Chapter 662

Yi Tianhao also started to wipe his tears when he saw Yan Xueer, and couldn't help but lowered his head and whispered, "Xueer, what are you crying?"

Yan Xueer wiped tears while chokingHe said: "Didn't you hear it? Sister Ruo Yan said.Fans.

Oh, if I go up and say, will this effect be achieved?It is estimated that it is not. This is simply the personal worship of the legend. It is really amazing. How did this Li Ruoyu make it?I have to discuss with her well.In fact, thinking of Li Ruoyu's pursuit of music and performing arts, Yi Tianhao has already understood why she has reached this point of today.Only then did other companies digging the footsteps and not going to be more favorable signing fees, but to create their own music with peace of mind. It is estimated that this is the dedication to performing arts and music.Love.

Li Ruoyu's own eyes are already moist, and continue to say slowly: "In Sanjiang City, I found a long -lost feeling, and I also made it unforgettable friends for life. This is my blessing place.So, I think that as long as there is a national tour and a concert, I will still come here, do you welcome me? "

" Welcome! "There are even many people crying.

"Thank you ... Thank you." Li Ruoyi gently wiped his tears with his hands, and a smile on his face showed a smile. "Today is a great day. Let me sing for everyone.The song, the name of the song is "Good Weather". "

The atmosphere of the scene became warm again, cheering and thunder.

At this time, Wu Juncai was sitting in the background of the concert. He didn't know who sent a text message to use his mobile phone. Finally, he was busy preparing the next set of clothing for Li Ruoyi.I got up, found a change room and walked in. After the backhand closed, I dialed the phone over, and then looked at the phone with a look: "Oh, now the concert has begun. That's right, in progress.Yes, I have no way. That woman is not hooked at all, so I am very weak now. You do n’t know, the main reason is that after By Sanjiang City, she was seduced by a man, so I amThere is no chance, yes, now I guess my hope is not big. Of course, if you can give me a chance for a while.... "

I only heard a slightly cold humming sound of the phone, and the voice said coldly:" You waste, you have been following her for so long.In the next, what do you still do? The opportunity is not to give you, but you are not sure of yourself. Well, just decide, after the solution to this matter, I will give you a sum of money and you can go abroad."

Wu Jun has a unwilling look, but thinks that he is in front of Li Ruoyu, and now there is almost no chance of half a point.The cheap woman, Wu Juncai's heart gradually became ruthless, so he nodded: "Okay, but the entire Sanjiang City of this concert attaches great importance to it, and many armed police are protecting, so I am afraid that there is no no.Opportunity, yes, there must be no chance now, so don't act lightly. So, when you go back ... Rest assured, there will be a problem with me at that time, there is definitely no problem. "

After hanging up the phone, Wu Jun flashed a vicious cold in his eyes, and said coldly, "Li Ruoxuan, don't blame me now.You didn't hold it yourself, but unfortunately, such a beautiful woman ... such a beautiful woman ... Well, I still haven't got it in the end, it is really a pity. "
Wu Jun murmured by himself alone.To talk about it, finally pushed the door and walked out, but saw that Li Ruoyu had already come to the background, he immediately greeted him, showing a false smile, and said, "Ah, if you do, how do you feel?Will it be smooth? "

Li Ruoyu nodded with a smile, but because of time urgency, he did not say more with Wu Jun. Instead, he quickly entered the clothes room with his own clothing artists.Start replacing the clothes that need to be worn next to singing.

It took two minutes to change the clothes, and then began to go to the stage.

At this time, Li Ruoyu was wearing a very explosive black leather jacket, and the sexy and popular dresses were about to be overwhelming. The screaming sound continued, and the music began to sound.A fast song of Li Ruoyu, the music with a very fast rhythm, Li Ruoyu sang while dancing, this dance was also very hot, and the atmosphere of the audience was cited to the top.The dance was gone.

Although Li Ruoyu said very little when dancing, the dance was also her long item. After jumping up, the explosive figure had been perfectly displayed, and everyone was immersed in dance in dance.Among them, screaming and whistle sounds continue.

Tianhao and others even got up from their seats, and they danced. Everyone was sweating. Tianhao suddenly realized that even if he shouted at this moment, he was afraid of the distance.Neither Yan Xueer and Li Jiannan were heard.

The magnesium lights are constantly flashing, and the explosive dancing Li Ruoyu on the stage conquered her fans completely. A song ended.The POSS, the dancers were surrounded by Li Ruoyu, and a fierce scream broke out again.

The dancers completed the task and started, but the screaming sounds after wave, but there was no weak momentum.Looking at the atmosphere at the scene, Li Ruoyu knew that her efforts were not in vain, and she smiled slightly.