7 2 0 zhou wen de nie

The cadre, Zhou Wen stood on the embankment, looking at the busy and orderly scene below, turning over the river in the chest, and the magnificent waves. All of this was organized by himself...COM

Zhou Wen stands behind the female reporter named Bai Na Huaijiang Daily. This girl is more spicy and brave.Record all the scenes of this flood anti -rescue. At this moment, she was unwilling to leave Zhou Wen at the moment, saying that she wanted to discover the hero of a new era. Zhou Wen just smiled and went to her.

The sky gradually darkened, the diesel generator in the country was roaring, driving a few iodine tungsten lamps to light up the entire embankment. Zhou Wen wore a raincoat, and ran back and forth on the embankment.The report of the hydrological station, and there is a flood peak rushing down on the top of the mountain. The flow is far greater than the previous wave. If the dam that is temporarily reinforced cannot be supported, you will abandon the front!

"Is there any news over the quarry?" Zhou Wen asked back.

A cadre who looks like a secretary replied: "Two hours ago, I called to inform them of the transportation of the stone, but now I can't contact it."These conventional masonry cannot be used at all, and it is washed away when it is thrown into the water. It is necessary to use the large stones of the quarry. "

Three hoursIn the past, the tractor that transported the stone was still on the road, but Hong Feng arrived first. The huge roar scared the cadres on the embankment.There are branches drifting along the river.

"Guan Yong!" I don't know who shouted. Zhou Wen immediately rushed over and quickly blocked the vulnerability with a sandbag, but the dyke that had just been reinforced was therefore collapsed for twenty meters distance.Intersection

Zhou Wen's heart is half cold. People are not as good as heaven. All these efforts are in vain.Knowing how many people are displaced, they are separated from death, and they will also be drowned in this torrential flood. I can never see the wise wife, cute son ...
"Assistant Zhou!"

"Assistant Zhou!"

A call to pull Zhou Wen's thoughts back to reality. He looked around, and his pair of helpless eyes was looking at himself. On this section of the bones, he was their backbone, and thenHow can I retreat?

Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and secretly said to himself, "Zhou Wen, you have been weak for a lifetime, and you should be a true man!" He stood out resolutely and shouted with a hoarse voice: "The embankment collapsesEveryone is going to die, and they can't live horizontally. It is the man who follows me! "

A group of armed police soldiers came forward, and then some young militia stood out.With the determination of generous death, I stepped into the water step by step and blocked Hong Feng with the body.

On the embankment, the female reporter Bai Na was trembling with DV's hand. In the night vision mode, a bunch of iron bones in the camera shouted the todge and stood in the river water, and the rain began again.Bai Na's face was wet, and she didn't know if she was rain or tears.

The migrant workers used Zhou Wen to fill a large number of sandbags into the rapids with the opportunity created by life, and covered a large amount of gravel into the water with a wire mesh, and finally carried the Hongfeng again.The price of life was also paid. Two young armed policemen were involved in the fluid and could no longer be found.


The sky gradually brightened, the rain stopped, and the river water came from the upstream was much slower.One night, I finally won.

Zhou Wen was lying in the mud to sleep, and the glasses were covered with sludge. Bai Na sat next to him and looked at the unknown county assistant with his pity eyes.

Bai Na came to Nantai County for an interview for things arrested for colleagues. However, she did not expect to experience two things that made her unforgettable for life. Last night, she also took many photos andThe video, and patted Zhou Wen's wonderful performance. When he sorted the information in Binguang at night, he also specifically checked Zhou Wen's information on the Internet.Labor is just an ordinary cadre who is unknown. People are not handsome, and there are no decent backed by. In Bai Na's words, it is the kind of person who has no news value.

But in this storm, Zhou Wen showed his unknown side. He was not only an excellent cadre, but also a real man, a real hero!

Bai Na took out the handkerchief and carefully helped Zhou Wen rubbing the sludge on his face. Suddenly, he thought that Assistant Zhou would have been married in his thirties.

Suddenly there was a noisy in the distance. Bai Na stood up suddenly, and saw the brigade tractor from a distance. The red flag fluttered in the wind, and the brigade was finally here.

God, it's fine.

The county magistrate came from the team. I do n’t know how he got out of the wild boar, but you can imagine that he had suffered a lot.The shirt and trousers, there was a pace behind him holding an umbrella to help him cover the sun.

The cadres of the county party committees and counties have also come. The raincoat and rubber boots of the water are dressed up, and they are holding a notebook in their hands to prepare to record the instructions of the county magistrate.

Since the people from professional organs in the county's rescue office, flood prevention office, and other professional organs arrive at the scene, the Caotai team of Zhou Wen is naturally scattered.The little secretary stopped: "Wait, the county chief of the Tang Dynasty is coming to shake hands with you."

Tang County Mayor came to the scene under the cluster of cadres and journalists.Tielin sand, the reporters took a picture of the photos, and then the two flood control cadres wearing a helmet's flood prevention office launched a flood prevention deployment map in front of the county magistrate.The reporters squatted and squatted, lying on the party, and recorded the heroic posture of the county magistrate from the best angle.

Then, the mayor of Tang County came to the embankment, cordially condolences to the anti -Hong Warrior, shook hands with them one by one, and asked the name to pat the shoulders to show encouragement.

Zhou Wen has quietly left the scene.


The county government, the oval office, Tang County Mayor Zhengyi and the cadres talked alone. In the past two days, many things happened in the county, first **, and then floods.The disaster was in a state of out of control. If it was not for the assistant Zhou to turn the tide, I am afraid that the county seat is now the country.

The cadres who participated in these two things praised the assistant Zhou, but the more they exaggerated Zhou Wen, the deeper the haze in the heart of the Tangxian mayor.There was still a wave of smiles.

I finally finished talking. Tang County chief took off his glasses and squeezed the bridge of his nose. The secretary walked in silently, and there was a press release with a stack of photos in his hand.

"This is a show prepared by the county television station. The propaganda department is called to take it over ..."

Tang County Mayor picked it up and looked at it.He threw it back with a sound: "Review!"

The secretary took the press release.

"Wait." The county head of Tang stopped him.

"Call a few members of the Standing Committee for me, and some personnel deployment in the county should be adjusted."

Since Secretary Zhang's dismissal, Nan Tai CountyIn the dispute between the government and committees, the county government occupied the upper hand, and the Tangxian mayor in the province and city has a strong aid in the province and city, and the manager Xu drove on the second line that he was about to retreat.Essence

Several standing members sat together. Tang County Mayor said sincerely these two days of things.In order to make the limelight, it touched the inverse scales of all county -level leaders. This kind of person is not worthy of sympathy even if he is unlucky.

"In front of the public and the official singing, and seeking personal political interests, this is a very serious political error. Using a criminal campaign to fight for a fight and illegally detain. This is a violation of criminal law.The official seal of the government is covered everywhere, and the use of Ku Food is favored. This is a matter of moral quality! "

Tang County Mayor's fingers shaking, a little excited, the secretary hurriedly served the tea, and the mayor of the Tangxian County tasted it.Clear his throat and said, "I suggest that the county assistant of Comrade Zhou Wen and the position of county tourism director who revokes Comrade Zhou Wen, and the county disciplinary committee has a presence of admonishment. This is a preliminary opinion. The next step is to follow up the investigation by the public security organs., I do n’t interfere, what else do you have? "

Standing Committee members raised their hands to agree.


"Assistant Zhou." A soft call came from the door, Zhou Wen looked back, and was a young clerk. The young man quietly stretched out his thumb and whispered: "Good. "Then hurried away.

Zhou Wen shook his head and laughed. Compared with those who are crowded, the old slippery heads who were full of scams were much simpler.

Too many things happened in these two days. Zhou Wen experienced the test of death. The whole person seemed to be overwhelming, and it was light to see many things.Although I also had to talk to myself to encourage myself, Zhou Wen, who has been invading in the officialdom for many years, knows that the more the leader smiled, the more you were wary of you.I also directly grab the work and seize power. I am afraid that not only the county head of the Tang Dynasty is not pleasing to the eye. All county -level leaders have an opinion on themselves.

I do n’t leave the grandfather here, I have my own grandfather, and I ’m not a big deal. The assistant travel director of the bird county mayor. I also saved all day to see these things. Thinking of this, Zhou Wen’ s mood relaxed, and evenBlow a whistle.

Suddenly, the door of the office was pushed directly, and the two comrades of the County Discipline Inspection Commission came in and said hard: "Comrade Zhou Wen, please clean up your things and follow us."

> If it was before, Zhou Wen was definitely frightened, but Zhou Wen, after Nirvana's rebirth, stood up indifferently, scanning his office that he hadn't been sitting for three months and said, "I have nothing to get clearer to control. "


Provincial city, the small conference room of the Provincial Party Committee, a large -screen LCD TV inlaid in the wall is reflecting the picture of Nan Tai County, belowThe audience is crowned and has a serious expression. They are the Jiangdong Provincial Standing Committee headed by the Provincial Party Secretary Zheng Jiefu.

"Such a large -scale ** occurred in Nantai County, some people have to be responsible!" The secretary of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee said angrily.

"Don't worry, look slowly." Zheng Jiev said slowly.

As soon as the picture turns, the situation is controlled. When I saw Zhou Wen thank Yu Qiang milk on the stage, some Standing Committee members couldn't help laughing, and the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee laughed helplessly: "This boy,It's really a chaotic piano. "

When seeing the masses dispersed and did not cause much bad results, the Standing Committee members were relieved and raised their heads.>
The secretary picked up the remote control and pressed it. The picture turned into flood anti -rescue. Although Bai Na was a reporter of the newspaper, the shooting level was not bad. Almost all of them faithfully recorded the situation at the time.The first report of the adulteration.

At the beginning, the members of the Standing Committee also had a head -of -the -world theory. When they saw Zhou Wen and a group of people pulling their hands and jumping into the flood, the room was already quiet.Essence

Finally, the picture is fixed on a young cadre who smokes on the river embankment, although unkempt, although full of mud, although the smoke on his mouth is wrinkled, the light in his eyes makes people artificially make people artificialA vibration.

Zheng Jiev, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, stood up and said one word by word, "What is the real member? This is the real member!"