Tianbing Land

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In the Journey to the West, the conquest of Qitian Shengsheng and the like, everywhere is the 100,000 -day soldiers and the generals, the leader of the foreign and the general leader, and the result is always difficult to succeed.The giant spirit god, the four heavenly kings, the Tota King Nezha, etc. all lost, so what was the end of the heavenly soldier?Land, as an ordinary member of the soldiers, tells you a life about the unknown of heaven.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------————————————————————————————————————————————— The gump of & ldquo; A -Gump;However, many people may not know that & ldquo; A -Gump; or think that & ldquo; A -Gumpa ’s genuine & rdquo;, it’ s not a good movie.But A -Gump's blandness and extraordinary appreciation is very appreciated.I thought, is it possible for China to exist?After thinking about it for a long time, there seems to be no soil he exists.So I thought of the dream in the fairy world, the dream in the heavenly soldiers carried the dream of & ldquo; A -Gang & rdquo;