Chapter VII transition

"Damn Archer! Where are you going!" As he raised the injured Saber, he checked the situation of Shiro, and shattered a certain service Servant.

"Sorry ~ Sorry! Master" suddenly cracked a crack from the side, and Qian Xuan's arms appeared in front of the eyes with a certain 'things'.Shi Lang, who fell on the side, "Oh ~ it seems that I am here late!"

"Oh ~" Someone in Qian Xuan's arms, raised his little head and asked Qian Fantasy, "Is it? Thousands of magic!"

"Um ~ here!" Thousands of fantasy looked at the confused purple, and turned the purple body with both hands. "Master, this is the eighth British spirit of the war,It's also my sister ~ "

" Ha!? "凛 looked at the girl in the hands of Qian Mi in surprise, the difference was just hair color and pupil color.Out of the relationship between the two, "Eighth British Spirit?"

"It is indeed!" Qian Mi looked at the shocking expression, "For some reason, my sister is also the hero of this war."Turn around and look at the two of the Saber next to him," Let's go back first! "

" Hmm! "Saber.

"Thank you, Archer!" Saber nodded hard.



Shi Lang woke up from his sleep, and was surprised to find that he was covered with bandages. Shilang tried to think about what happened last night, (obviously he was hit! Why haven't you died?)I got up and came to the living room, but found that I was sitting there to drink tea.Yes ... "

" There is no decent tea on what you say! "Said dissatisfaction.

"Why ... you will ..."

"Wait" and interrupted what Shi Lang was ready to say, "Before that, you should thank me for moving you here."

" Move here? "Shi Lang touched his head in doubt, looked at the injury on his body, and suddenly remembered," Speaking, what about Saber "
" Saber should have self -healingThe ability of the ability yesterday was basically restored. "He put down the tea cup and said slowly." But Shilang, your injury is too heavy, and the magic circuit has been burned almost yesterday.. "

" What about Saber!? "Shiro said anxiously.

"Rest assured, Saber continues to exist with the magic of Archer, and now I am resting next door"

"Then, what do you plan to do, Gui Palace classmate!"Black tea, watching Shiro said.

"I just don't want to repeat the mistakes ten years ago" Shi Lang looked firmly, "I'm not interested in things like the Holy Grail"

"I know you will say that!"I sighed helplessly," You! Say that kind of words will be killed by Saber! "

" being saber ... "

" You think service will obey unconditionally obediently, "Master? The Holy Grail can realize their wishes. The reason why they respond to us is because they still have wishes. "

" AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThousands of fantasies at the door were holding the two people who were arguing with the "Eighth British Ling".

"Archer ... you are in your arms ..." Shiro looked at the girl in Qian Mi's arms in surprise.

"Hush ~" Qian Xi carefully compared with a snoring gesture, looking at the purple that was still asleep, and gently said to Shilang, "The eighth British spirit that appears in violation of the rules is also mine.Sister "

" Sister !!! "Shi Lang looked at the girl who was sleeping in Qian Mi's arms and said dumbfounded.

"Hehe ~ yes ~" Qian Mi loves the sleeping purple, whispering, "Then I'll go out first, you talk ~" After talking, he turned away.

"So I should go" and walk out of the living room, come to the door, and put on the door to open the door.

"By the way, for the gift of moving me home yesterday, thank you" Shiro looked at 凛 gratefully.

轻 gently pushed the door and said to Shiro, "Don't treat me as humans in the future," said the door, leaving only Shiro alone.

(The Holy Grail War, once he participated, he had to defeat all his opponents ...) Shi Lang thought about Father Yan Feng's words, Shi Lang fell on his knees angrily at the entrance of the porch, and suddenly remembered that he did not see Saber now, and began to look for him to find out.stand up.


Baying Ling is your sister's affairs. You'd better explain to me when you go back! "

"Okay! Master!" Qian Mi's lazy voice came.

At this time, I suddenly met Sakura who came towards the Guardian house, and said embarrassing, "Good morning ~ Sakura!"
"Good morning ~ why this time ... Will it ...Sakura watched the embarrassing stun in doubt.

"Hehe ~ I get up early and go to bed early and go to bed early!"

"It's not the meaning" Sakura's words suddenly interrupted, watching 凛 indifferently.

"Ah haha ~~ I'm walking ... walk" and leave the place with a smile, "Then goodbye!"

I turned around and left SakuraIn an instant, Sakura suddenly frowned, (blood ... taste ...) Sakura looked at the far away, and suddenly felt that his shoulders were heavy.

"Good morning ~ Sakura" holding a morning cup, Fujimura smiled and greeted Sakura.

"Teacher Fujimura ... Good morning"

"It's really a refreshing morning, I want to eat some malt rice in this kind of day.The aroma of malt rice.

"I remember having a good seafood and putting it at home."

"Haiwei side dishes?" Said Fujimura said in surprise, "Great !!! From the morning!Remember to help me leave a few more bowls. "

" Um ~ "Sakura nodded with a smile, but his eyes looked at the place where he left.(Why is there a blood smell.)

[In other words ... there is no thought in the morning ... I was interrupted by the child.