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Some traditional Chinese medicines, but some can be planted, but some are not good! "

Liu Xuguo laughed towards Liu Xiahui," It seems you are really ready to move our Chinese line to SadamaaAh? "

Liu Xiahui laughed at Liu Xuguo with a smile," Minister Liu said wrong, now the Earth Village has long been divided into China, Sada Maruma? Chinese things?Isn't it the world? "

" There is an insight! "Liu Xuguo heard a stun, and then smiled, and stretched out his thumbs towards Liu Xiahui," Yes, China is also the world! "

Liu Xuguo said to Liu Xiahui, "I'll recommend two people to you!"

Liu Xuguo just finished speaking, and saw Yin Guohua and Yin Yi come in. Yin Yi originally just listened to himself.His father Yin Guohua said that he was going to meet a foreign minister abroad today, but he did not expect it to be Liu Xiahui.

Liu Xiahui saw Yin Yi look at himself in a bad way, and immediately beckoned towards Yin Yi. Yin Guohua had listened to Liu Xuguo before he talked about this problem, so he was not surprised.! "

Liu Xiahui smiled, and after signing Yin's father and son to sit down, then looked at Liu Xu Guo," Minister Liu, you are the Liaodong Group who wants President Yin to earn SizadaWhere is the hard -earned money of the Moya Labor! "

Liu Xuguo originally contacted the Liaodong Group and Liu Xiahui to help Liu Xiahui solve some medical problems.Laughs, "Cooperation, cooperation, what do you say like I let Yin President come over to exploit your people of Sadhama?"

Everyone laughed and laughed. Next,Liu Xiahui signed a contract on behalf of Sada Moia and Yin Zhiguo. After that, the general business of Sada Moia was responsible for the Liaodong Group, and Yin Yi was appointed by Yin Guohua as the general manager of Sada Moya District of Sada Moia., I will stay in Sada Moia in the future.

After talking with Liu Xuguo, everything has made everything goes well, but it is still not very optimistic about Ouyang Furong's condition.

Numerous brain experts have come to see it. In the international criminal police, the experts who have invited the invitation to come over are still unsuccessful. In the end, Liu Xiahui decided to pick up Ouyang Furong to return to Sada Sado.

After the medical exchanges and cooperation projects of China and the West were completed, Liu Xiahui took the medical team to leave the capital of China, and Ouyang Furong was also on the plane.

After returning to Sada Moia, Liu Xiahui made people arrange Ouyang hibiscus, and also informed Yu Xianjun, Weng Beiru, Weng Beiru and Yin Yan were from medical staff, so they were from them.Take turns to take care of Ouyang hibiscus.

And other women also began to guess at this time, is this woman a new woman Liu Xiahui?But Liu Xiahui has promised them, except for them, there will be no other women.

In total, a few women decided to find Liu Xiahui to talk about this problem seriously, but was stopped by Bei Xiaoshuai.

Bei Xiaoshuai told a few women. How did Ouyang hibiscus become this way in order to save Liu Hui's life.

Several women were crying. They all thought about it. If they were themselves, they might not dare to block Liu Xiahui at that time. Besides, Ouyang Furong is now in this situation.Liu Xiahui competed.

After Liu Xiahui returned to China to Sada Moia, he reported some affairs he had negotiated in China with Liu Ziguang. At the same time, Liu Ziguang implemented some new projects from the Ministry of Health.Essence

Liu Xiahui is busy, but this day is more happy than he does not know what to do every day than he was in China.

That is, when Liu Xiahui was busy, he suddenly thought in his mind. Before, in China, those people and the American guys looked for themselves at all costs, just for Monking5's virus.

But Liu Xiahui has always ignored it. It is the Monking series of medicines. In addition to poison, it also has the function of cell regeneration.

Ouyang Furong is not awake so far, because brain tissue and brain cells are destroyed. Why don't you use Monking to help her regenerate the brain tissue?

Liu Xiahui thought of here, couldn't help but almost jumped up, and immediately got up to Liu Ziguang's office. He and Liu Ziguang asked for a month of leave and were responsible for re -enabled the Monking series medicine.

Liu Ziguang agreed. After more than a dozen days and night research, Monking medicine finally saw the day, but there are still some differences in the Monking series of this new drug and Ye Wu Dao.Poisonity and contagious.

Ouyang hibiscus has been awake after a month after taking medicine, but does not have the ability to speak. After continuing to take the medicine for a month, you can speak.Ouyang hibiscus has been free.

During the treatment, Ouyang Furong never saw Liu Xiahui. She didn't even know that Liu Xiahui was always helping her.

When Ouyang Furong was declared healed by the doctor, and there would be no sequelae, she saw Liu Xiahui, she could not care about Liu Xiahui, there were actually several other women behind her.Hold Liu Xiahui.

Yu Xianjun and others stood behind Liu Xiahui. Looking at this scene, there was only joy and no jealousy.

One day five years later, Liu Ziguang, as the prime minister of Sada Maruma, was officially stepped down, and Liu Zigui resigned with Liu Ziguang was Liu Xiahui.

Five years of economic construction, Sada Moia has become the richest country in Africa, and enjoys the reputation of African black pearls at the same time.

At the same time, the five -year medical construction has made Sada Maroma a country with the only one in African countries, the most comprehensive medical equipment, the crime of medical measures, and the cheapest medical expenses.

At the same time, in the five years of Liu Xiahui's career, Liu Xiahui solved countless difficulty in the Sada Moia people, andIn China, Liu Xiahui is the medical god.

Liu Xiahui, who has been resigned, has always been a confidant with his own redness, walking on the land in Africa. Everywhere they go, they all overflow with laughter and hope.

On a certain day, Liu Xiahui once returned to China to find his father and master, but at that time, he learned that his master and father had been to Africa long ago and became five.The year of visiting doctors.

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