Chapter 039 [Skills Disipriotic 2]

. "You have been stunned!" Lu Xuyang frowned and calmly analyzed the urgent form in front of Zheng Xile. "However, don't worry first, don't panic, you are weak, and the other party is even more arrogant.I even have to enter the ruler. I can lift their heads when they meet them in the future.It is not a big deal to signal him to let it be relaxed.

Zheng Xile was still anxious like an ant on the hot pot, stutteringly: "But ... but ... they really do it to me. Last time I saw a group of people at the bus station at the bus station.Chasing a foreigner is cut! "

" Who told you not to pay attention to it? Now it has broken a Malaysian honeycomb, knowing scared? "What good way can you think of it outside, it is not enough to ask for money now!

Lu Xuyang turned his face slightly, and laughed at Zheng Xiyi. "Rest assured, there would be no big problems."

Zheng Xile hesitated and smiled bitterly: "No. You still don't want to affect you."

Lu Xuyang pulled him and said, "But you have even brought me together now.In this incident. We are all friends. I have five or six hundred dollars on my body. It is probably enough to send them out. "

" You have money?! "Zheng Xile lookedThe sister who was on the side seemed a little embarrassed about Lu Xuyang's generous proposal.

In order to calm the worrying emotions in Zheng Xile's heart, Lu Xuyang made a look at Zheng Xiyi. When she boarded the mind, she also knew that there was a powerful mystery hidden behind the other party's "Mr. Monterwalking". That day that day, that day, that day, that day, that dayHe was more than enough to deal with the two mixed mixeds known as "the evil evil" in school, so he accompanied him to deal with things.

"Let's go. Let's go. We don't believe it, they can swallow us alive!" Zheng Xiyi dragged his younger brother to the school door, and Lu Xuyang stepped calmly.Follow them tightly.

Under the leadership of Zheng Xile, the three soon came to the "one -picked album" he referred to.

Zheng Xile walked in when he shrank first. Lu Xuyang asked Zheng Xiyi not to come out.In case of unnecessary harm.

Zheng Xiyi understood Lu Xuyang's thoughts. When she suddenly felt that when he was studying and other aspects, everyone stood up, and everyone was scared and frightened: his eyes were blurred and the two lines were shocked.The blood of the blood through the cheeks from the corner of the eyes ...

(It is said that Guanghan Jade Rabbit is a meat animal, and he likes to dig human eyes as delicious. It must have a full meal just now! Some people say that there are more plots, I received it, I received itThere seems to be no description in the subsequent manuscript. I hope everyone will give some support as always! I am grateful!)