Chapter 96 Chair Xianwei [Next]

Chapter 96 The chair is showing (below)

The man in black held the chair, turned around and turned around, and then sat on the chair with a butt.

"Oh, you can't light up!"

Huh?Who is speaking?The man in black looked at it halfway and did not find any abnormalities.Putting his energy on the chair again.He touched and touched, and he became happier and happier: yes, he really put the rosewood chair.

"What are you touching?" The sound sounded again.

The man in black stopped the action, looked around, and finally looked at the bed, and saw the signs of the people on the bed not getting up.on the chair.

"Hey, why is the weight wrong? You little thief, roll away!" At this time, the voice that I just heard sound sounded again.

"After finishing, I was discovered!" This is the first idea of the man in black.He quickly picked up the chair and walked outside with his waist.

"Put down the chair and put down the chair ..." The sound sounded for the fourth time, and it seemed a little angry in the words.It is estimated that the owner has chased.The man in black began to speed up.

"Putting down the chair, you don't put it again, the chair is angry!" The sound sounded for the fifth time, and listening to the sound was obviously on the edge of the outbreak.But the man in black faded his ears, but continued to run with a chair.

Just kidding, this chair is his only goal tonight. With it, he can live a comfortable period, how can he let go.

I didn't run a few steps. The man in black didn't know how to do it. Suddenly, the chair that was reluctant to let go was smashed to the ground.The whole person was still like a messenger, rushing up and down.

"Tell you to kidnap the grandfather, this is the lesson, hum ~~~!" The voice sounded again. This time the tone was obviously different from the previous anger, but it was full of joy.

The man in black finally stopped and scrambled, looking at the chair in front of him.

"Ghost ~~~"

For a long time, a shocking scream broke out from the mouth of the man in black.The next black man.Like the blood of the chicken, running out of the smoke, and soon disappeared.

The Lu Xuyang family also woke up in the scared cry.

In the dark, Lu Xuyang, who was screaming, was awakened first. He quickly rushed out of the room and yelled, "Catch the thief ~ little thief, where to run ~" and "and" Lu's father and Lu Ma are also inThen rushed out of the room.

After turning on the light, the thief was gone.Lu Ma began to check in the room.Final confirmation.Except for a chair in Lu Xuyang's room, no other losses were lost.

The family returned to the room one after another.Lu Xuyang also moved his smart chair back.The toss family started to sleep again.

At this time.Lu Xuyang's house was restless.

I saw a chair -like black shadow rushing up and down in the room, east, and instantaneously appeared on the west, and they called: "It's dirty, so dirty, good, good, good, good, good, goodUncomfortable ... "

If anyone is in the middle of the night, I suddenly see a vague black shadow in the room, and it is estimated that people will not be able to stand it.

If the man in black is still here, he will be scared to spit out white foam.

Don't talk about others.Anyway, Lu Xuyang was scared to death now.

He covered his head.Hiding in the quilt trembled for a long time, it wasn't until he couldn't breathe, and then he turned on the electric light of the room.

Seeing the light, the dark shadow paused obviously, and then began to mess up again: "Oh. It's dirty, dirty, uncomfortable ..."

Lu Xuyang was scared againIt's a stingy.Looking at it, I found that it was the smart chair.

Is this the so -called intelligence?IntersectionLu Xuyang thought.

"Stink boy, in the middle of the night, what are you tossing?" The voice of the room woke up the mother of Lu next door.

Lu Xuyang quickly rushed to the chair, and Lu Mu's mother said, "Nothing, I just find water to drink, and accidentally overturned the chair."
"Hurry up and drink, Go to bed early! "The mother who was explained yawned back to the room.

Because of answering the conversation of Mother Lu, Lu Xuyang did not pay attention and was escaped by the chair. He quickly chased up and held it down.If he wakes up his mother again, it is estimated that he would have to eat bamboo shoots and fried meat.

"Ah!" Suddenly Lu Xuyang screamed and let go of the chair.Like the man in black, he swayed his hands as if he was desperately stushed by the two, and it was blowing in front of his mouth from time to time.

The chair that has been released is still tossing: "It's dirty, so dirty, terrible ..."

Lu Xuyang is completely speechless, he suddenly understands why the chair is comfortable to comfortableThe introduction of degree is 50%to negative 50%.It turns out that the winter is warm in summer and cool in summer!

Lu Xuyang, who suddenly realized, began to think again. How can you stop the chair?

Suddenly, he thought of another skill of the chair 'anthropomorphic'. If it was dirty, he would definitely take a bath.But he is not a human, can I wipe it?

Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang picked up a piece of rubbing cloth, and you could see the color of the wiping cloth and thought about it.In order not to make that chair toss more powerful.I had to change a clean one.

He picked up the towel and stepped forward to grab the chair and wipe it with a towel.The chair felt his movements and stopped struggling.

"Um ... comfortable, really comfortable ..."

Hearing the sound of the chair, Lu Xuyang was completely speechless this time. I didn't notice it just now. Is this his own voice unknown?No wonder my mother came back from school last time that her inexplicable words were the ghosts of this guy.

Tossed the half -bed, the chair finally quietly got quiet. Lu Xuyang put it in front of the table and continued to return to bed.Lu Xuyang, who was tossing, was very tired, and soon entered the dreamland.


Slowly stretched out a hand from the quilt and grabbed the constant mobile phone.

"Hey? Who?" The speaker seemed to be out of touch, and he knew he didn't wake up at the first hearing.

"Oh, Xiaoxu, listen to your voice, is it not getting up yet?" On the opposite side, Haiye's full of energy passed through data.Lu Xuyang, who was in a dreamy state, sat up from the bed.

"Yeah! Hai Lao, hello!" Lu Xuyang greeted Hai Ye in a mess.

"You're also!" Hai Ye replied, and then said, "Xiaoxu, I wonder if you have time now, can you come to my house today?"

"Ah?" Lu Xuyang looked at the calendar and thought about the date of the notice. It was determined that it was not back today: "Yes, some, I will pass in a while."

"Okay, okayThen I am waiting for you at home! "Hearing Lu Xuyang's answer, Hai Ye hung up the phone happily.

The sleepy Lu Xuyang, in order to avoid being disturbed, set the phone in his hand directly, and then fell on the bed to continue to sleep.What about Grandpa.