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It's a pity that coming to China without climbing the Great Wall...Com

Sanlitun is close to the second embassy area of the capital.Come to consume, plus white -collar workers, media workers, and film and television entertainment industry who are working nearby often come to the show. This is gradually becoming a famous bar in the capital. Every night, everyone can find what they need here.thing.

Fedel stopped the golden cup car far away. Everyone walked over and found a bar to sit and drink.With sad songs, the lights change, shine on the guests' face, and beer bottles, forming a mottled picture.EssenceEssence

After Liu Ziguang was sitting, he habitually began to observe the surrounding environment. Two people in the neighboring seat were talking, sitting coldly, the other smoking, frowning, seemed to be discussing some heavy heavys, seemed to be discussing some heavy heavily.topic.

Liu Ziguang retracted his attention. This place in Sanlitun not only patronized foreigners, but also tide people from all walks of life also liked to treat here as inter -turnaround places.

Here, Bei Xiaoshuai and Bo Ji were very happy, Fidel was sitting next to Wei Ziyi and offending. Liu Ziguang shook his head secretly., I have lost my spirit of struggling up. It should be said that when this time should pick up girls to catch Kaizi, it should be tightly united to the gold master.EssenceEssence

I am still young, Liu Ziguang sighed, took a sip of the beer, and suddenly a beer bottle flew out of the next seat. He was smashing at the foot of the singer. The glass residue splashed.: "Singing his mother, what to sing, and change to Lao Tzu a cheerful" Holding ".

The singer was stunned, and before he responded, he stood up and rushed here.In front of the buddy of throwing a wine bottle, "The beer bottle you threw?"

The buddy of throwing a wine bottle is calm:" Yes, I throw it, what? "A bite of Beijing films showed their lust and disdain.

"No, hurt people, you apologized in the past."The man said that his tone was also very calm. Although the light in the bar was dark, Liu Ziguang had recognized that this is his own old acquaintance.After watching, Liu Ziguang couldn't sit steadily, and the guests in the bar did not respond. After all, this kind of thing is very common.Yes, if I don't apologize, what can you take me."Jing Shi was holding his arms, and looked up at Guan Ye.

" You will go.Guan Ye said coldly.

"Oh, it is still threatened, brother, there are some fun today."Jing film looked back and laughed. There was a piece of people standing behind him, all of them were five and three rough men, shaved the board, hanging gold chain, wearing fashionable clothes, and mixed out at a glance, and the level was not low..

Liu Ziguangxin said that Guan Ye could not come alone. Looking from the distance, he saw a familiar figure. It was the leader of the two parts. I did not expect that the boy Guan Ye was quite capableBig, even Ye Qing was soaked. At this moment, the leader of Ye Ye was frowned, and he wrapped a handkerchief on his ankle, presumably she was injured by broken glass.Guan Ye's ability is not difficult to put down these people, but this group of people is obviously not fuel -saving lamps, and the tiger can't hold the wolf. If there is a loss in the group fight, the country's loss will be great. Thinking of it here, Liu Ziguang stood station stood by the station.Come out and said, "What, rely on more people to bully people?"

Guan Ye looked back, seeing Liu Ziguang, a surprise in his eyes flashed:" It's you, so coincidentally? ""

The Beijing film laughed:" What are you doing? "If you don't want to die, hurry up and get out of the time. Where can I squat?EssenceEssence"

Liu Ziguang didn't speak, and smiled slightly. Now he is also a person with identity. He doesn't need to go out of his own things.

Sure enough, a wine bottle flew directly behind him,A squeeze flew over the head of the Beijing film, and the safety assistant Hu Guang was the master who was uncomfortable without fighting for three days. He did not take the initiative to find the fault..

Bei Xiaoshuai has not been fighting for a long time. Coupled with the mixed -race beauty, the male hormones are even more vigorous.In the middle of the door, he smashed his nosebleeds for a long flow.

The two sides immediately opened the film, the beer bottle was flying, and then the feet were added.Seeing them fighting, the singer continued to hold a guitar on the stage and sang a song. The noisy feeling was very impressive...

Originally women did not participate in the battle, but the Miss Bo Ji of the He Sai family obviouslyIt was to let the eyebrows be allowed, and a wine bottle was picked up and joined the team. Wei Ziyi saw that she had participated in the war. It seemed that it was not the case for himself to watch it.On the head.

Wei Ziyi's hand is small, the beer bottle is not as broken as in the movie, and the beaten person did not faint to the ground., Stepped over step by step, Wei Ziyi was so scared that the flowers were out of color, retreating backwards, suddenly a big hand pulled her, and at the same time flew out, kicking the guy out of the window, and a glass window became a glass window.There are countless fragments, and the shadow also flew out like a broken kite. This time it really looks like a movie picture ...

Wei Ziyi looked at it, and it was Liu Ziguang who protected himself.Suddenly, she saw a guy behind him holding a dagger to Liu Ziguang and shouted in scared, "Be careful!"

Liu Ziguang turned back, and saw that the guy who took the knife was put down by Kuanyeyo's wine bottle..

"Thank you."Liu Ziguang said.

" You're welcome."Guan Ye showed a white teeth and laughed.

At this time, the bar has been borrowed in the bar, and the eight of the other party were put on the ground. Except for Fidel's slight injuries, it was peaceful.Guan Ye heard the sound of sirens in the distance, and quickly said, "Go!"

The group went out of the bar to escape, and Liu Ziguang went back to the gold cup bread. Everyone talked about the fight just now, and they were excited.The favor of Ji, the mixed -race girl rushed to kiss on Bei Xiaoshuai's face, everyone laughed even more ...

Suddenly the police light in front of the police flashing, the traffic police wearing a reflective vest is checked by drunk driving,Everyone didn't take it seriously at all. Foreign vehicles were good. The judicial organs stationed in the country had no right to check at will. When the traffic flow slowly moved forward with the traffic, Fedel lowered the window and said, "The Embassy.Car."

The traffic police stunned him, with a wondering expression, a gift and said," Please show your relevant documents."

Fidel said impatiently:" The diplomatic vehicles of the embassy, you have no right to investigate.EssenceEssence"

The police laughed:" Buddy, not all foreigners are diplomats, do you wake up, see what brand of this car?"

Fedr got out of the car and looked around the car. He was surprised. The original license plate was missing. He touched his body, worse, the certificate was lost when he was fighting.

> Driving without a license, driving after drinking, don't say anything, the deduction of the car, the capital police efficiency is fast, and quickly sent them to the nearby public security duty. It happened that Guan Ye and Ye Qing were also taken by the police.Here.

Liu Ziguang wondered: "Why are you being taken down?"

Guan Nu Nu's mouth, and smiled bitterly:" It was on the muzzle.EssenceEssence"

It turned out that they met the joint law enforcement team composed of the Persons' team and special police officer of the Headquarters. It was not good to have a military official certificate.I was deducted, but I didn't panic at all. I made a phone call and arranged it, so I talked to everyone with everyone.

Five minutes later, a military officer walked in outside and shouted with a document: "Guan.Ye, Ye Qing, you can leave."

" Buddy, see back."Guan Ye and Liu Ziguang shook hands and walked out with Ye Qing. Suddenly a police car came, and several plainclothes police officers came down on the car.it's him."

After the situation of the wind and clouds, the police picked down and re -detained Guan Ye and Ye Qing, and this time I went handcuffs. Guan Ye asked puzzled:" What's going on? ""

" It is you who fight in the bar just now, tell you, something happened, the dead."A policeman said.

Guan Ye just felt a sound in his mind, and he was gapped in an instant, and he killed someone.It is very calm and said, "You have no right to detain us, and I ask the people of the General Subject to be present."

The police said," Sister, rest assured, we are not ecliping you, and go back to your unit for processing."

Ten minutes later, several military vehicles came to the scene. The all -armed soldiers got out of the car and took Guan Ye and Ye Qing away.: "Buddy, it's difficult to see again."

After a while, Jose drove to the scene in person, and the staff of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also came to confirm that the gold cup car was indeed a diplomatic vehicle.And the two foreign personnel on the car also have diplomatic exemption.

Since there is diplomatic exemption, drunk driving is not a problem. The police immediately released them.Go, everyone is cicada, for fear that they are also involved in the bar fight.

With such an episode, everyone has no mood to play, all returned to the embassy, Bo Ji worked in the night, and worked in the night.Help them put hundreds of passports on visas, Liu Ziguang called Zhao Hui and inquired about Guan Ye. You must know that Guan Ye was made for his sister.br>
"I heard that the two of them should be able to settle themselves. This pass is really true. It is a bit heavy. Now it depends on the identity of the other party.Who is the end."Zhao Hui said.