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Blood type, we did n’t have blood test, even if you lost blood, you lost this key five minutes. Otherwise ... "The doctor shook his head and handed a list and said," Sign a word for the hospital. ">
This time, Li Yan's hand no longer trembled and calmly signed his name on the inpatient list to put down his pen and ask: "My son will not have any doctors?"
"Children recoveryLiqiang's hospitalization observed for a while, there should be no problem. "The doctor said that he had left his book.

Li Yan stood in front of the door and watched in the ward, one, one, and two people in the ward.The sweet sleeping scene of the son was very warm and touching.

"President Li" came from the ears of Wei Ziyi, Li Yan, Li Yan woke up and woke up embarrassed from the middle of the middle."I wo n’t go to the company tomorrow. What do you have? You can arrange important questions to call me."

Wei Ziyi nodded and said concerned: "President Li, you should pay attention to your body."
"Okay, I know you go back." Li Yan said.

Wei Ziyi seemed to be reluctant to leave Liu Ziguang, who was deeply glanced at the ward, then told Li Xun to leave the emergency department.

Li Yan stomped into the ward but still shocked Liu Ziguang. He opened his eyes and his eyes shining all kinds of kindness and tenderness.Liu Ziguang, who is aggressive and aggressive, is linked.

"You wake up and sit." Liu Ziguang whispered softly like a family.

Li Yan found a chair to sit down between the two beds and could no longer be light and afraid to wake his son.

"I just sprinkled a panic and said that the child's father, otherwise, they would definitely delay the child if they insisted on the blood test." Liu Ziguang said.

"How can I thank you too late? Is this kind of blood type?"
"Yeah, my blood type is also strange, but I did not expect it to be sent in handy today.The little guy and I have a fate. "

Suddenly the little boy moved in the bed and murmured something in his mouth. You can clearly hear the little boy muck a few times and then his teeth again.Said unclear: Dad, Dad.

Li Yan's heart was sad and silent. Liu Ziguang's heart -like insight and no longer speaking the atmosphere in the ward a little dull. Suddenly, the nurse pushed in and checked the blood transfusion device.The blood was enough. "Then he helped the two of them pull out the needle Liu Ziguang and opened the quilt on the body to jump out of bed and take the clothes hanging by the door.

The nurse quickly persuaded him: "You can rest for so much blood."

Liu Ziguang put on his jacket and said, "I don't have to get better."Then he said to Li Yan again," Li Jian see again. "

I don't know why this kind of warm family atmosphere was not the taste just created by Li Yan's heart.President Li was completely diluted, but she was hard to say that she could only put her hands and said gently, "Goodbye."

Li Yan had been with his son that night until the second until the second until the second until the second until the second until the second until the second until the secondTian's son woke up and did the news that Wei Ziyi had a meticulous business. The news of the accident in the house of President Li's family was tightly blocked in the group.The injury was not so heavy, but Li Yan felt that he owed his son too much to compensate in this way.

After the son recovered, the doctor was surprised to be surprised by the surgeon's attending doctor to check: "The child's injury is cured well and will not leave the sequelae to be transferred to the general ward.">
Li Yan thinks that she doesn't care about ICU's cost of tens of thousands a day. It doesn't matter if you spend more money for the son, and she also has this strength.It seemed auspicious, so he happily transferred his son to a high -end single -room ward.

Li Yan has not been at work these days, but in the ward, the operation of the company with a notebook online remote control company has tuned the aunt at home to take care of her son and invited two caregivers at the housekeeping company.Everything is organized.

My son likes to eat the tomato butterfly noodles made by his mother, so Li Yan went home to cook and made a butterfly noodle with a thermos barrel to open Volvo to the hospital.

I came out of the elevator and came to the entrance of the ward at the end of the corridor. I just wanted to push the door in the door. Suddenly I heard the laughter of the son in it. I have never laughed at the doctor since the accident that day.If you ca n’t relieve it for a period of time, find a psychologist because Li Yan secretly shed tears.

The son laughed at Li Yan and pushed in the door. He was sitting on the sick bed with a man who was crazy with his son and his son was happy to roll his face and blushed.

"Baby is careful of your wound." As soon as Li Yan put the insulation barrel, he passed by. At this time, the man was not Liu Ziguang who could not look back.

"Oh, let me see the child's son is cute and brave." Liu Ziguang said with a smile with the little boy's head.

"Mom and mother, Uncle Flying, said that I am the most brave and wait for me to be sick and I can be a special monster." The son said excitedly.

I didn't expect my son to remember ** so good, I still remember that Liu Ziguang was the uncle of the flying man, Li Yan, picked up his son and kissed him fiercely, "Xiao Cheng is brave, what is the uncle who play with you just now?"

"Uncle taught me how to fight monsters? The worst kindergarten big monster big evil dragon is the big Ultraman, I am Little Ultraman."
"Hehe Xiaocheng is the most obedient mother to give you youMake your favorite tomato butterfly noodles, eat it while it is hot. "

How do you know that your son does not buy a small head and shakes like a wave drum:" I don't, I don't want to play with my uncle. "

"Xiao Cheng is not good at mother." Li Yan made his face intentionally.

The little boy still keeps making a noise that he is unwilling to eat. At this time, Liu Ziguang spoke: "Xiaocheng this barrel is a cosmic energy block. If you do n’t add energy, you ca n’t beat the monster.Save the kindergarten. "

The little boy immediately sat down and said," I want to supplement the energy and replenish energy! "

Li Yan opened the insulation barrel with a smile and let the aunt tie the child with a small bibPreparing the tableware and opening meals Liu Ziguang looked at the table and said, "I still have any goodbye."

"Let's go?" Li Yiyan said in the heart that he sent Liu Ziguang to the aunt career in the door of the door.I don't want to let others see what they feel about Liu Ziguang.

Besides, after all, Liu Ziguang is a complicated mood of his employees.Only the uncle can add energy to make Li Yan's burnt.

"Oh my God, can this be able to use administrative means to use administrative means to adjust Liu Ziguang as a male nanny?" Li Yan looked at Tianxing.

Suddenly, the door of the ward rang and banged three times.>
The coming person laughed immediately: "When did Xiao Cheng like Uncle Zhao so much?"

It was not Liu Ziguang but a gentle man in his thirties.The blue shirt was holding a large bunch of flowers in his hand.

"Secretary Zhao, hello." The joy on Li Yan's face dissipated with a cold but polite expression.

"President Li is always so polite. I heard that Xiaocheng had something to visit and visited the right injury.BR> Li Yan interrupted him and said, "Thank you Secretary Zhao Xiaocheng is okay. Wu Ma should hold the child down."

Secretary Zhao obviously didn't care about Li Yan's cold holding the bouquet in his hand and said: ""Xiao Li This is your favorite horseshoe lotus."

Li Yan took the flowers and handed over to the caregiver.My son went downstairs to take a walk. "

Secretary Zhao laughed:" It's okay, you are busy you, I will leave in the afternoon. "Xiaocheng shouted: "Uncle Xiaocheng is gone."

The little boy turned back and said politely: "Goodbye." But there was no smile on his face.The polite answer.

Secretary Zhao rushed and turned away with a smile.

Li Yan closed his door and walked to the balcony. He frowned and confused. For a long time, Secretary Zhao drilled into a 6 -tiger Range Rover on the parking lot of the hospital.

"Mom and mother, I add energy, I want to go to Uncle Outman." Xiao Cheng pulled his mother ** skirt and said looking forward to it.

"Uncle Xiaocheng is going to fight the monster for a few days to come back." Li Yan squatted down and coaxed his son.

"Mom is deceiving and mother will deceive people!" Xiaocheng pumped his mouth.

"Well? Why do Xiaocheng say that?"
"Mom said that Dad went far and far away, and the child who deceived the kindergarten said that I had no dad." The little boy was serious.Said.

Li Yan's nose sour and holding his son.

After finally coaxing his son, he fell asleep and thought about it again and again.

"Liu Ziguang? Hello, I am Li Yan, I want to invite you to eat, I don’t know if you have time?"