of coexistence of empires and families.At the beginning of the founding of Gao Zu, he was sympathetic to the old man and the hero. The world gradually formed the seven major family members: Hebei Pei, Hedong Zhang's, Shandong Cui, Guanlong Weili, Huainan Chu family, Shannan Wang family, Jiannan Yang family.Fifteen years ago, the Anshi Rebellion eventually sued the calm, and Tang Tingli sent the return army to the backbone of the rebellion.The Seven Congress of the Seven Worlds jointly expelled the prisoners and resumed the community, but it gradually supported the self -reliance. From then on, the Seventh Family took turns to take turns, each of which has been in charge of the government for five years.In the seven families, the Zhang family, which was originally ranked second in the seven families, was seduced by the Cui family in Shandong ten years ago. The family splitting and the military power were captured.The owner Zhang Huan was a lone thief in the previous life, and this life is the most unprecedented sister -in -law in this family of Hedong. But one day, he suddenly found a secret secretly hidden in his life.Since then, the empire is no longer peaceful...............Datang, fork, the seventh family