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Zhao Ziming, the local anti -Japanese armed leader.

The war of invasion of China entered the anti -Japanese persistence tug -of -war. The area controlled by the imperial army appeared in a large number of anti -Japanese armed forces with different banners like the rain.Among the reckless mountains, the ghostly cracking down on the small stocks of the small stocks, assassination of pro -Japanese elements, severely damaged the original good public security environment. Lieutenant Lieutenant Hashimoto was dismissed because of the poor bandit.

Hashimoto Ryoshi was born in Manchuria. It is considered to be a China Tong. He took effective measures at the beginning of his office. He first proposed a break from the anti -Japanese rescue to the anti -Japanese rescue in a weak attitude.In the transportation station in the city, with both torture and 10,000 oceans, both hard and hard and hard, he surrendered an enemy transporter with a firm will, set up ambush, and captured Zhao Ziming alive.The price can be described as extremely low.

The anti -Japanese rescue leader was captured, and the anti -Japanese operation was very frustrated. For this reason, Lieutenant Hashimoto had a star on the shoulders of Hashimoto. Since then, he became the captain of Hashimoto.At the time, the captive gave him a fatal blow.

The blow from psychologically, in the minds of Hashimoto, people are not worthy of being called people. This inferior ethnic group is only assigned by Dahe people as slaves.It proves that he was wrong. This tall man was tortured, and he still laughed and scolded. The heroine still remembers that Zhao Ziming's generous posture on the execution ground had lost his eyes, and his lute bone was passed through the steel wire through the steel wire.He stood up and said to himself, "Little devil, don't shake his hands when he is on the knife, and give Grandpa a Lisuo."

Zhao Ziming's head is Hashimoto Romoto who personally passed on the Bao knife to be a sword.With thousands of Chinese people cut down, the purpose is to deter the locals, but the facts are just the opposite. After Zhao Ziming's sacrifice, the local anti -Japanese cause is even more in full swing, so that the captain of the Mito who has always worked in the minds of the mind has lost its gracefulness.It became as superstitious and bloody as his predecessor. In the courtyard of the Nantai Line Gendarmerie, the wolf dogs were often barking all night, and the sacks of people in the Huaijiang River were put in the Huaijiang River for three days.

Hashimoto Tomoto was quickly retaliated. The plainclothes on Tu Ba Road mixed into the city and attempted to assassinate themselves.The crooked hand retreat calmly.

The captain of the anger and corrupt displacement and the investigating team entered the mountains to search, but hit the ambush of the guerrillas.County Brigade.

In front of the iron cable bridge of the wild boar, the gendarmerie team damaged the soldiers, and the death and injury were full. The father, Ono, who was farming, was missing in this battle. Hashimoto clearly remembered the situation at the time.Without shooting, there must be an emperor's casualties. This superb marksmanship can be comparable to the elite veteran of the Kanto Army in Manchuria in Manchuria.

The gendarmerie team is a troops that maintain local law and order, and the army discipline. The combat effectiveness is not as good as the front -line soldiers.When I got here, I found more than a dozen gendarmeria bodies that have been stripped, but there was no Ono.

Hashimoto, who is mad, led the army to surround the wild boar, and set up a machine gun on the rigid field to force them to hand over the guerrillas and captured imperial army.This was ordered to shoot, and 328 people fell into a pool of blood, including the elderly, women and children.

After the Tucun incident, Hashimoto was stunned because he found that the Greater East Asian Communist Championship in his mind will never succeed.After the month, Hashimoto was attacked by a cold gun in the city. The bullet hit the thigh. He almost asked his life. Later, after he was discharged from the hospital, he was transferred to the hot southern battlefield.It was not good. In the end, the troops surrendered to the Allies in Myanmar. He had been promoted to Shao Zuo and returned to Japan. He contacted the family members of the old ministry.

Japan's hunger and cold during the US military rule. In order to support his family, Hashimoto often said several workers at the same time. He often said to himself: Work hard, Hashimoto Jun!Be sure to go back alive, find the remains of Ono and other comrades -in -arms, and bring it back to the burial. This is your responsibility!

Now Hashimoto Ryoshi finally returns to this land that has left endless memories for him. Nan Tai County has long been wrong. The city is no longer the city of that year.Once, those heroes who have been iron bones have already died with the wind, and they are replaced by a group of bureaucrats that are inflamed.They bowed their heads and thought that Qiaonen Ryoshi even felt that the war was wrong. If you put it now, maybe you do n’t need a gun, and you can defeat these people with Toyota Motors and the Japanese yen.

But when he saw the old man on the hillside, the long -lost feeling came again. He saw the anti -Japanese hero of the year. He even doubted that the old man with white hair was playing.Guerrilla player of his own black gun.

Old Cheng also saw Hashimoto Roya on the slide rod. The pupils of the old man contracted a bit.! "


Finally arrived in the wild boar 峪 of the soul, Hashimoto Romon Yizhi intersect. Compared with the county seat, the changes here are quite small. The house is still before.The house, the routine field is still the previous ceremony, the green mountains and the green water, the face is still the same, the heroine of the heroic gendarmerie, at this time, became the old man.

"Mr. Hashimoto, where are you looking at the monument?" The translator conveyed Secretary Zhang's words to Hashimoto.: "Where is it!"

"Yes, back to Dashan, facing the village, this position is really good!" Secretary Zhang laughed.

The deputy county chief of the Tang Dynasty also said: "Mr. Hashimoto must have studied Feng Shui."

The old man of Hashimoto shook his head and said, "Many years ago, I ordered it here.After killing more than 300 people, they were buried here. "

As soon as this remark, everyone was stunned. They only knew that Qiaonamoto was once an invasive Japanese army.Bloody dumplings!

Secretary Zhang still responded the fastest. He slowly said: "War is the enemy of human beings, and peace is the mainstream. We should not be restrained in hatred. We must look at the future and build harmony together.The career adds bricks. "

The staff immediately applauded. Secretary Zhang pressed down the hands with a lot of hands, and said," The monument to the monument is more profound here, not only commemorating the deceased, but not only the deceased,It also symbolizes the long history of friendship between the people of the two countries. "

The crowd again applauded again.In the intersection of all feelings, when he heard Secretary Zhang's touching speech, he shed tears excitedly.

"Zhang Sang, I want to see the people living in this village and talk to them." Hashimoto said.

After listening to the translation of the translation, Secretary Zhang immediately ordered Gao Xiang to knock on the bell and shout.

The head of Gao Xiang knocked on a section of rails hanging under the big tree under the village, and the villagers who called the wild boar puppets came to the meeting.Talking about this, looking at the stranger with the sun flag, the staff of the county government and the township government, the Japanese guests stood at the place where the machine guns were set up in that year, overlooking the villagers.

For a while, the old bridge was a little stunned, and it seemed to return to the past. He was here many years ago. He ordered hundreds of villagers who slaughtered hundreds of wild boars.The identity of the conqueror is as an investor. The weapon he rely on is no longer a machine gun, but a large number of yen.

After all the villagers of the wild boar puppets gathered, the head of the Takashima shouted: "The fellows are quiet, and the international friend Hashimoto Taijun has something to say."

After saying this, Gao Xiang's head pumped himself a mouth. Why is this broken mouth not be a family?

Hashimoto Tomoto took a deep breath and said: "Zhu Jun, I am Hashimoto Ryoshi, many years ago I directed a military operation here, killed many innocent people, and added trouble to you.Please forgive me! "

Not only did the female translator understand Japanese, but the deputy chief of the county chief Tang chose Japanese courses when he was in college.He whispered to Secretary Zhang while he whispered. Secretary Zhang twisted his eyebrows and said seriously, "How can you say so!"

The translation first explained the content to the leaders present, and looked at it with uneasy eyes.She, she also knows that these words may cause some incidents, especially in this unknown mountain.

Secretary Zhang, deputy county chief of Tang, and Gao Xiang, and others urgently negotiated. The head of Gao Xiang made a suggestion: "Anyway, the old devil can't understand Chinese words, let's deceive and hide it, take up, put theJust change what he said. "

Secretary Zhang nodded and praised:" Xiao Gao still has a way. "

Because most of the people like wild boar crickets have not entered the county seat, most of them have not entered the county.Instead, Secretary Zhang's authority is not as good as the head of Gao Xiang, so Mr. Hashimoto's words were passed to the head of Gao Xiang through the translation, and then the head of Gao Xiang was conveyed to the villagers.

Gao Township headed and shouted: "Children, I am the township chief of our Township Street Township. Today, the leaders in the county are here. Well, there are also from Japan.Mr. Hashimoto, an international friend, will invest in our county in our county to vigorously develop the tourism resources of our township. The wild boar is the first place to pick. People want to build a monument on this slope.The village can work hard. A labor of 30 yuan a day, control meals! "

This is the content of the emergency speech made by the leaders. The effect is really extraordinary.There are as many as thirty yuan, and the bottom of the situation suddenly became excited, and many people reached out to sign up.

Seeing this scene, Secretary Zhang and Deputy Chief of Tang both laughed. Fortunately, the crisis was resolved.Asked: "Father, what are you laughing?"

"I laughed, people were as low as 70 years ago." Hashimoto said with a sneer.

As soon as the words fell, the following shouted: "Can't repair it! That is the Japanese devil who killed our wild boar crickets!"The three steel forks in his hand flashed with cold light. The public security personnel who were responsible for the security of Secretary Zhang immediately came forward to protect the county leaders behind him, staring at the old man vigilantly.

Hashimoto Roya stared at the person tightly, a feeling of knowing each other, and the soldier's intuition told him that the danger was coming.

The eyes of Ono's cultivation fell on the oblique military kettle on the old man. The three faded characters on Ono Jun stimulated his eyes and nerves like a needle.