Chapter 196.

After listening to Feifei, the comprehensive Yangyue was so froze.The eyebrows on the forehead could not help but cluster.Lock deeply.

"What do you say." He looked at her solemn and solemn."What do you mean by you don't want to be killed by them."

"They have been looking for me." Feifei looked at him very wronged."I really didn't expect that my father would be such a person before his death. When he was in he felt that he was a normal businessman. But he was not here to come to the door. But I ca n’t help it. I ’m uncomfortable in my heart.”

“You say someone is troublesome to find you.” The total frowns in the whole Yanglong Yue.But immediately he understood.

A ** underground emperor and his power assistant died.The first time to update the city ** this big cake will naturally make many people's eyes.But they really believe that he would fight with his men because of disagreement.This is too outrageous.Think about what kind of wind should be deliberately penetrated after the executives of the police station got.To achieve the purpose they want.

But I blame myself to be confused.I actually forgot about this.So that my woman was wronged.But he really hated Wang Yiyao's character.So why don't you call me and ask me to settle them.Since it is a fat cake and let others take it.Why not control him by himself and then control them to control them.Please get more and faster.Think of this.He had an idea in his heart.

"But they are nothing. Just threatening us to support them. Naturally, my sister handles this matter." Feifei said helplessly and scared."But someone found me last night. He said he was my dad's good friend. He asked me to help him avenge my dad. And they also knew that it was my dad you killed."

Comprehensive Yang Longyue couldn't help but surprised.He frowned and glanced at Feifei.Looking at her seriously, he asked: "What he said to you."
"The man is so fierce. When you meet, you don't say anything to peel my clothes first." Feifei was talking about this. In the eyes of his shaking, he revealed that the undoubted panic made his heart could not help but be hot.Update as soon as possible

"Did he do anything to you?" The flames of anger in the eyes of Jiyang Longyue.

"The pervert was holding a dagger and sticking to me constantly. The cold feeling of the dagger and her cold eyes scared me almost fainted." Feifei's face began to whiten.It seems that the pervert really scared her.

"What he said to you." The brows of Zongyang Longyue frowned deeper.

Fifi seemed to be immersed in the fear that she brought to her at the time.Some people turned around and looked at him for a while before saying: "He said he was my father's friend. Please get more and faster. Please say that my father was killed by you. I revenge. I asked me to ask you to meet him. "

The whole Yanglong Yue was exhaling.But his brows were still thinking about what.

"He said that if I couldn't make an appointment. He would still find me and scratched me with a knife." Fifi said shuddering in extreme fear.

"Does he say who he is." Heng Yanglong frowned and asked.

"No. He just threw me down after saying such a sentence." Fifi said painfully with a painfulness.

The total nodded in Yangyang Yue.The first time she updated the comfort, she patted her shoulder and nodded and signaled that she was okay.But he knew himself.This person is not simple.He achieved his purpose quickly in the simplest and violent way.But it did not expose any information about your identity.So this is a calm and cruel guy.It's not easy to deal with.

"What time he said. Where did he meet me?" He looked up and asked with a distressing look.

"He didn't say. I was scared at the time and didn't think of these." Feifei stunned.But so.

The total nodded in Yangyang Yue.I smiled way.Since he didn't say it.It means he will contact himself.Then wait.But he was very upset about his behavior.Not only because of his shameless violence against Feifei.It's because of his suspicion of himself.Even if he doesn't take Fifi to threaten himself.I will definitely go.

He patted Feifei's shoulders again.The news of her comfort said with a smile: "Yesterday, there should be no rest. You should take a good rest here. I'm here here."
"Long Yue." Fifi suddenly fluttered When he got into his arms, he cried.He didn't care about her.After being in the arms of her arms, she was so crying to vent her grievances and resentment in her heart.

Her crying continued for a long time.Please get more and faster.Finally, I cried slowly.In the end, it turned into an intermittent sobbing.He looked down at her who was already asleep.There was a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth.He gently put her on the bed.But it wasn't to think that his movement made her open her eyes very panicked.When I opened my eyes and saw him, I closed my eyes with peace of mind and fell asleep.

The whole yang Long Yue sighed.Sitting in the bed and thinking about the origin of this person.Who is this person?Looking at the description of Pholy, this person should not be the people in the local area of ​​M.His first idea he should be the people of Shenlong Club.If this is the case, then Shenlong Club should have officially listed himself as his enemy.It's just what he doesn't understand.Please get more and faster.Since they have set up a trap for me to the city.Why does this person suddenly appear?What they want to do.

He pulled out a cigarette with some depression.Want to ignite, when he saw Fifi, who was sleeping peacefully, he quietly stood up and came out of the room and came to the living room on the first floor.But he just sat down.It was rang again to lit his mobile phone.

The phone came from Kuroko.It was said that Yu Dongguang took Huang Zhi and went to Yingying's clothing store to find something.Several of them went to stop them.But the other party fought at them as soon as they met.But this is not bad.The most hateful thing is that Li Yuqing led people immediately.It is Yingying's clothing store is a black shop.It is said that the third child is a thug in the store.They bought and sold and wounded customers to take them to the police station.

The whole Yang Yue stood up as soon as he heard it.A murderous murderous murderous shot in his eyes.Here, you're a good news.Really Really fucking is an unjust guy.I ignore you during this time.You bullied Lao Tzu's head again.Since you are looking for death, don't blame me in the Yangyue of all Yangyue.

Think of this.He went upstairs to Yang Xue and Lin Miaoyue and let them optimistic about Feifei.Yang Xue and Lin Miaoyue had to go.But he was stopped.He briefly talked about the two people afterwards.Both nodded silently.Say let him go with confidence.They will take care of Fifi.


The Dragon Yue driving car quickly came to Yingying Yingyue Clothing Store.I saw two police cars parked in front of the store.The man went even more.He got out of the car and squeezed the crowd to the store.When they saw Li Yuqing and Kuroko, they were stunned.

"It's really opposite to you. Take them all away." Li Yuqing shouted in the anger and madly."All of the daring to arrest as a police officer. Submitted to kill on the spot."

Hearing this statement.The corner of his mouth couldn't help twitching to sneer in a fierce color.But look at those police officers, but you look at me.Let me see that everyone is doing it.Looking at Kuroko, they even held the water pipes in front of Yingying and Li Xiaolu. They were not moving at all.Still staring at those police officers so hard.It seems that you come here and I will desperately fight with you.It is simply a look of death.See these.He couldn't help but get hot.A little tears fell.

Friends and brothers can do this.Needless to say anything.It is also the time to test one person at this time.They are brothers in the real sense.For this feeling that moved him.He wrote down.

"What are you doing. For this kind of underworld elements who are buying and selling and hurting people. If we do n’t catch them. Do you pay attention to your police uniforms? Do you do our great people." Li Yuqing saw that no one moved.Frozen in the silly B haha ​​haha.

"Li Yuqing." The total of the whole Yang Yue stepped into the shop without avoiding the ruthlessness in his eyes."Isn't it enough?"

Li Yuqing heard the words.But immediately pretended to be a very good look B and looked at the whole Yanglong Yue Road: "How. Do you want to stop the public security personnel from law enforcement."
"Put your mother's But immediately pretended to be a very good look B and looked at the whole Yanglong Yue Road: "How. Do you want to stop the public security personnel from law enforcement."
"Put your mother's shit . "He Yangyue said with a very polite sneer."I told you. Li Yuqing, you little B cub, this is Lao Tzu's place. It's not a place like you can scatter the wild. I ask you again. If you play enough. If you play enough. Apologize to my women and brothers. If you do n’t play enough, I will play with you today. "

The people present were stunned.No one will think that he will actually be so merciless to the Captain of the Municipal Bureau's Interpol.And Li Yuqing, the son of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, was scolded and humiliated.

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. Who do you think you are. I am doing the case now. Your current behavior is to humiliate a police police officer who is handling the case for the people. You need to negative to your words and deeds Responsibility. "Li Yuqing also stunned.Immediately furious.He said that no matter how I said, I am the captain of the Municipal Criminal Police Team and the son of the Municipal Party Secretary. You dare to humiliate me so in public to call me embarrassment.I just let you go.I'm afraid my dad will not let you go.Moreover, today I am here to handle the case.If you want to make trouble.Anyway, we have come to you this time.It happens to be given you back to catch you back and go back to judge you for a few years.See you dare to open up with me in the future.

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