Chapter 1 Summon

………………………………………… Triseine Magic College …………………………………………

"I finally came to call todayThe day of the ceremony, this is your initial exam as a second grade, and you are the day of you who are accompanied by the life of the magic "

" You will call it outWhat is the demon? I really look forward to it! "Qiuruk mammated behind Louis, and laughed at Lugois who hurriedly hurriedly wand.

"You ... don't care about it!" Lugus turned Qiuruk angrily and ignored.

With the summoning, the students summoned their envoys one after another. The teacher also watched the fire lizard summoned by Qiuruk also said amazing, "The summoned guy!Miss Ster! "

" Hehe ... it is very commensurate with the alias of the slightly hot Chiluk ~ "Qiu Luke said with a smile.

"So ..." The middle -aged teacher looked around, "Everyone has summoned it ..."

"No ... left ..." Qiu Ruk's mysterious interruption of the mysterious interruption of the mysterious interruptionWhen the teacher's words, then looked at the uneasy Louise, "Miss Warial ..."

"嘁 ..." Lugos was angrily leaning his lips, slowly walking towards the central government, and everyone was also all of them.Looking curiously, Lugus was whispering, and I didn't know what this famous Zero Lulis could summon.

"You will definitely summon the magic than this. Loise" Qiu Ruk smiled and stroked MO to his own fire lizard, and looked at Louise provocatively.

"Huh ~ That's of course ~" Lugois said angrily, holding up the wand, (please! Be sure to respond to me!) "The servant who exists at the end of the universe!The sacred, beautiful and powerful devil, I call you from the heart and respond to my guidance! "

" What is the spell? "

Do you have creativity ... "

[Bang!] The huge explosion exploded in front of Lulis's wand, and the smoke suddenly covered everyone ...

"Sure enough, is this ..."

"It's okay ... Monomoni?"Kiyuki quickly went to help the falling Mongo Langsi sitting on the ground, but found that Mengmoranti just looked ahead and asked curiously," What's wrong? "

Without speaking, I just referred to the front, and Ji Xiu also looked at it. Everyone gradually recovered and looked at the center, but suddenly stunned.Face, as well as the same exquisite puppets in his arms ...


"Lugois even summoned a human?"

"People ... haha… Lugosi, you even summoned a people !!! "Qiu Ruk looked at Lugus funnyly.


Thousands of fantasiesAs the spell came to an empty square, many students wearing robes looked at themselves, saying that they didn't understand, and I realized that I reached a world again this time, and then sighed."I said ..."

Qian Shi watched everyone laughing at a girl with a smile on his face. Although he didn't understand what they said, it seemed that the girl summoned herself, and then thenHolding the mercury lamp, he walked over, and a small hand was slowly put on the little head of Lulis, "Searching for memory in the name of a time -space contract"

When the magic was dazed, a warm hand covered his head, and then he felt something in his mind was pulled out.

Lugoi returned to God, ignored the thousands of magic of memory, and shouted to the teacher, "Please let me summon again!"

"That's not okay! "The teacher shook his head." This ritual is a sacred ritual that determines the luck of life. It has come again, but it is the obscenity of the ceremony. Whether you and him are suitable, he is already your devil ... "<"br>
"I said ..." The thousand fantasies of the digestive memory finally understood the conversation of everyone, and then interrupted the teacher's words lazily.Is it you who summoned it? "

Suddenly, there was a exclaiming around, this time they understood, but this time Lugus even summoned a prince?

"How are it !!" Lugus reacted and shouted loudly, "There is no prince like you on the mainland !!! You fake prince!"

SuddenlyBlack feathers in the world, everyone watched the puppet who claimed to be prince's arms holding a handy's sword and looking at Louis, "You dare to slander your father!"
"Well ~~ "Qian Xi gently pressed the long sword of holding the mercury lamp, and a moment of inexplicable pressure was pressed into the hearts of everyone.Living, I am the His Royal Highness of Ari Adenie ... "Looking around, put away the coercion, watched the people slowly out of breath, and sighed in her heart (Xiao Zhen's method of coercion was really reallyThat's not bad!), Immediately looked at Lugosi seriously, "Ask again, woman, are you summoning me here!"

Lugois looked at the figure -like figure in front of him,Both eyes closed, and the mercury lamp's surprised eyes kissed thousands of fantasy lips.

For a long time, lips are divided, and Lou Yisi looked at Qian Mi, and quickly explained, "Don't think about crooked, this is just a necessary ritual of connective contracts ..."

"Hehe ..." Qian Mi touched his lips and smiled, and suddenly looked at Lugus with a serious face, "Since this is ... master! Report your name !!"
"Ah ah… That ... Lugol ... "

" Archer of Servant! Follow your summoning, and my sword will be with Ru, Ru's fate will coexist with me, here, the contract is completed!!"The huge hero contract suddenly appeared at the foot of Qian Mi and Lugi.

"It seems ... the little daughter of the Duke Varier's family summoned an extraordinary character ..." Middle -aged teachers recalled the huge magic, and looked at it as he was in the same way.Thousands of fantasies of the contract.

After the contract was completed, Qian Xian randomly picked up the mercury lamp, randomly glanced at Louise, who was still in a daze, teared away a space crack, and entered the hidden entrance., Don't find me if it's okay! "

" Poor ... Poor ... Poor milk !! "Lu Yisi suddenly shouted," Obviously it is just a demon, dare to resist the owner ... ">
Suddenly a few chains suddenly locked Ludi, and a thousand fantasy words sounded in the world.Master! "

" Evil ... !!! "

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