Rebirth of the game space

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The 2o1O Year of the year was killed by the Three Kingdoms games, but in 1999, he was reborn with the Three Kingdoms game space.And experience the space for the fusion of various games and movies, such as: Three Kingdoms, Red Police, World War II, Avatar, Lord Rings, Xianxia and other readings first, read "Reading by Book Friends" first, please advance "Book Friends must read.》 Introduction: After the protagonist passes through the black hole, only the mutant soul with black hole attributes is left, and two bodies have been occupied by grabbing surgery.This is the alien world where the cultivator, the demon, the beast, and the fighting artist complement each other.The cultivator and beasts here can absorb the soul of Warcraft and get skills.The fighters here are divided into bronze, silver, and golden gods.The protagonist absorbed the energy armor of the iron line vine through the characteristics of the black hole; the flash of the black rock bee;....