Chapter 122 Who Comments Rile and Non,

The sea fish of the sea does not need to stay in the East China Sea. He is the darling of the sea. The power comes from the sea.The reason why you stay in the East China Sea is because he likes to make fun. Many monsters on the 48th islands can be used to fight with a fight for time; then there is a master who nostalgia, and the sea fish will pick it for a few days each year.Go to the shore where I lived with Master.

And every time the sea fish go ashore, it will roll up with a tide. Those who ask for life at the beach will stay at home honestly and set up three tribute to worship the sea god.

For decades, the days of the Haixian festival have never changed, but this year has been a whole three days ahead.The tide of sudden arrival was not as good as it was. Many fishing boats and even people on the water failed to escape this robbery.

Haiyuer has never been on time, why did he change his hexagram this year?The origin of the fate is to fall on Chu Junzhu.

The three sects on Kunlun put on the heaven and earth prisoner.After being patient for a day, he chose to believe in intuition. He did not follow the practice of previous years. Instead, he left for three days in advance and left the East China Sea that disturbed him.Unexpectedly, as soon as he went ashore, he hit Zhao Xiang.

Haiyuer once visited Zhao Xiang's Crescent Bay, but Zhao Xiang did not ignore him, so although he knew each other, he did not have hand.Of course, they are all old residents of Donghai. They know how much they know about it, so they have tested and directly sacrificed the killing moves.

The invisible sword qi is not as dazzling and gorgeous as Geng Jin's sword qi. There is no such thing as a trace to follow, and it is definitely a sharp means.

But the sea fish is not good at each other. A dark green long pole main attack, the giant net of silver light shrinks around, wrapped in a thick layer of seawater to protect the whole body, not leaking without leakingA trace of flaw.

One is hanging in the sky, one floating on the sea, one has an intangible sword, one has the royal water strange, and the chess is the opponent.

在东海呆了百多年,赵祥已经习惯了这等级别的拼斗,虽然海鱼儿确是难缠了些,但也没有太过在意,因为赵祥确信,只要海鱼The child dares to leave the sea, and the invisible sword qi will be able to cut it down.(Mortal cultivation of immortal biography of mortals) //
However, the too hot scene scared a group of Sword Pavilion disciples. They suddenly discovered that the original overseas demon and monsters were so fierce.

"Master, all those monsters ... are they so powerful?"

Xiao Wu held his swallowed sword tightly and asked quietly.

"This ... is an accident."

The sturdy performance of the sea fish also made Gu Changyong a little bit stunned.

I wanted to show the strength of the invisible swords in front of a group of Jianzong juniors, giving Qi Zong long face, but I did not expect to meet such a difficult guy in Haishuer.For a long time, the turtle shell could not be opened.

Although annoyed, I have to accept this helpless reality. Considering that the water curtain cannot be opened in the short term, Zhao Xiang has slowed down the momentum, adjusted the rhythm, and did a good job of war consumption.Prepare.

The sea fish that had been suffering for a while can finally breathe, and the long pole in his hand also had a chance to counterattack, but he chose to forbearance strangely.The dark green pole harvested a short small cut, and the silver giant net rolled more seawater, completely covering the entire body, forming a huge water group.

Haiyuer was afraid, Zhao Xiang clearly felt this, but he saw it back and forth, and did not find that the sea fish was frightened.

"What are he afraid of?"

Although he didn't believe that the awareness of the sea fish was better than himself, Zhao Xiang didn't dare to support it, and then added carefully.


Gu Changyong also felt wrong, and hurriedly ordered the disciples to be careful in case.Although I do n’t know what tolerance is, Intuition tells him that there will be a big change soon. If you are not prepared, you will suffer.

Sure enough, the sound of the words came here, and the sea fish took action.

The water regiment of the whole body suddenly exploded, and even with the range of more than a hundred feet around, they also followed the huge waves, Zhao Xiang floated in the air subconsciously, and immediately came up, and immediatelyZhang Kailing, looking for sea fish that disappeared from the field of vision.


A drink came from behind, Zhao Xiang hurriedly looked back and saw that the sea fish had rushed on the shore, but the thick body was being tens of dozens of dozensThe gorgeous sword light was forced to fall again and again. More than 70 flying swords connected to the end, forming a dense and continuous offensive, so that the sea fish had no power to fight back, and could only support the giant net hard resistance.Roar.


Zhao Xiang couldn't help but praise loudly, Gu Changyong was proud of his heart and continued to be calm.

"Flying Rainbow!"

Meteor is fast and short. In order to continue to maintain the pressure, you must change the tricks in time.

Feihong is different from the horizontal collision of the meteor, but with a little raised arc. The flying sword that completes the impact is no longer dispersing the sword light and retracted.Draw a circle, return to the original position and wait for the next impact.

In this way, the sea fish can only give up the idea of this wave of offensive and counterattack.Look at a flying sword, suddenly revealed the long pole, and hit the previous blow.I saw that the long pole shook back, and the flying sword faded off the sword light and retreated from the impact array.

However, the retreat is just a temporary retreat. After a little hovering, he flew back to the impact array again.

A barely shot, it was so endless. The sea fish was furious, and the long pole hit and hit a flying sword.

At a glance, the long pole shook back, and the flying sword was scattered with the sword light and rolled towards the ground.However, this time did not re -reorganize quickly, but fell straight down and smashed across the rock ground.The owner of the flying sword sprayed with blood, and his back was poured.

"Find death!"

I thought that there was the protection of the seven -star sword array, no one would be injured, so Zhao Xiangcai enjoyed the performance of the juniors with peace of mind.Unexpectedly, the sea fish suddenly performed a wave of waves. The first wave of strength was naturally undertaken by the seven people who made the sword array., Create it directly and break a set of sword array.

The angry Zhao Xiang rushed to the back of the sea fish, and it was dangerous to suffer the enemy on both sides. Haiser joked with his own life and sank into the water. With the secret method of water, Zhao Xiang's invisibleness flashed.Sword Qi returned to the sea again.


Gu Changyong worried about the waves of waves, afraid that there would be any damage, so he stopped, and the cautious performance made Zhao Xiang a glance.

It is not an exaggeration to be cautious ten thousand times, and you must not have it once.

Haiyuer returned to the sea, re -supported the water curtain, and the war background restored the previous wear confrontation.After that, Haiyuer tried several times, but it failed to break through the line of defense of the Qixing Sword Array.

From dawn to the evening, no one could have any, and the sea fish finally chose to give up, no longer rushed to the shore, and turned to the south along the coastline.

The sea fish is straight, no matter who has no words to anyone, and there is nothing to believe in, and it really takes him, so Zhao Xiang persuaded himself to believe him.

Two days disappeared like this. In the death of the sea fish, the heaven and earth prisoner's array was finally completed, and the sea fish that rolled the rolled waves crazy and fled.Drilling the scope of the cage of heaven and earth, picking up a life.

Tiandi prisoner cage is 10 %, and the forty -eight islands of the East China Sea become a dead land.

The once -fixed East China Sea's forty -eight islands were extinguished, and dozens of strong monsters and monsters are now only four.

Su Tie, who became a monster, was prisoned to know the sea by Chu Junzhu, and thus escaped; Shi Mo Fan Tian saw the machine early and fled to the north to escape.The soul was hidden in the shocking whip and stole; the sea fish picked up their lives with the intuition of Superman and the strength of the superman.

Because of Chu Junzhu's thoughts east, there are various changes today.Thousands of lives are destroyed in the tide, which is considered a time; the monster and monsters of the East China Sea were washed and cleared.And again.This skill is offset or flat, but no one can say clearly.

The natural characters cleaned the many monsters and monsters of the East China Sea, and naturally traveled 48 Islands, and after the tasting of them, they were quite satisfied with the people of Lingshan Treasure Island.

"Brother Tianyi, how do you arrange here?"

Kunlun Tianzi is headed by Tianyi, but this time, Jing Shizong had long faces, so Tian HengThere will be this question.

"Let's handle Chu Junzhu's full right to deal with."

The monk of the sky is quite good for Chu Junzhu, and naturally he doesn't mind to help the trend.

"Can Tiancheng Master has an opinion?"

Tianheng asked the Tiancheng side to ask Tiancheng on the other side. Jingxinzong has given an attitude.It's right.

"Well, Chu Junzhu, yes, give him, rest assured."

Six factions have already nodded, Jingxinzong and Jing Shizong also have the same agreed attitude.Do not let Dao Xuanzong be the only wicked man.

"So good."

Chu Junzhu won the three six factions with excellent performance with excellent performance, becoming Kunlun's masterpiece undoubtedly.

As the so -called current situation creates heroes, suitable time, suitable position, and appropriate performance, let the newcomer Chu Junzhu, who has only been in just ten years, becomes the hero of the hundred years of division of Kunlun Daofu.Kunlun approved by the Zongliu School.

Such a achievement is unprecedented, and it can be proud of ancient and modern.


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