Chapter 12 Fantasy Township and Assassin

After finally sending away the big temper Fujimura and the sad cherry blossoms, Qian Mi couldn't help but sigh, "This is just not a thing of people!" Looking back on the vitama that burst out on the dining table, Qian Mi couldn't help but can't help it.With a tight body, he murmured, "The tiger is terrible!"

"Okay, Archer! Let's talk about how can you become the palace?Ask Qian Mi.

"Is it!" Qian Xian said casually, (how can humans understand the unique transformation ability of monsters ~), but saw a heavy Saber with a heavy face, "What's wrong, what's wrong," What's wrong?Saber? "

" Nothing "Saber shook his head and said slowly," I just feel that it is a bit abnormal in Liudong Temple. Then, what is the identity of Archer? "

" Thousands ofWhy do I tell you? "I don't know when Zi appeared in front of everyone, jumped into Qian Xian's arms, and looked at Saber slightly hostility.

"Sister!" Qian Shi watched the dissatisfied purple crying, and slowly said to Saber, "There is no record in this world, do you say this, Saber"

"What does this mean, Archer?" 凛 asked curiously.

"Well ~ Do you know five **?" Qian Xi had to talk about it, and the first two nodded, and then continued, "Five ** The second method is the flat dimension interference."

" The second method ... "I seemed to think of something, and looked at Qian Mi in surprise." Are you a different times? "

Qian Mi nodded.

"Dimension British Spirit?" Saber looked at the surprise.

"Hmm!" Nodded heavily. "It is said that the world is composed of different planes, and each plane also has its own heroes, but some of the heroes of some planes are based on their strong strength.Breaking through the dimension of the dimension and other planes, this is the different dimensions of the British Spirit "

" "So!" Saber nodded suddenly, looking at Qian Mi, "So, Archer just broke through the dimension barrier and but it broke through the dimension barrier.Has the Dimension British Spirit in this world? "

" If it wasn't for the past space magic, it would not come here from Fantasy Township! "In his fist, he looked at Qian Mi.

"Ah ~ Isn't that a mistake! Sister"

"Fantasy ... Fantasy Township!?" Saber was shocked when he heard the purple words.Said, "Archer ... are you and your sister come from Fantasy Township?"

"You know Fantasy Township !!" Qian Mi looked at Saber excitedly, and gave himself a hint of hope for Saber's words.(It seems that Gaa and Alaya did not lie to me!)

"Indeed ..." Saber nodded, "but ..."

"What ..."Zi Zi also hurriedly asked.

"The treasure I used to be lost is fantasy hometown ..."

"Ah ..." Qian Mi said disappointing, thousands of fantasies thought of Saber, that is, King Arthur, Dali Britain, did not really have it.The treasure named Fantasy Township, but it is not the fantasy hometown of ourselves and the purple.??”凛好奇的打断千幻与saber的对话,“那是什么?archer你知道saber的真身?”

“的确我知道”千幻点了点头,“但是,还是When Saber wants to say it, "

" Thank you ... Archer! "Saber looked at Qian Xian gratefully.

"Ah haha ... don't thank!" Qian Xi looked at the sky that was not early, "It's not early, what's the matter tomorrow"

"HmI slept, I don't want to steal it! "Zi was happy to sprinkle the sound of thousands of fantasy necks.

"Yes ~ yes!" Qian Mi nodded helplessly, turned around with purple, and turned to Saber and 凛 before leaving, "Do you also sleep early"

"Well, good night Archer "

" Thank you for concern, Archer "

………………………………………………… Night's Mansion Mansion ...…………………

A petite figure is going out in the night, and after leaving the palace house, Qian Mi came out of the darkness, watching the Saber left, slowlySlowly, "What do you find! Saber" said the space and chased it out.

Saber came to the door of Liudong Temple quickly, but saw a man in ancient samurai clothes looking at himself.>
"The order is the Servant of Assassin, Sasaki Koshiro" man is also Assassin's slowly reporting his name.

"What !!!" Saber looked at Assassin in shock. The name of Servant was the most important protection. It was so easy to say that Saber was surprised.

Saber slowly put away the sword, saying seriously, "For those who report to the family at the beginning, the name of his name is the ritual of the knight." Saber looked at Assassin, "You are called Kobo Ryo, right?! Assassin's service, I am ... "

" No need ... "Assassin interrupted Saber's words, holding a long -length long knife in his hand, slowly walking down the steps.Has the opponent who can return the gift? No ... I did an unsatisfactory thing. "Assassin watched as I came down, Saber made a preparation of attack and said slowly," I don't know the real name, it doesn't matter.The only knife is enough to let the enemy know, the original service was like this. "After that, the long knife was mentioned to the saber."Saber didn't pay attention to his long knife, slowly said, and then leaped backwards to make attacking.

"That's right ..." Assassin looked at Saber's response with satisfaction, "Then let's start, Saber!" Hold the long knife with both hands and make an attack state.

Saber raised his weapon and rushed up, but was arbitrarily resisted by Assassin. Assassin closed his eyes as if a thin willow was swaying at randomly under Saber*, and suddenly assassin opened tightly closed and closed tightly.Both eyes, I felt that there seemed to be another Servant who broke in, and his long knife was forced to force the Saber. Assassin looked at the Saber in front of him and said slowly, "It's really difficult to get it. I didn't expect the invisible swordSo tricky, my Kendo is evil. If the ordinary people are in the first blow, you will die, but you have played with me for so long. I am very happy, Saber "watching Saber did not respond, assassin asked curiously,"What's wrong? It is impossible to end it. It is impossible for that invisible sword to knock me down."

"When are you chatting?" The impatient Saber suddenly waved a sword to Assassin, but butFlashing by Assassin.

"I have visited it! Assassin, who is less than 3 meters and a width of about 4 cm

Saber stopped the sword, and looked at the leisurely Assassin, "Obviously what magic has not been made, and has not been completely hit, just see through my sword.Let's, Saber! "Assassin looked at Saber dissatisfied," Don't hide your strength anymore, are you looking down on me? "

" I don't feel mercy to your men "

" You you youWant to say no? "Assassin stared at Saber firmly." Although I don't know what you want, I have never pulled out the sword just to underestimate me, Saber! "

Answer, assassin had to say helplessly, "Okay, so that's it, since you don't plan to have a sword, let you teach my secret sword first!"
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