Chapter 062 [Seven -shaped Pendant]

. After the deposit was delivered, the hospital was finally undergoing surgery. Fortunately, the surgery process was smooth. Wu Wanfen was still in a semi -anesthetized state when she was launched by the emergency room.Sister.

Lu Xuyang found that the blood on her face was very abnormal, completely different from the patient who had been surgery, but was full of blood and blood, but this was normal, because she took the super "return blood god return blood god return blood god"Dan

After the effect of anesthesia disappears, Wu Wanfen can speak. She saw Lu Xuyang with her sister's side, her eyes revealed a skepticism.

"You let him go out. Wanfang, I have something to tell you." Wu Wanfen pointed at Lu Xuyang and whispered.

Wu Wanfang turned his head, his eyes glanced at Lu Xuyang.

"Sister, the deposit of the operation for you was paid for us. At the beginning of the hospital, he would not give up. It was he saved you." Wu Wanfang smiled gently towards his sister.

"I know. But I really have something to tell you alone." Wu Wanfang said, and cast a grateful smile to Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang would like to say, and then resigned to them, saying that there were classes in the afternoon, and they had to rush back to prepare immediately.

Wu Wanfang agreed and sent him to the door.

Lu Xuyang said: "Although your sister's emotions now seem a lot better, they need to add more communication. Like her, give understanding and care. After this hurdle, she will be able to go through this hurdle.I understand a lot of things. I used to have a relative before I wanted to jump off the building to break myself. In the end, I was not persuaded.Dunshan seduced, she knew what she should do, and she couldn't let her sister repeat the same mistakes.

Lu Xuyang went out of the hospital and hit the house directly. He heard a familiar voice before entering the door.

"Zheng Xiyi! Is it her?! She came to our house!"

Lu Xuyang was overjoyed, and he planned to go to her in the afternoon. I didn't expect Cao Cao and Cao Cao to personally come to person.It's too much!

"Are you here?" As soon as Lu Xuyang walked in, he pulled Zheng Xiyi to his room.Zheng Xiyi's crying voice let go of his heart, and he was afraid that his son would not change his habit, and he still made the extremely "Dragon Claw Hand" unfavorable to the little daughter -in -law, but it seemed to think about it.Continue to cook.

"I didn't see you come to school in the morning, and thought your parents would give you a house arrest. It turned out to be secretly running to sign up. Teacher Tian said to visit your home to visit and be your father.Mom's ideological work? "Lu Xuyang said, holding Zheng Xiyi's waist with both hands, pushing her down on the bed, booing her not to yell, and soon" solve the problem. "

"Yeah. Teacher Tian said that she has a successful grasp to convince my parents ... Yeah, what are you doing! You can let go, you are not allowed to plug it in ...The place where the pain has not been completely swollen ... "Zheng Xiyi quickly turned over and" protested

"I don't care! I don't care about me! Hehe, tell you to ignore me ..." Lu Xuyang grabbed Zheng Xiyi's hands, then tightly put her into his arms, saying that he didn't see him in the morningShe was in a hurry.

"I know you will be in a hurry, so I ran to your house in person. I also brought a particularly delicious beef noodle to everyone in your family," to eat misty ', produced in the old placeOh! "Zheng Xiyi pulled Lu Xuyang and walked out to eat.

Lu Lifeng and Zhou Bangcai are also there. They are full of joy on their faces. Lu Lifeng said that the facade of the car repair shop has been set, and it can be officially opened after setting up the equipment recruitment.

Lu Xuyang was very happy to listen to his father's arrangement. In the past, he couldn't think of it and dared to think about it. He would have this day to help his father settle down and let him play his director and realize his ideals!

In the afternoon, a few lessons were boring and boring self -reviewing classes. Lu Xuyang looked at the English materials for a while, and couldn't bear it, so he walked out of the classroom carrying a schoolbag.

Around the flower of the flower beside the playground, the girls in the class were taking pictures there to commemorate. Lu Xuyang didn't know where they had so many Pose to put it, it was almost impossible to take pictures.

"Squeaks, squeak ..." At this moment, there was a squeak in the schoolbag, and Lu Xuyang could hear it.It is a bit strange. This little rabbit is nestled obediently in the schoolbag without making any noise, but now it is a little moved.

I only heard the sound of "嗖". A white light flashed in front of my eyes. The pet rabbit automatically jumped out of the bag, and suddenly got into the flowers, but there was no shadow.

"What's wrong?" Lu Xuyang was inexplicable. He wanted to call back and suddenly stunned. I saw the rabbit jump out quickly. This is not unusual.Things, the object is obviously a large string of keys, which is very ordinary and has no characteristic.

Yutu went to Lu Xuyang's hands, and after dropping the key, he got back and returned to the bag.

Lu Xuyang picked up the string of keys and looked at it casually. I thought it was probably who accidentally lost when playing nearby. Of course, he was not a fairy.Return directly to the host.

Lu Xuyang remembered the little rabbit picked up the key and gave it to himself. He couldn't help but smile. He knew that in the game, pets not only helped the owner attack the target, but also helped pick up the useful materials and money on the ground.

"It is said that when the Guanghan Jade Rabbit star grows to the largest, it will transform the ** shape, or a beauty!" Lu Xuyang's mind turned around and suddenly thought that the legendary Yue Gong Jade Rabbit was not just after a certain fairy rose to rise.What do you look like!

But Lu Xuyang didn't know what to feed pets to grow. It can grow. In the game, it eats fairy beans, but in reality, there is no "feed" at all!

Lu Xuyang is about to go to the school's loss of objects and hand over the key. Suddenly, there is another curious idea.Do you get rewards such as Jindan?

"A string of Mo Wei Wei's losses of home key ... Congratulations, the trial task is refreshed successfully, you receive the task related to items: the key will be returned to Mo Weiwei within ten minutes, and it will make her three minutes in three minutes.Inside you are enthusiastic about you, it is ineffective. The auxiliary items are seven -shaped pendant. After wearing it, the charm value of the character will produce the limit effect. Do not forget the additional skills. It is facing the goal.Within the clock, the goal will be fascinating, and the spirit rhinoceros is a little bit open ... It only works for the opposite sex goals, binds into effect, and cannot be traded. The existence time is seven days and seven hours.Ask for support!)

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