Chapter 069 [Super Wine Fang 3]

. Seeing that grandfather contained the "fairy beanEssence(PM)

In fact, in fact, in less than a minute, the old man opened his mouth and said freely. The "little green fruit" had been eaten, and he didn't want to vomit.

The disgusting is strange, Lu Xuyang finally completely put down the high -hanging heart and said, "Grandpa, take a good rest, I am out."
"The combination of Lao Yi ... "The old man's gravity told a few words, Lu Xuyang listened one by one, and nodded with a smile. He was very happy at this time.For a child and grandchildren who wants to fulfill their filial piety, it is better to be happy than anything.

Lu Xuyang walked to the living room with a small eyebrow. Lu Lifeng felt very weird when he saw it. This stinky boy, your grandpa was sick, and you could laugh at it.Intersection

"Dad, how do you stare at me with such a cold look?" Lu Xuyang asked puzzledly, when Lu Lifeng said that your son's son was tortured by his grandfather, but didn’t he not be tortured by the pain of his grandfather.When he looked serious, he laughed loudly.

"Dad, why are I unhappy? You put your heart at your heart, I will be fine in the future, and he will get better in two days, and the bones will become more and more tough!"

After Lu Xuyang, he turned and walked into his room, and he hummed a cheerful tone in his mouth.

"Hey, this stinky boy, a little hybrid eye wolf, how much nerve has a nerve in my mind today! Talking about hippie smiling face, no spectrum!"Holding his son's hand, Lu Lifeng really wanted to pick up the iron handle broom in the door and pumped him to die.

Back in the room, Lu Xuyang carefully took out the remaining nine fairy beans from his schoolbag.Well, take a stool disease to remove the health forever. In addition, it also has a utility, that is, you can not eat it within ten days after eating it.For a moment, if you explore the wild in the wild or encounter any scarce food, you don't have to worry about whether you will be starved to death.

When putting the fairy beans and cleaning up the equipment bag, Lu Xuyang then thought of the so -called "exquisite fruit" that the system rewarded it when the magic weapon was upgraded.

The light yellow "packaging paper" outside the exquisite fruit touched the warmth of the stocks softly, which may be a large "exquisite leaves".The smell is very pungent, a bit like the taste of height drinks.

There are almost a hundred yellow balls of yellow balls in it, soybean size. Lu Xuyang remembered its usage and spiritual effect, saying that it was put into the water to make "exquisite water".Special flavors, and can nourish and fitness, enhance human resistance.


So, Lu Xuyang brought a hot kettle to warm water from the outside kitchen utensils, and put an exquisite fruit in.Essence

After a long while, I saw a strand of green smoke emerging from the hot kettle. Lu Xuyang only felt a richer smell of the wine -like flavor.Windows make the room full of "alcohol".

I waited for a quarter of the bell, Lu Xuyang opened the bottle plug, poured a small cup, and pursed it up.The deliciousness is unlimited, and the taste of alcohol is really mixed in it.

Lu Xuyang's "gurgling" poured a small cup of breath in one breath. When he entered the time, he only felt the refreshing and comfortable body.

"Dad, mom, come to drink this." Lu Xuyang walked out of the room with the pot, poured three cups on the table, and prepared for the old man.The nearest relatives around him shared together.

"What is that? Xiaoxu, what are you going to go around with a hot kettle?" The mother who was packing the house looked back at Lu Xuyang puzzled.

Lu Xuyang laughed: "I put some tea in the boiled water, which is a specialty. My friend who gambled with the stone with me gave me. Only a country in South America was produced. It is said to be rare.I just tasted it, the taste is so good! Dad, drink it. "

" I have no mood to drink. I want to drink it with a hot kettle and drink. "Lu Lifeng stiffened with a face, Lu Xuyang didn't expectHe was really angry.

"Is it so delicious?" Lu Mu was a little curious. She took a drink and took a drink, and immediately praised "Yeah, good".

Lu Xuyang stared at the big cup after drinking the mother with a smile, and he was extremely happy in his heart.Essence

"This tea is better than the nourishment supplements in Na major pharmacies. Dad, why are you unhappy? Do Grandpa like to see us all frowning?We are happy and do everything we should do for him, and he is easy to feel. In this way, the disease can be better ... "Lu Xuyang said, Lu Lifeng suddenly felt that there was a little reason for him.At present, he gradually opened his brows, and hesitated to drink the cup of super -medicine tea sent by Lu Xuyang.

"Well, why is there a taste of wine? Wine is made of wine? I heard that the wines produced in France and Pakistan are fragrant." Lu Lifeng murmured to Lu Xuyang.

"It is Paris, the capital of France." Lu Xuyang turned around and told his mother to send a cup to the grandfather lying on the sick bed.

"I'm afraid your grandfather can't drink. He spit it up as soon as he eats." Lu Mu frowned.

Lu Xuyang shook his head without hesitation: "No. Mom, you may not be able to leave something in the belly of Grandpa, otherwise you can't even support it. He refuses to fight again."

When Lu's mother saw her son so determined, she had to agree to it, and she took a cup of "tea" into the old man's room.

Fortunately, the old man did not vomit nausea after drinking it. Lu Xuyang was very satisfied. He fell asleep that night and got up early the next morning.When I was going to go to school, I remembered the "Yin and Yang two -sided mirror" in the bag. I seemed to have several opportunities for refining yesterday. It seemed that I forgot to waste it in vain.

It seems that the appearance and color of the yang and yang seemed to have changed a little after the upgrade. The surface exudes a burst of golden light, and the effect is increasingly obvious in places with dark light.

"A common multi -round table disappeared ... Congratulations, successful refining, you get a multifunctional biological watch, radar effect+1 ... binding effective, not trading ..."

This is the first super item that Lu Xuyang was successfully refined today ...

(dizziness suddenly, like a cold, go to bed first, get up tomorrow.!)