Chapter 178 Animal Party

Not to mention that when Lu Xuyang was in crisis, there was a strange thing in Qingzhou in the past few days.

On this day, Lu's mother received the shop earlier and returned earlier. She started to pick up the house.

Since moving, she has her own business, and there is very little when she stays at home. She has never entered the son's room for a long time.Just take time to help him pack up today.

Pushing the door, Lu Ma was surprised. I did not expect that Lu Xuyang's room was quite clean.And there is a faint fragrance inside, it smells good and very refreshing.

"This child is so stinky, and she also learns that girls have sprayed perfume!" Lu Ma laughed and sighed and retreated, didn't care too much.

In the evening, it was when everyone was asleep. The room where Lu Xuyang lived was lively.I don't know when it was secretly climbing in a few snakes, scaring the little white rats that Lu Xu trembled around.

It stands to reason that snakes are natural enemies of mice. They should catch up with these snakes to see rats, but these snakes have not moved at all, and they did not care about those who escaped.Sleeping in one place with honesty.

If there are still people at this time, they will find that there are still many birds flying around Haiye's house, and many animals on the ground are gathered here.Throughout the temple street, it will be filled with various animals of different types of large and small, and even many animals are constantly gathered from all sides.

Of course, no one saw all this, until dawn, all kinds of animals retreated like when they came.Until day, people got up to work, and those animals had left cleanly.As if I have never been here.

Huang Xiaobing, a reporter from the New Star News Agency. Recently, he was very unlucky. First, his girlfriend ran away with his boss. As a result, he also came with his

How can this news be so good now?Huang Xiaobing turned his face on the spot and gave the boss a glass of water.

Although that job is very hard, that treatment is okay, Huang Xiaobing left.This little day is sad again.Fortunately, he has another job on the Internet.Moreover, the big -handed gold woman left, and he was much easier.

In fact, with his talents, a small reporter was completely wronged.His girlfriend also fancy his talent with him.But this boy does not know what medicine to take, so he prefers this industry.It is estimated that his girlfriend also looked at him without being unpredictable.Only when he was disappointed with him, please follow his boss?

In fact, Huang Xiaobing does not particularly like the woman.It was just not. Just that the woman came up, he accepted it, and now it is gone, and he is too lazy to be sad.Since this job is gone, you can do your own news website.Think of this.Huang Xiaobing swept away and walked home.

The work of doing news is common. Huang Xiaobing is also used to sleeping late and watching time.At about two o'clock in the morning, there was only him on the road.

Suddenly, a shawl, a black shadow from Huang Xiaobing, scared Huang Xiaobing, carefully looked at the black shadow running, Huang Xiaobing hanged the heart.Come down.

"It turned out to be a wild dog!"

Taking the chest, Huang Xiaobing continued to move forward.I didn't take two steps, only listening to the snoring, and another animal ran over.After a while, there were several animals that came out of the way. Huang Xiaobing was surprised. Is it the animal chief?

Although I don't know what's going on, he has been a reporter for so many years, and he also knows that there are news to dig.Thinking of this, he turned on the camera camera and moved in the direction of those animals while photography.On the way, animals ran over from time to time.

Huang Xiaobing followed all the way and finally came to Miaojie.

Looking at a layer of animals in front of him, he squatted here, like the instructions waiting, Huang Xiaobing was shocked.Quote the shots at these animals.

These days are the happiest days for the breeders of the Qingzhou Zoo. The animals these days are particularly quiet and take good care of them.

These days are the weird days when the people of Qingzhou feel are weird, and the footprints of many animals are constantly discovered around.Although they felt weird, they didn't care too much.

Until a video burst on a "Xiaobing NewsAnd "Xiaobing News" was also red at this time.

This "Xiaobing News Network" was done by Huang Xiaobing. It started a long time ago. Even his girlfriend did not know, because the income was not too much, and he had to raise that big hand and love to spend money to spend money.His girlfriend, Huang Xiaobing had to put this website aside, but only had time to maintain it.

As soon as he took the scene of the animal, he hung it on the 'Little Bing News Network'.Looking at a good response, Huang Xiaobing wrote a follow -up report.

Since that day, Huang Xiaobing has been staying on Miao Street. Every day, animals have gathered on time and left on time without hurting people.People are also a bit bigger, and some residents even start to secretly open the window to see the scene.As the "Bingbing News Network" becomes more and more popular, many people look forward to understanding the intentions of those animals.Some other reporters couldn't stay, and began to continue to pour from all over the world.

Even the Radio Station of Beijing sent people to interview.

Over time, people began to discover that those animals seemed to come over in a fragrance. Five days later, people found that the fragrance began to fade slowly, and those animals also followed the fragrance.Fewer and fewer disappearances.Until nine days later, the fragrance had completely disappeared, and the scenes of the gathering of animals never happened again.

Seeing no news, reporters from various places began to retreat.Most of them left in a day, and the remaining small part left in the three days behind.In the end, only Huang Xiaobing was left here.

The next evening after everyone left, Huang Xiaobing was also ready to leave. I did n’t know at this time, but a big bird flew in the sky. It was very big.Big bird.Huang Xiaobing, who was aware of the news, opened the camera and aimed at the big bird.

Sure enough, after the bird, I do n’t know when it ’s a big snake in the mouth of a family of people.