Jiao Wife Ruyun

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The most artistic thief in history has passed through the Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty for four years.As the servant of the Prayer of the Prayer, Shen Ao is very happy. The knowledge changes his destiny. The IQ determines the future. Everything is a cloud. Seeing that I only cover the sky.Playing art, talking about taste.Pseudo -writing best paintings, writing the most beautiful books, without taking ordinary ways, will flicker is the king.When you enter Taixue, you should be imperial examinations. He is Tian She Lang, Mu Deng Tianzitang, Gao Yan and Cai Jing are all outdated.In response to the call of the officials, the spirit of the official family is essential, and strive to learn the spirit of the Song Dynasty.The pink and tender beauty, the noble and elegant county owner, the silly princess, the very serious and clever lady, talk about love, talk about love, and make due contributions to the prosperity policy of the Great Song Dynasty.A very happy and very YY book, winning wisdom, I have the world.Tiger's hard -headed cells come to write, everyone strives to collect and recommend it.