Killing hell

Author:Red tiger
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After the ancestral court came, all the appropriate people on the earth were in hell. There were countless monsters, ghosts, and ghosts. If you see this as a magnificent game, hell is the map you upgraded.The status has become a cloud, everything starts, and everything is possible. As long as you live and live, & hellip; & hellip; because hell is because of this & lsquo; game & rsquo; there is no resurrection.& ldquo; Let yourself live and let the enemy die.& rdquo; Xiao Yandao.Buy this article!Reader friends, by the way, click [Favorites & Darr; this book] to support this book!As for the title & hellip; & hellip; Okay, you can comment well & hellip; & hellip; t.T "Stupid Emperor"