Chapter II

"How do you know that code is part of the evil part of this world?" The girl looked at Qian Mi calmly, ignoring what the entire human beings meant, and the girl just wanted to know what the code she had.thing.

"I don't understand if I say it specifically ... but you just need to know that I have fought with the evil of this world, so I understand the composition of the evil of this world ...""You should take a rest first."

"Yes ... I know ..." The girl was not entangled with thousands of fantasies, climbing on chuang alone and sleeping, Qian Mi suddenly remembered that she seemed to know that the girl didn't know the girl.The name, so he asked curiously, "By the way, is your name?"

"C.C" Girl pulled up the quilt and turned around.Looking at the girl who is silent for himself, "It's not like a person!"

"Who said isn't ... I'm not using it ..." The girl named C.C faintly returned to Qian MiramIn a word, turn around with an unknown look, "I'm going to sleep! Or what do you think of me?"



One year quickly passed. In the year when C.C got along, Qian Xian fully understood how the title of the Witch was obtained.This makes Qian Xi feel that even the Merudsa, who is known for the witch, is not as weird as the green -haired girl in front of her. She can’t guess the thoughts in her mind in the next second, which made Qian Xi depressed for a while, But what makes Qian Shi can't let go, C.C still has not given up the desire to die ...

Then Qian Xi received a news that made himself helpless, that is, Gaia and Alei who have been hiding behind the scenes behind the scenesThe news came again, hoping to help remove the curse of C.C, which made Qian Xuan almost yell at it. I knew why this was cursed to humans.cannot.

"What to say, the curse was just for fun ... dead Gaia, you deliberately, definitely intentionally cursed Gaia while watching it, watching it boredC.C in the sky, looking at the idle C.C Thousand Fantasy suddenly said, "C.C, do you believe in fate?"

"Fate?" C.c looked atThousands of fantasy, "Why do you say such an unprooped words?"

"Nothing ... although you don't believe in destiny ..." Qian Mi looked at C.C for a long time and said, "C.C, your wish really reallyIs it dead? "

" Of course ... "C.C nodded lonely," I'm tired of being old and not dead, I really don't know how you survived? "

" I? "Sitting slowly to C.C, I sat down slowly, raised my head and looked at the blue sky, and said, "I used to be like you."Oh?! Then?" C.C was interested in being by thousands of fantasy words. In her opinion, Qian Mi lives longer than herself, and she should be more looking forward to death than herself.Think about it? "

" Yeah, why ... "Qian Xi sighed with sigh," This is also a little more lucky than you, because all of me have a long life around meThe guy, it is also them who let me go out of that depressed day ... "

" Really? "C.C replied lightly," Then you are really lucky ... "

"Maybe ... "Qian Mi nodded," After all, there are guys with a long life around, which made me forget the loneliness of eternal life ... "
" But I am different ... "C.C revealedA trace of sad expression, "I never want to die, I don't want to have that memory in eternal life ..."

"……" Qian Mi quietly listened to C.C's complaint quietly until C.C was relaxed.Qian Mi said, "Since you don't want to remember, forget it ..."

Seeing C.C looked at himself in a doubt, Qian Xi said with a smile, "I mean to forget the past, it will be for the past.Is it okay to forget all the past ... "

" Is there such a simple, memory of memory is not simply to forget ... "C.C glanced at the magic with a bitter smile," "Just like I changed my name, but I can never change my past, isn't it? The rest is the memory of the witch. I do n’t even know if I am human.It disappeared with the passage of time. In the end of the endless time, I ... alone "

" So is it different now? "Isn't there a friend of me on the road of eternal life? "

" Are we friends? "C.C looked at Qian Mi in curiosity, and his curious expression made Qian Mi depressed for a while," Okay, barely barely barelyStrongly add friends ... "

" Okay ... since it is barely counted as a friend ... "Qian Mi paused," I also tell you a little my secret ... "

> "Little secret?"

" I used to be a god! "Qian Xi smiled softly, slowly saying that C.C couldn't help saying it.

" Just you? "IntersectionOr God?IntersectionC.C looked at Qian Shi, "Are you joking?"I hate laughing!"

" Don't believe it? "Also, you guess you can't accept it ... "Qian Mi smiled slightly, lying slowly on the ground, and a white object from his head in C.C's surprised eyes, and then a screen appeared in front of the two.Thousands of fantasy pointed at the screen, "Look, my past ..."

The memory on the screen is the memory that Qian Mi and Gil met.Fantasy, after reading it for a long time, C.C asked Qian Fantasy, "Are you really God?"

" Once ~ "Qian Mi waved his hand lazy," For me countless times, it is not a god, everything has been remembered, is it?"

" too ... even if you were God, now you are just an immortal existence ... "C.C recovered his face indifferent after a short surprise." However, your experienceIt is really exciting ... "

" Yes ... "Qian Mi looked at the sky silently." Only eternal people can understand the loneliness of eternal life, isn't it?"

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