Chapter 037 [Piggy trouble]

. In the two quarters in the morning in the morning, Lu Xuyang was sitting under the podium that he had never been serious about it. Teacher Feng had always raised his hand to answer each question.Too detailed or wrong, but courage, that good -looking teacher classmates are in their eyes and infected with some people.

The English teacher Feng Cuiying was very surprised. In her memory, the students who often lay on the table in front of the class in front of the class were enthusiastic and low.Like a person, the brain is much more open.

"Lu Xuyang, your grammar knowledge is still a mess. Usually look at the relevant reference materials and do more grammatical questions. If you do n’t understand, you can ask the teacher and the representatives of the lesson."After that, Feng Cuiying walked in front of Lu Xuyang and taught him a shortcut to reviewing the English grammar.

Lu Xuyang nodded and agreed. Teacher Feng's opinions were very willing. Although she was the youngest teacher in school, she was a high student.Practical and lonely experience.

When Feng Cuiying talked about the "representative of the lessonI heard that she had to be more satisfied with the "TALK Talk Show).

The foundation of English gaze is the biggest weakness in Lu Xuyang's learning, and he has made up his mind to learn, so he will inevitably ask Mo Weiwei when he encounters a problem that cannot be solved for a while. FortunatelyNowadays, memory, thinking and other abilities have been greatly improved, and the acceptance is much stronger than before, and basically it is a little bit.

Mo Weiwei answered the questions raised by Lu Xuyang very enthusiastically. In the next two self -study classes, the two people's heads have been pushed together.The posture of the posture was shocked and enviable.

After class, Lu Xuyang and Mo Weiwei walked out of the classroom. The two were still communicating on a question. Until the door of the five class, Lu Xuyang suddenly remembered Zheng Xiyi.

"She gave me a call yesterday, is there anything?" Lu Xuyang suddenly stood up and couldn't help looking at their classrooms.

"Lu Xuyang, what are you looking at? Don't you go?" Mo Weiwei was surprised.

"Let's go first. I wait for someone. Goodbye." Lu Xuyang smiled and said goodbye to Mo Weiwei. When he thought of Zheng Xiyi, all other things were tasteless and had to rest for the time being.

"Oh, that worship." Mo Weiwei waved his hand and turned away.

Almost all people in Class 5 have gone, but before seeing Zheng Xiyi's figure, Lu Xuyang couldn't bear it anymore, Yang Yang, and tied it in.

Sure enough, Zheng Xiyi was still sitting in the seat. Her classmates who left and left were left, leaving only the lonely Yiren dazed.

Lu Xuyang feels very strange. This is not like the style of Zheng Da's beauty. On weekdays, as soon as she goes out of school, she will go home with the crowd.

Zheng Xiyi didn't have any movement for a long time, and Lu Xuyang couldn't help it. He stepped behind her step by step.The sketch paper sketches the sky and horses. At the top of the picture is the sky and clouds. The sun is large, with lush grass on the ground. There is a panting piglets on a curved sheep intestine....

"Zheng Xiyi, Zheng Xiyi ..."

Lu Xuyang gently yelled several times, Zheng Xiyi shook God and looked back and said, "It really scares me.Haven't you been back yet? "

" I'm going to leave. How about you? What do you want to stay in the classroom? What do you think? Haven't you eaten yet? "Lu Xuyang sat in the position in the front row of Zheng XiyiBy the way, I asked a few sentences.

"I don't want to eat it. I have no appetite today. Lu Xuyang, you" Zheng Xiyi smiled slightly, and Lu Xuyang naturally saw that she seemed to have encountered something unpleasant today, a little worried.

Lu Xuyang didn't ask anything directly. He only said at the moment: "Don't be hungry, let's eat something. I'll bring you something." Then he stood up and turned around.Go away.

"How do you know what I like to eat at noon?" Zheng Xiyi shouted him and said, "Forget it. Thank you. It's okay, I'm really not hungry."
Come, blinked at her and smiled, and said, "I don't know yet? You just wait."

Lu Xuyang is very happy to do something for the girls you beloved.When a familiar beef noodle bought by the "Food Murder" shop in Pedestrian Street, Zheng Xiyi's face showed a little surprise on his face. This is the first time that there are boys to buy their favorite pasta for themselves.

Zheng Xiyi originally said that she was not hungry, but she was very happy. After eating her noodles, she asked Lu Xuyang if she would go out and go.

Lu Xuyang agreed very happily. When a person is upset, walking more is beneficial to the unhappy emotions of the depression in his heart.

At the playground, Zheng Xiyi used the way to run away. Her named Lu Xuyang chased her in the same way.No matter how much the track and field master is "Little Flying Pig".

After exercising for a while, somehow, suddenly Zheng Xiyi squatted down, she held her head with both hands, and had no sound for a long time.

"What's wrong with you? Did you have a stomachache after you just finished eating?" Lu Xuyang asked anxiously.

Zheng Xiyi shook her head and still didn't speak. She didn't raise her face for about ten minutes. There was tears on the corner of her eyes, but a bright smile piled up on her mouth.

"Do you know? My biggest ideal is to be a athlete, track and field athlete, but dreams are all dreams, and they will never be realized ..." Zheng Xiyi made Lu Xuyang very worried.


"My parents' arrangements, plus my body is not good. I already want to understand. I recognize it. This ideal will let others help me realize it to realize it.Let's have a sigh of sigh of sigh, a taste of self -violent abandonment.

"Walking yourself. Believe in yourself, you are always the best. There is no difficulty in the world. As long as you have a goal in front of you, let's go boldly." Lu Xuyang said, saying.Fill the words to comfort her.

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