5 5 kai fa shang de ri zi du bu hao guo

After rushing over, I found that there was another accompanying guest. It was the neighbor of President Wang.Sitting in front of the small square table and eating peanut rice to chat.

Seeing Liu Ziguang, President Pharaoh took out a box from under the bed and said, "This is a good wine I brought from the provincial capital, everyone tasted, and this cigarette, you dismantled."

Liu Ziguang looked at it and was surprised: "Wuliangye, Su Yan, the old principal, you are very high."

President Wang laughed: "It's all from others, where are me, II am willing to buy such expensive things. "

Xiaofang's table is on the table with peanuts, stinky tofu, saline and broad beans, and Lao Zhuo.Laughing: "The three are not in a seat, otherwise they will call someone over again."

President Wang said: "I can't get together.His daughter's house is New Year's Eve, we have two brothers in this building. "

Liu Ziguang said:" Brother, you can call the junior, I call Zhuo Li over. "

BR> A call passed, Zhuo Li was so scared of rolling, spitting out something, Mr. Zhuo grabbed the phone and said, "Give you five minutes, you must arrive."

When the fart came, there was a little bit of the prestige of Zhuo Er's brother who smelled the wind on the rivers and lakes. The whole is a small shop.

A few glasses of wine, President Pharaoh began to swallow the clouds and vomit, and said proudly: "This time I went to the provincial capital to gain a lot, took a box of books back, and held another one.In the event, I reflected the demolition of our high soil slope through special channels. The provincial leaders attached great importance to it. I have started to investigate this matter. Our school is also safe, so I only invite you to have a drink today. "

Hearing this exciting good news, everyone immediately became excited and toasting to President Pharaoh. President Wang took the wine glass and took a sip, and said, "In fact, the credit is still everyone.If you did not unite to resist, now that Gao Tu is afraid that it would have become a ruins. "


Large Development Group, employees are busy as usual, big big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big.The development attaches great importance to the corporate culture. The company is full of photos and quotations of the boss Nie Wanlong everywhere, so that employees will always feel the care of the boss.

Employees developed in large seasons, wearing black and blue suits in all seasons. The length of the suit skirt and the color of the female staff's suit and the color of the scarf are determined by President Nie.Recite the passage of the president, and read a spiritual food designated by the president every week, such as "Send the Letter to GarciaChicken soup, employees must read.

In the office of the president upstairs, Nie Wanlong sat behind the big class and picked up a bunch of invoices in front of him and turned it back, and he lost his hand and lost it: "Let the finance review again!"

The young clerk has never seen President Nie's temper, scared his face, picking up the invoices, and President Nie said to the guest sitting on the sofa: "Then say."
"Yes, the land of the Xijiao Club belongs to the Civil Defense Office, and now the other party requires recovery ..." The guests wearing gold silk glasses and a suit, and Sesanwen was a lawyer at first glance.

"How could this be? Who was it at that time?" A Sichuan character appeared between Nie Wanlong's eyebrows.

"It was the old man, at the time, the lease contract was handled, 50,000 yuan per year ..."

The lawyer hasn't finished, the phone rang, Nie Wanlong picked up the phone and said, "What

"President Nie, the Public Security Bureau called and asked you to assist in the investigation in the afternoon. It is still a problem in the case involved in the Xijiao Association."

"I have no time, let the office make the officeGo to deal with them. "Nie Wanlong put down the phone angrily. As soon as he was about to speak, the phone bell rang again.

President Nie grabbed the phone and cursed: "Say it is no time! Bent!"

The wiring students over there were scared to cry: "Mr. NieVisit. "

" No time, let them make an appointment! "

" President Nie, they are from the Law Enforcement Brigade of the Provincial Land and Resources Bureau. "
Let's take a look at it, I finish the matter here. "

The lawyer saw Nie Wanlong's scorched look, and shook his head helplessly. Now the entire Jiangbei City knows that the days of development are not good., President Nie's father had just died, and a fierce material broke out on the world, saying that the development of the big development is not sold, and a large number of fake contracts deceived bank loans.The reputation has plummeted and has become a street mouse.

The bad luck is like a avalanche, which makes Nie Wanlong overwhelmed. The most worried thing is still coming. When the land of Gao Tu is the land, the big -developed capital chain is already very tense.This treasure land, but the prepaid payment has not been in place, this has been planted. Although the leaders of the Land and Resources Bureau were hit by huge bribes, they couldn't hold it to send people to investigate.

"President Nie, you will be busy first, I will deal with it here." The lawyer stood up and said to President Nie.

"Okay, thank you lawyer Hou, ask me to ask Director Li on behalf of me." Nie Wanlong came out from behind the big class and shook hands with Lawyer Hou.

Farewell to lawyer Hou, go to the guest room to receive comrades from the provincial bureau, the assistant pushes open the glass door, Nie Wanlong with five short figures walked in enthusiastically, one by one and those who sitting on the sofa shaking hands kindly, President Nie waved his hand: "Since it has reached the big development, it is our guest, Xiao Wei, arrange it at night, I want to connect the wind for the leaders of the provincial bureau."

Vice President Wei's expression was a little embarrassedThe guests of the provincial bureau's law enforcement brigade are not cold or hot. They stood up and said, "President Nie, there is no need to spend. We are not here to send a penalty notice."

"Punishment, what is punished?" Nie Wanlong couldn't touch his head. Vice President Wei smiled and handed over a piece of paper. It turned out that because he did not pay the land transfer fund in time, the high soil slope plot was ordered to be recovered.Men's deposit is confiscated.

This news is really like a thunderbolt. People from the provincial bureau are too dark. They do n’t give people an opportunity to breathe and think.It's the sky ...

"You are busy, leave." The comrades of the Provincial Bureau of Law Enforcement Brigade put away the bag, and went all out.

Nie Wanlong sat on the sofa with a buttocks, loosened his tie, and said, "What do Director Liang say there?"

"Just called just now, the Liang Bureau has been dual -regulations.... "Vice President Wei said carefully.

"Where is the president of the Sun?"

"Mr. Sun does not answer the phone, now this festival, who dares to loan us."

President Nie took a deep suction one.Tone, since the death of his father, bad news has been one after another. This is to put the big development in death!But these enemies ignore a little bit, Nie Wanlong is by no means easy to knock down!

Back to his own office, Nie Wanlong stabilized his emotions and called Secretary Li of the Municipal Party Committee.The increasingly rising real estate market, strictly investigated the case of violations of the land. This time the rectification was caught by the secretary of the provincial party committee. No one could, but there was no need to worry too much.The director is not because of the two regulations because of this matter. Everything only needs to observe its change.

"The city has adjusted the planning and policies in the city, the high -soil slope plot was re -auction, and then the government came forward to demolish.Pinded funds. "Secretary Zhao said.

Secretary Zhao's words gave Nie Wanlong a lot of confidence. As long as he had the support of Secretary Li, he could develop this 10,000 -ton giant wheel, even if he had a lot of secrets, he could take the wind and waves.


The big development company has been hit, and the life of Chengcheng Group is not good. In the past year, the group's manpower and financial resources have been concentrated in the development and construction of CBD in Longyang City.However, there was a big accident. A building under construction collapsed. On the spot, a dozen construction workers were injured. In the environment of paying attention to safety production, this was a big accident.

Fortunately, a company that had been settled in previously established a company to operate the Longyang City project, but the group still could not get rid of the relationship. Now the project has stopped.Yin Zhijian, the deputy general chief of Chengcheng Group of the project, has been detained by the public security organs according to law.

The Longyang project is the rollover battle that Chengcheng Group is desired, but there is such an accident. Li Yan did not sleep for a few nights in a row.The Longyang project is like a huge quagmire, and the Chengcheng Group has been sucked in. The daily interest expenses are hundreds of thousands. There are dozens of construction teams waiting to get the project funds. Hundreds of material suppliers are waiting to get the payment.Thousands of workers are waiting for salary.

It is thousands of clicks, making Li Yan tired of running his life. She regrets that she shouldn't listen to Liu Ziguang's advice. I ran to Longyang from looking for trouble.Caused by building materials, and this batch of architectural materials are the goods of the small sister -in -law of the construction director of Longyang City.As a result, it caused a fruit, but it could only swallow the teeth and could only swallow it into the belly. It was not ugly.

There are more than this thing that makes people have a headache. Xiao Cheng's grandparents officially sued Li Yan and asked to divide the property and recapture the custody of the grandson.