Chapter 046 【Sleeping Night 1】

. At the beginning of the lantern, the bustling city was shrouded in the shining neon lights, and the citizens who had been burned during the day to stole the leisure of the cool breeze at this moment.The music fountains gathered in the major squares are chatting with grass.(PM)

Along the way, there is another unspeaks of streets, but there are bustling crowds. Seeing a pair of handsome handsome men and beautiful women who are passionate about love, they can hear all -encompassing laughter and scolding.What a siege scene!

Lu Xuyang accompanied Zheng Xiyi and followed her aimlessly. He was a little anxious and worried in his heart. This is not a way. Tonight, he will never take her to the road to Tianming!

"Zheng Xiyi, it's not too early, I will send you back to your parents will worry."

Lu Xuyang suddenly stood up, gently pulled Zheng Xiyi's sleeves, signaledShe should stop it, and she would be injured with both ends without using such a fight with her family.

"They are rest assured. I said before I went out and spent the night tonight, living in Tian Lili's house." Zheng Xiyi smiled gradually and said, "Oh, you are afraid of my family to find me everywhere.It doesn't matter. After the third year of high school, I often live in Lily, and the two people review their homework together. "

" But you are not in her house now ... "Lu Xuyang paused.He didn't say anything anymore. He felt that the other party was not like a willful little girl. She had her own unique idea. She had the principle of her acting. What should I do?Her green light allowed her to have a smooth aisle at this moment of traffic congestion.

The two continued to go forward, Zheng Xiyi opened his heart and told Lu Xuyang what he had happened before: "... My dad has never hit me before, but this time he was really fierce.I was also interested in being their rebellious daughter ... Lu Xuyang, I heard you said that the meeting encouraged me at noon, so I decided to announce it to my family after going back that my attitude was very solemn at that time.Refueing, but they always have their truth, there are always their reasons, they are not allowed to participate in the sports evaluation held in the next week ... I don't care, no matter whatMy best results! "

Zheng Xiyi said, his mood became more excited, and his voice seemed a little trembling. Lu Xuyang understood her mood at this moment, she was like a kitten smelling a fishy smell, sheThe cat mother in the nest ignored its appetite and rushed it to find other food in another direction.

"It's okay. You can just figure it out. Let's persuade your parents together. Don't be unhappy. If you have more situations like you, think about the country so big, just take out a family casuallyThere are a bunch of questions such as such, isn't it? "Lu Xuyang promised his mother before coming out. If you want to soothe Zheng Xiyi, you can't stimulate her bad mood.Solve the internal contradictions of this people.

"We? Do you still include you? Lu Xuyang, you seem to haven't entered my house yet. Everyone and classmates who have been in my house say that my dad is the kind of old -fashioned old old.The feudal, stubborn type of people can say that it is really a master who moves him. "Zheng Xiyi looked back and smiled helplessly. At that moment, she saw a firm look in Lu Xuyang's eyes, as ifHe has become a bamboo with something.

"That's not necessarily. You can prepare your professional level exam with peace of mind. In front of your parents, I am willing to be this lobbyist, please believe me, I will definitely make them finally support you."Lu Xuyang promised that with his words, Zheng Xiyi seemed to feel a lot of happiness, and he was no longer so boring.

"Let's go quickly!" Zheng Xiyi suddenly accelerated the step, Lu Xuyang followed closely, and the two began to compete. Zheng Xiyi told Lu Xuyang that she ran when she was irritable.If you are tired, you can sleep well and take a good rest.

Following the familiar road, I don't know how long it has been running. When she returned to the place, Zheng Xiyi squatted down.

"Zheng Xiyi, are you okay?"

Lu Xuyang walked over to support her. Under the bright street lights, her white face had been tired.

"Go. I'll take you to Lily's house." Lu Xuyang slowly released his hands, and the two were intertwined.

Zheng Xiyi's face was calm, shook her head and said, "I lie to my parents and they are lying. Lily is no longer a living, she and her cousin ... Lu Xuyang, don't persuade me anymore, todayI just want to be quiet outside at night. Everywhere you can, can you accompany me? Except for you, I can't find someone who can understand and comfort me. You said that we are friends, my business is youWhat you do, you will do his best to help me ... "

" Yes, we are friends. I will put your affairs in my heart. Then ... now ... "Lu Xuyang wanted to say to himselfAt home, but the house was too narrow, so hot weather, how could he take Zheng Xiyi to squeeze there.

Zheng Xiyi didn't speak, as if waiting for those words to speak behind Lu Xuyang.

"Let's go to the hotel for one night. I remember that there is one, the environment is good, and the price is very affordable." Lu Xuyang knew that there was only a hundred dollars in his pocket.In the room, you ca n’t eat it a little more expensive, so you should choose cheap ones, just live comfortably as long as you live in.

"Well. Okay." Zheng Xiyi nodded without doubt, and now followed Lu Xuyang to walk straight towards the private small hotel he referred to.

However, when it was the counter to pay the house on the counter, Lu Xuyang was embarrassed. He forgot to bring his ID, and asked Zheng Xiyi next to him.Take the police station. "

" Are you still a minor? "Setting, talking with the aria, the sound is very powerful.

"No! We ... we are all over 18 years old!" Lu Xuyang quickly explained that he was afraid that the boss and mother would misunderstand that their relationship caused Zheng Xiyi's embarrassment.

"18 years old?" The boss looked at Zheng Xiyi up and down, and suddenly smiled "Hey" and said, "I guess you at most 19 years old! Okay, pay for, how many rooms do you want?"

"Ah!" Lu Xuyang was thundered by the other party, and he was busy with two fingers, "Two rooms, 14?"
"Just need one. "

Zheng Xiyi laughed and added.

(Where is the ticket? Tomorrow