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Lin Yan got a smart watch from the sky. Since then, he has stepped on, saving people, making money, picking up girls, and colorful campus.Can be invisible, he can do medical skills, and the Buddha can't stop it.A punch, the heavens and the earth are angry, and the fairy urine pants.PS1: Pure YY text, suitable for tea after meals, watch when bored, and must have good products at home.PS2: This book is very good -looking, it will be finished. As for you, I believe it anyway, I believe it anyway.PS3: It seems that this brief introduction is very bad. I feel that everything has been said, and I have nothing to say. Let ’s read the article with peace of mind .... PS4: This book has been signed, please rest assured, group number 179321786 Bed Wang Ye 2010.11.6