Chapter 92 Magic Smart Chair

Lu Xuyang, who got up, had a motivation.He turned around in the room, and he never thought of what was going to toss.Finally, the vision was set on the bed.

This small bed has been with him for more than ten years. Last time Wu Wanfang came over, and when the two were in trouble, they heard the squeak of the small bed and squeak.

But this guy is so big, can the yin and yang mirror be upgraded, will not just rise to the part?If you want to sleep, you can sleep without bed.

After looking around, Lu Xuyang came up with his heart.He picked up the yin and yang mirror and aimed at a chair beside the bed.

"A ordinary fir chair has disappeared ... Congratulations to you, successful refining, you get a precious rosewood wood chair. Comfortable 25%. Trading, not destroyed ..."

Eh?The previous results were obviously crafted. Why did I make it wrong if it was not bound now?

It seems that the yin and yang mirror is still sexually sexually sexually sexually sexually.This is good, and I have to find a way to explain the discovery of the province.

However, will the blood refine still not bind?If that's that's so good.

Continue to toss ... blood refining ...

"A precious rosewood wood chair has disappeared ... Congratulations, the blood refining success, you get a" magic massage smart chair ".Mochomy 50%to negative 50%.

Explanation: a chair with a personality.

with skills 'warm summer coolness', 'anthropomorphic'.

Winter winterWarm Xia Liang, automatically adjust the temperature at 100%when you enter. Anthropomorphic, amazing housekeeping skills. It can be upgraded, traded, not destroyed ... ".

Haha, it is really not bound.Yin and yang mirror, too handsome.

But Lu Xuyang quickly stunned. What does the so -called so -called comfort written on the mirror information mean that it means 50%to the negative 50%?Looking at that instructions, is this chair still have a temper?

The skills of warm winter and cool in the summer are good. You can know that you can adjust the temperature. You can save the air conditioner at home.And this is still natural, it is not harmful to the human body, it is much better than air conditioners.Lu Xuyang thought of excitedly.

But what does that anthropomorphic mean.Also housekeeping skills.Do you want to grab the dog's rice bowl?Pull it down.Lu Xuyang rolled his eyes and tossed the next item.

Pulling the new chair that had just tossed to the bed, Lu Xuyang sat down with his butt.

"Hey, yes, it's amazing, it really has comfort."

The comfort of the chair made Lu Xuyang more firm the previous idea, pointed the psychiatric mirror at himselfSmall wooden bed.

"The ordinary small wooden beds are unchanged ... Unfortunately, the refining fails, you can't get related items, please make persistence ..."
"..." ..."

Lu Xuyang was completely speechless.It actually failed, and I knew that I would not wash that chair.My poor and comfortable bed, it seems that I can't enjoy tonight ...

No.Isn't there still blood?The bed does not change.The attributes are also good, thinking that Lu Xuyang also pointed the yin and yang mirror at his small wooden bed.

"... Reading item information ... Please later ..."

"... It has reached today's refining limit. It is a pity that the refining fails and you cannot get items.Reminder: Before the magic weapon is promoted to the next level, within 24 hours, the single character has three opportunities for refining and blood.… The upper limit of refining has been reached today. Unfortunately. Failure to refine ... "

" ... It has reached today's refining limit. Unfortunately, the refining failure ... "

The reminder of the failure of the refining made Lu Xuyang in the excitement had to give up his previous thoughts.It seems that you cannot simply refine it, you must be refined.I don't know if it is only for small wooden beds or other items, only slowly exploring in the future.

Lu Xuyang, who was completely dead, lay on the bed again.Even the last blood refining opportunity was lazy.

Sleeping overnight ...

The next day, Tianyi Liang Lu Xuyang got up and came to school to find the head teacher.

"Teacher. Good morning!"

"Well, good morning, classmate, is it so early to review? It's good, this time the college entrance examination teacher is optimistic about you, come on!"The head teacher said with a smile.

"That ... teacher ...."

"Huh? There is something else, even though I can help, I can help youThe class is glory. "The head teacher looked up and asked, and also showed the attitude of helping Lu Xuyang.

Under the enthusiastic dialogue of the class teacher, Lu Xuyang talked his head and talked about asking for leave.

"What? Please leave again?" The head teacher yelled, and successfully scared Lu Xuyang and did not dare to move.Never thought that the class teacher was so terrible.The sound of the sound is straight to the female treble.

"You say you, it's almost the college entrance examination, I approved the leave yesterday, you also invited today. As a student, the most important thing is to learn, what is it? Actually make a student busyDo you need the extent to take a divorce? "The class teacher hated the roar of iron and steel.

This student, the previous grades were not good, and always loved in class.Now it's better to achieve better results, and immediately began to be proud.

It's not a matter of the college entrance examination, and the old leave, is it so easy to cope with the exam?If you persuade him today, even if his teacher has been for so many years!

Seeing Lu Xuyang seemed to be scared, the class teacher lowered his voice and whispered: "Lu Xuyang, not what I said you,Don't be unhappy. It's about to get the college entrance examination. This is an important moment in life. You have to be serious, even if this life is over! Your parents have worked hard for you to read, do you bear to let them disappointed? "

When he heard the teacher's words, Lu Xuyang began to reflect on himself: Yeah, his parents' expectations for themselves were very clear.I am a student, what else can be more important than the college entrance examination?It is really a little proud.

"I know, thank you teacher, I don't ask for leave, I will review it and strive to get a good school." Lu Xuyang, who wants to pass through, promises to the teacher.

"Well, this is almost the same!" The teacher nodded with satisfaction, waved to Lu Xuyang: Let's review the classroom! "

From the office, Lu Xuyang went to Hai Lao to go to the old age.The phone, explaining the situation, Hai Lao also understood the agreed time after his college entrance examination.

As for Zheng's father, please wait for school and then go with Zheng Xiyi.

> One day's review, let more knowledge integrate into his mind. Lu Xuyang closed his eyes and rubbed his eyebrows. Although it was much clever under the change of yin and yang mirror, the content of the review was too much.This clever head has a sense of fatigue.

In the next time, Lu Xuyang sorted out what he had used and put himself in a sleepwalking state.Zheng Xiyi's classroom runs.