Announcement on the Publishing Sales of Evil Fengqu Sports Book

Evil Fengqu was published by Oriental Publishing House and was listed in mid -November 2005. It was sold in major bookstores across the country. Thank you all readers for your long -term support!Now sorting out the nationwide sales stores as follows (because they are paving in the country, they will be supplemented in time):

1. Online bookstore purchase:


All sales of bookstores in the country:

Baotou Baotou Competitive Book Co., Ltd.

Beijing Beijing Century Topp Book Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hantao International Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Kunlun Bookstore

Beijing Excellence Website

Beijing Pengfei Book Co., Ltd.

Changchun Changchun Mainland Bridge Bureau

ChangshaChangsha New Culture Book Management Department

Changsha Changsha Yeyangshi Society

Chengdu Sichuan News Book Company

Qing Bookstore

Datong Datong Wenxin Bookstore

Fujian Yuanjing Bookstore

The Publishing Department of the "Era of the Rich" magazine in Guangzhou and Guangdong Province

Guangzhou ZhengyiCultural Exchange Co., Ltd.

Guiyang Guizhou Xixifu Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Harbin Harbin Publishing House Books and Audiovisual Sales Center

Harbin Harbin Harbin School Bookstore

HangzhouHangzhou Light Industry Book Distribution Department

Hangzhou West Lake Bookstore

Hefei Star Book Club

Jinan Jinan United Book Club

Kunming Kunming Economic Bookstore

Kunming Kunming Xinzhi Book City Co., Ltd.

Lanzhou Lanzhou Boyuan Bookstore

Lanzhou Lanzhou Jinlong Book Culture Co., Ltd.

NanchangNanchang City Jiafeng Book Club

Qingyuan Bookstore, Nanchang Nanchang

Nanjing Nanjing Jiu Ge Culture Company

Nanjing Nanjing Hongyu Cultural Book Club

Nanjing Jiangsu HongGuo Shiwen Book Culture Co., Ltd.

Nanning Nanning City Sanxitang Book Distribution Co., Ltd.

Nanning Nanning Minsheng Book Distribution Co., Ltd.

BR> Nantong Nantong Fangyuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Qiqihar Qiqi Harwka Book Development Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Qingdao Hongyi Dayang Book Distribution Co., Ltd.Management Department

Shanghai Shanghai Tiandi Book Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shenzhen Xinwenhai Book Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Shenyang Literary History Bookstore

Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Chuncheng Book Club
Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Xingyun Bookstore

Suzhou Yicatong

Taiyuan Shanxi Erya Bookstore Co., Ltd.

Taiyuan Xindian Book Business Co., Ltd.> Tianjin Tianjin Writers Association New Star Book Bureau

Weifang Weifang Jingguang Book City Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Wenle Wenle Book Co., Ltd.

The publishing department of Urumqi Xinya Flying Book

BR> Wuhan Wuhan Education Painting and Calligraphy Store

Xi'an Anhui People's Publishing House Northwest Book Management Department

Xi'an Shaanxi Music World

Xiamen Xiamen Tiandi Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Zhangzhou Bowen Culture Book Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Gao Yanzhi

Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Xueyou Bookstore

Chongqing Chongqing Bayi Bookstore

Zibo Huiwen Bookstore

Zibo Shandong Zibo Encyclopedia Bookstore

and the major book cities and book buildings in the country