Chapter 276

Wu Chushan people and Liu Jinmo have experienced the hardships, and now they have finally lived. They all have a lot of emotions. They can't help but drink more. I got on the bed, and then returned to the hall.

"The two of him are weak, and you must slowly adjust the generals." Han Sheng said to everyone.

Shen Caihua and wrinkled skin girls pulled hands to slip into the room while people were unprepared. There seemed to be something that attracted these two children on the body of Wu Chushan and Liu Jinmo. Essence

The room was quiet, and the mountains and Liu Jinmo were sleeping, making a uniform snoring sound.

Shen Caihua and wrinkled girls climbed to the bed with their small buttocks, and quietly stunned to their head. Looking inside, Xu Yan put his small mouth into his ears, and took the cheeks to suck out.

The wrinkled skin girl was sucking Liu Jinmo's ears as Shen Caihua.

The time passed in a minute and a second, Shen Caihua also increased the strength of sucking. Finally, a few hypertrophic phlegm pulps were sucked into the mouth, chewing excitedly, and the corner edge was edged Saley light green slurry.

The wrinkled baby girl also got a few fatty phlegm slurry worms, and couldn't wait to swallow the stomach before chewing.

Then the two babies smiled at each other, licked their lips, quietly slipped out of the bed, opened the door to find out the small head, saw that no one had the left and right, and walked out of the door of the inn. On the grass outside, the bouncing played in the moonlight happily.

In the hall, everyone sat down to drink tea after dinner and discussed the departure of tomorrow.

"Human life, you said that dads had sputum slurry in their heads." Lan'er said worriedly.

"When I was tonight, I needed acupuncture in their brain acupoints to lead the sputum pulp." Han Sheng explained.

At midnight, Han Sheng, Lan'er, and Xiao Cuihua came to the bed of Wu Chushan and Liu Jinmo. At this moment, the ancestors had been sleeping with two babies, and their breasts were exposed, snoring like thunder.

"Well, why can't the sputum slurry not come out?" Han Sheng twisted the silver needle on the head of the mountain, wondering.

"Try this ink again." Xiao Cuihua said worriedly.

Liu Jinmo is the same. No matter how stimulating the silver needle, those sputum slurry worms have no reaction.

"Strangely, you can't detect the sputum slurry in the body." Han Sheng cut Liu Jinmo's wrist Sanguan.

"What should I do?" Lan'er said anxiously.

"Maybe they drink a lot of wine, and the sputum slurry is paralyzed." Han Sheng remembered the experience of Jin Dao's drunk three corpses, so he estimated that he said.

Xiao Cuihua's melancholy eyes looked at the cold.

"Try it again tomorrow." Han Sheng comforted her.

In the early morning, Han Sheng and his party said goodbye to Nika and the mother and child.It was driving in the mountains and mountains for a few days. Every night in the middle of the night, Han Sheng had to pierce the Wu Chushan people and Liu Jinmo acupuncture, but never saw phlegm slurry insects.

Crossing the Minjiang River and Yazhen River, at dusk of this day, you can see the Jinsha River Canyon and the white Merry Snow Mountain.

"It's really too spectacular." Wu Chushan stood on the cliff, looking at the magnificent alpine canyon scenery under the sunset, and couldn't help but admire.

The mountain wind blows the hair in front of the cold forehead. He silently watched the simplicity and desolation of the winter of the northwest of Yunnan, but his thoughts returned to the long Jiangnan of Yingfei Cao. The childhood childhood ... but now he is going to escape to this distant place, with Lan'er, and dragging many people. All of them are because of the "Blue Scripture" and the dilapidated sheepskin ...

"cold, cold, I have always wanted to ask you in the past two days, why should we avoid Yunnan? This has been a wild place since ancient times. What big troubles are encountered. "Wu Chushan asked anxiously.

To this day, Han Sheng can only tell the truth, saying the entrustment of the old Lama Danba Lama and the old sheepskin with mysterious numbers and what happened later.

"What exactly is the guy who hunted you in Beijing?" Wu Chushan asked.

Han Sheng shook his head, saying: "Huang Jianguo was in it, and even pulled Mingyue over. This group of people had a car and a weapon. The Wu Chushan people groaned for a long time and said: "If the people in the government, even if we hide in this horizontal mountain range, we may not be able to take off. What secrets are hidden above? "

" It's just a few groups. "Han Sheng replied.

"What number?" Wu Chushan asked in doubt.

"I follow the advice of the old Lama Danba, and I didn't look at it below. I only know that the top group only has four numbers‘ eight 341 ’.” Han Sheng recalled.

"8341 ..." The Wu Chushan people held their hands, groaning these numbers in their mouths, and the meaning of searching the intestines and scratching belly, but still unable to receive it.

"8341? Are there anything else with them?" Liu Jinmo came over and heard the number of the number in Wu Chushan's population, so he asked.

"Do you know 8341?" Wu Chushan said in surprise.

Of course, I know, I have also dealt with them. "Liu Jinmo said randomly.

"What is that?" Han Sheng asked nervously.

"8341 unit, ** Central Guard." Liu Jinmo replied.

Xiao Yanfang and Huang Jianguo rushed to Yunnan along the Xiangqian Line day and night, and went over Wumeng Mountain to cross Qujing and Malone to Kunming. Then I went straight to the Zhongdian of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where the legendary "Charletla

They lived in the government's hospitality and immediately dialed the capital. The head of the head was not there. The secretary said that he would call back later.

The mountain canyons and dams of Zhongdian, Tibetan Buddhist Huang, Red, and Baijiao temples are scattered, which is beyond Huang Jianguo's accidents. Which one does the Danba Lama come from?

"The Danba Lama is a white -haugble Red Hat is a Karma Karma sect. Therefore, as long as we stare at the temple of the White religion, they will definitely go there." Huang Jianguo analyzed.

Xiao Yanfang glanced at him and said, "At that time, Gada Living Buddha was a prophecy made in a lama temple by the Jinsha River. The secret sent people even dispatched the Air Force helicopter to find it, but never found that valley and Lama Temple, they disappeared. "

" Don't know the local government and Tibetans? "Huang Jianguo suspected Said.

"Hengduan Mountain Snow Peak is rare, no one knows, so it is almost impossible to find the" Blue Moon Valley "." Xiao Yanfang's tone was very frustrated.

Huang Jianguo thought about it, and said slowly: "Our purpose is not to find the lama temple, but to catch the cold life, isn't it?"

"What about that?" Xiao Yanfang asked.

Huang Jianguo smiled, saying, "In Poyang County, the cold GARC 51 truck is just a few hours earlier than us, and the speed of trucks can not catch up with small cars anyway. To avoid the rain, we will catch up with them, we will definitely catch up with them. "

A hint of cooling rises from Xiao Yanfang's heart. If the action fails, the boy will definitely push his responsibility to his Xiao Yanfang after returning to Beijing. Well, Huang Jianguo, this is that you are looking for himself, so you must not let him leave Charletla alive.

Xiao Yanfang's heart calculated that the murderousness was already in the heart.

"Nevertheless, our car will still catch up with the truck, but there is no. There is only one possibility in it, that is, we are here to come to the front. It was delayed in the middle. "Huang Jianguo said.

Xiao Yanfang's face was as frosty, and said coldly: "Speak."

Huang Jianguo glanced at him and continued: "I checked the map carefully, and there were only three in the northwest of Yunnan Yunnan. The road can be taken, and West Road can be denyed from Nilver, Tibetan, this road, because Han Sheng is from east to the west. This road in Dali and Lijiang in the southeast is the right path. We followed this road, but we did not find the trace of the truck. The north is a dangerous road from Bashu. It is difficult to walk in winter and the possibility is lower. In summary The road can be left. As long as we divide the troops to keep these two roads entering the Dian, keep the plants waiting for the rabbit, and we can't worry about him. "

Xiao Yanfang sneered, but in his heart, he thought that the boy said it was good Essence

"I suggest that you and I bring a few people each to keep these two roads. Only in this way can we be foolproof, otherwise the cold life will miss the Internet, and if he already knows from the Danba Lama, the 'Blue Moon Line of the Moon Lama is already from the Danba Lama. We will never find him where Gu 'is. "Huang Jianguo said.

Xiao Yanfang's contemplative for a long time. At present, only this solution can be feasible. Anyway, after the director explained the incident, except for Huang Jianguo's extinguisher, it is not necessary to let him sell it.

Huang Jianguo's calm eyes looked at Xiao Yanfang, and thought in my heart that I knew that this

Huang Jianguo's calm eyes looked at Xiao Yanfang, and thought in my heart that I knew that this shemale would definitely let me go to the North Road, and he himself held the most likely Southeast Line. Go to the Xiangchuan Line and go to Xiangxi.Mingyue said that the ancestors were the people there. There were some fox friends and dog friends there, and it was inevitable that they could not visit.Father -in -law must say that he must go to Charletla, so he concluded that the cold life must be along the Dianshan District of Sichuan. More importantly, he can change his father -in -law's view from himself. This marriage with Dongdong continues the career.Of course, you must first ask the predictions of Gada Living Buddha. Within 60 years, is the person who entered the Central Plains herself?Is Tai Chi Yin Halogi's superstition or just a beautiful legend ...

"Huang Jianguo, you take the jeep to guard the North Road." Xiao Yanfang ordered.

"Bell ..." The ringtone in the room rang, and Xiao Yanfang grabbed the microphone.

The end of the phone is the first head, Xiao Yanfang reported the situation trembling.

"Xiao Yanfang, you listened, Huang Qiansui, Huang Jianguo's father, also left the capital. Tonight, you will rush to your hospitality house. Remember, regardless of the success and failure of the task, their father and son must be And solve it. "The head of the chief was extremely cold, and Xiao Yanfang shuddered by listening to her body.

At night, Huang Qiansui rushed to the county government's guest house.

"Dad, why are you here?" In the room, Huang Jianguo asked in surprise.

Huang Qiansui laughed: "It was the head of the head to come, saying that my class struggle experience is more experienced to help you catch the cold together."

Huang Jianguo is suspicious. What ghosts to do, in short, be careful.

Huang Qiansui pulled out a small metal box from his arms, opened the lid, and there were ten small white capsules inside.

"This is the ten hydrocyrosis capsules brought to me by the Chiefs. Because there are many masters around the cold, like Jin Dao and others, I'm afraid we can't deal with it, so wait for the opportunity to drink water or drink water or In food, no matter how high martial arts will die, they will die, and they will not be checked. The symptoms are exactly the same as myocardial infarction. "Huang Qiansu covered a small box and handed it to his son.

Huang Jianguo appeared in a hint of coolness in his heart. The battle in the officialdom was really brutal and bloody. First, he started to be strong, weak meat and strong food.

In the early morning of the next day, Huang Jianguo's father and son took the jeep to the northern Sichuan -Yunnan Road to ambush, and Xiao Yanfang and others monitored the vehicle from Lijiang.

Zhongdian, known as the "Niri Zong" in ancient times, means Sun and Moon City. The canyon, the fog lock fans, the history book is called "Shu body poisonous road". At that time, Wu Sangui, Wang Wu Sangui, was stationed here.

In July 1929, a female explorer Ms. Liu Manqing was entrusted by the Republic of China to depart from Nanjing to Zhongdian for inspection, and arrived in Diqing in 1930. : From Li Jiangxi, the roads are all the rocks, such as climbing the ladder, the old ladder, and the old clouds, the fog foggy, the walker will not see the first. Wudi, the wind clear the moon, the sky is full of yellow flowers, full of yellow flowers, cattle and sheep in groups, the curtains are all supported, and the city is like the city.Where is it?Dian Dian County also in the border of Yunnan."

Zhongdian and Lijiang are bounded by Jinsha River. This is the southernmost point of the Snow Highland, with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. Here, this point, Huang Jianguo is convinced.

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