Chapter 175 Shennongjia Adventure 2

At about seven o'clock in the morning, Lu Xuyang woke up from his sleep. He was awakened by a coolness.

Opening his eyes, his two big eyes were printed into his eyes, and Lu Xuyang was scared.It wasn't until the weird laughter sounded that Lu Xuyang looked at it.

It turned out to be a few monkeys!Lu Xuyang was relieved.

When he was packing things in Lu Xuyang, he didn't pay attention, and the quilt was snatched by a monkey.

Although he still has this quilt, it is not allowed to stay here for a long time, so the quilt cannot be lost.Thinking of this Lu Xuyang immediately chased up.Seeing Lu Xuyang to chase the monkey, the other monkeys began to solve the hanging net tied to the tree. After discovering, Lu Xuyang quickly ran back.

Because the monkey was running far before, when he came back, the hammock was also snatched by other monkeys.

Seeing those monkeys laughed at him with a suspender, Lu Xuyang was a little hot.If you put you all the monkeys, what else will I come?Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang rushed up.

But the monkeys are animals that have lived in the forest for a long time after all. Needless to say, it is definitely not that Lu Xuyang can chase it.

The monkey was like a cat to tease his mouse, constantly teasing Lu Xuyang.Lu Xuyang chased them and ran; Lu Xuyang stopped them, and he stopped with a hanging net in front of Lu Xuyang's eyes, stimulating Lu Xuyang, just like it.

Seeing their provocations, Lu Xuyang pulled up, but soon thought of stopping.

"When did I become so impulsive?" Lu Xuyang sighed with a patted.Then I found a clean place and sat down slowly.

Those things were taken away by them. Anyway, there are still a lot of him. If it is not surprising, his things should be enough.In the future, he will be careful in the future. There is no need to work hard to chase those monkeys and not to please.

Thinking of this Lu Xuyang no longer go to see the monkeys, no matter how they tease him, stimulate or laugh at him, he ignores it.For a long time, those monkeys also felt boring, but they were still reluctant to leave, just watching on the tree.

I finally saw such a novel 'things', and they would definitely not give up so easily.

Ignore the monkey's Lu Xuyang.He took out things from the space and ate it.Because of the freshness of the space, those foods are still very fresh, just like just put it in.Lu Xuyang ate something, but the fragrance was so much that the monkeys probed their brains and drooling.

One of the small monkeys.The opposition of the big monkeys jumped to Lu Xuyang.Looking at him flatterly.

In the end.These monkeys are actually just fun. There is no maliciousness. Lu Xuyang didn't have any mustard. He took out a piece of bread from the space and lost it for the little monkey. The little monkey took it happily and ate it.Looking at the happy little monkey.Lu Xuyang was eating again.

When he looked up after eating, he found that he didn't know when, the monkeys jumped down and surrounded by Lu Xuyang.Looking at Lu Xuyang, only the monkey holding the net did not come down and looked at it on the tree.

Lu Xuyang took out the bag of bread, a monkey divided it, the monkeys put down their hearts and leaned on the next to Lu Xuyang.

Looking at the monkey who persisted on the tree, Lu Xuyang felt a funny, but he didn't think that there was such stubbornness among the monkeys.He took out a piece of bread and reached out and handed it out, but it was not the monkey around him, but to the monkey on the tree.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's approach, other monkeys also screamed to the monkey on the tree.But did he tell him that the bread was delicious or told him that Lu Xuyang would not hurt him. Lu Xuyang didn't know. Anyway, he wanted to let the monkey come down anyway.

The monkey heard the crowd of his associate, first looked at the bread slices in Lu Xuyang's hands, and then looked at the hammock in his hand.In the end, he couldn't resist the temptation of bread and jumped off the tree.It may be a little embarrassed, or he was afraid of Lu Xuyang's lesson. He caught the bread in the hands of Lu Xuyang and quickly ran to eat.

Seeing that he finished eating, Lu Xuyang took out another piece and handed it over.The monkey looked at the hanging net in his hand and looked at the bread in Lu Xuyang's hands. Finally, he slowly moved to a small step like a thief.Get up.

It may be the kindness of Lu Xuyang. The monkey didn't jump too far this time, but just happened to be there where Lu Xuyang couldn't touch it.Until the bag of bread in his hand was finished, a few monkeys were very trusted by Lu Xuyang. Even the monkey holding the hammock ran to the side and returned the hammock in his hand to Lu Xuyang.

Seeing these such cute monkeys, Lu Xuyang finally couldn't bear to take back the suspender, but gave it to the monkeys, and took one more to play with them by the way.After eating, Lu Xuyang set off again and continued his journey.The difference is that at this time, there was a little monkey behind Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang didn't care about it, and a monkey was also good.

I don't know what can I get today after yesterday's white rice tree?Lu Xuyang was looking forward to it.

Because there is no road in the mountain, Lu Xuyang walked very slowly.I do n’t know if it ’s because of mysterious relationship. All plants in this mountain are much taller than the outside. Some grass has even grown to Lu Xuyang’ s waist, which hurts him to pick it up with his feet.

Suddenly, a stone umbrella about a foot appeared in front of Lu Xuyang's eyes.Lu Xuyang squatted curiously and looked at the stone umbrella.


Lu Xuyang, who squatted down, quickly found something wrong. It was not a stone, but the color was just like Lu Xuyang.Take a closer look, if he didn't guess it was wrong, this should be a mushroom, but in order to confirm, Lu Xuyang still used the pussy and yang mirror to see it.

"... a lotus mushroom ..."

"No? It's really mushrooms, how can it be so big?"Bai rice tree, soon relieved.

"I don't know if I can upgrade?" Lu Xuyang said secretly.

The tree itself was so big yesterday. If he accidentally washed him more troubles, he didn't dare to try it.Today, this mushroom is so small.Lu Xuyang was eager to try.

When he was ready to act, the little monkey behind him screamed hard when he came.