Chapter 661's moves of fans

The first row was Yun Pian, Sun Xiaojiao, Li Jiannan, Zhou Dongfei, Yan Yongbo, etc. in the core of the senior high school class, the second row was other students and colleagues in the literary year group.The principal, and some members in the dragon gang occupy the third row. In addition to the members of the Long Gang, there are two girls who are cold -cold office colleagues. At this timeFour rows of positions.[Love to read]

Seeing Yitianhao, the principal nodded at Yitianhao, and said, "Teacher, you are here!"

"YesAh! "Yi Tianhao smiled, said," Principal, do you feel comfortable when you sit in this place? If you want to lean forward, change your place with which student. "
"It's. "The principal of the big principal smiled and said," Actually, the positions in the first few rows are not much different, haha, it feels good. Their tickets are all you got? Tianhao, you really have the ability. "

BR> Yitianhao smiled slightly, staring at the dragon gang members who wanted to say hello to themselves, and then walked towards their seats with a smile.Saying, and then sitting slowly on his seat, Ding Xiaotong and Sun Xiaochao were sitting together, Yan Xueer sat on the left side of Yi Tianhao, while Li Jiannan sat on the right side of Yitianhao.

Yan Xueer looked at Yitianhao and asked, "Brother, how do you come so late?"

Yi Tianhao coughed, and then he was serious: "I didn't listen to itHas it, heroes usually appear in the end. "

Li Jiannan couldn't help but laughed ambiguously:" Not only the heroes are the last appearance, hey, I guess whether Hao brother is playing at home at homeWhat kind of kiss game? "

Li Jiannan's words made Yan Xueer laughed with a red face with a red face, and Tianhao was super thick, but he didn't think of it.It has not denied it.

At this time, the music suddenly rang, everyone closed their mouths, everyone looked at the luxurious stage, but saw that the magnesium light kept flashing, the entire stage was on the whole stage.Just like a fairyland, from the direction of the center of the stage, a stand -up stands up from the bottom to top. The higher and higher the stands, and gradually rising.Screaming.

"Li Ruoxuan, I love you! Li Ruoxuan, I love you!"

The students around Tianhao, and the colleagues behindHe shouted loudly, and Tianhao's eyes also showed a blur. At this time, Li Ruoyu and the past became different. Li Ruoyu in the past gave himself a sister next door, but at this timeAt this moment, Li Ruoyu is like a fairy. She is wearing a white satin long skirt with a lace on the corner of the skirt. Her hair swing with the wind.Everyone called her sister, not only because of her role, but also because of her image.

"Li Ruoxuan, I love you, Li Ruoxuan, I love you !!!"
Just at this time, I only heard a deafening voice in the radio: "We usSister of the fairy -Li Ruoyu's concert, start now! "

What follows is a warm cheering voice.

"The wind fluttering lightly, but I can't take my thoughts about you ... Our feelings, our love, you are my only."

Li RuoxuanThe signs of the signature songs drifted slowly throughout the audience. Li Ruoyu sang very well, and the audience of the audience held his breath. Everyone seemed to be melted away. Everyone was filled with this.The sincere feelings were moved.

"Listen, it's really nice." Yi Tianhao couldn't help but murmured himself. In fact, Tianhao had heard Li Ruoyu's songs on the Internet before, but it was justAfter all, downloading the original version of the original version on the Internet is not as good as the original version of the original version. For a while, Tianhao also seemed to be melted out.By the way, it was not only him, but the other people around me hummed. It can be seen how powerful Li Ruoyu's influence is.

At the end of a song, Li Ruoyi slowly descended, standing on the stage, watching the audience below, looking at their fans, Li Ruoyi bowed slowly, his voice, his voiceSolocent: "Everyone, I love you! Friends in Sanjiang City, friends from far away, I love you!"

The cheers sounded again, Li Ruoyi wanted to continue talking, but but, butBut was interrupted by this cheers, I had to look at this scene with a smile, and my eyes couldn't help but have some humidity. Yeah, these are those who love me deeply, but also the people I love deeply.They, I want to continue my career, play a game to my old one, I can't sing until I can't sing, just if.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceIf that person can also come to my concert, how good it should be!

Li Ruoyu pressed the idea under his heart. After the voice gradually weakened, Li Ruoyu continued: "This is the first time I came to Sanjiang City. In fact, I was on this.A few days before the concert, I had already come to Sanjiang City, because I have already heard of the beauty of Sanjiang City, the beautiful and beautiful people here are more beautiful. After I came hereIt is a very beautiful place. There are also the cutest fans in this world. Everyone, I love you, and thank you for making me find this beautiful feeling. "

I listened to Li Ruoyu's words, Yi Tianhao only heard the crying sound of the crying next to him. When he turned his head, he saw 80 % of his students began to cry.Even his colleagues Jin Long, Jing and Zhang Chancan began to shed tears. My God, as to this way like this?Although I said that I was very moved.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceBut is it too exaggerated?Unexpectedly, this little girl is really infectious.