Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Xingcheng International Airport.

Ye Feng and the flight attendant who knew the first class and said goodbye.

As for the agreement next time.

I can only answer in my heart: Gathering again.

After all, his unbelievable fiancee has already taken over at the terminal.

For this doll who is married.

Ye Feng has always been opposed.

If it wasn't for the old man, he wouldn't have a paper marriage to Xingcheng now.

It is the termination of the marriage contract.

This is the twenty -first century. It is serious that the blind marriage is a criminal thing.

Of course, Liu Qingyun is beautiful enough.

This marriage can still be considered.

As the king of the underground world, the genuine wife can be born low and has no power.

But the face value must be able to play.

Otherwise, when you say, where is the face of Wang Ye.

Besides, Ye Feng's face value is itself a first -class super handsome guy.

At first sight, I was fascinated by the unforgettable one.

Besides, his strength has reached the best in the world.

The title of "Ye Wang" did not break out of the flower fist embroidery.

It was fought in the battle of the blood of corpses.

Putting abroad is definitely a horror existence that can stop children's night crying.

The medical skills on his body have reached the point of being amazing.

Although he did not reach the life and death, the bone of meat is magical.

But as long as a person still holds a breath, he can save people.

This magical medical skills have always been the guest of the world's top forces and power characters.

Therefore, he has only one requirement for the genuine wife.


I hope Liu Qingyun can barely meet this requirement.

Otherwise, even if the old man goes down the mountain in person.

This marriage contract must also be invalidated.

There is no room for discussion.

At the exit.

Just watch the sexy girl wearing a professional OL suit holding a white card with her name.

I walked over with a smile.

Wang Chuxue kept looking at the passengers from the station.

As president Liu Qingyun's assistant and girlfriend.

She knows that the fiance of the president is receiving the president today.

She is curious!

What kind of youth talents make the Liu family so popular.

Regardless of the opposition of the family, he must also marry the most beautiful girl of the family.

She saw a handsome guy walking towards herself with a smile.

The height of one meter eighty -five is definitely the perfect ideal boyfriend height.

Sword eyebrow star eyes, deep and charming eyes, was deeply attracted at first sight, and was reluctant to move away.

The shapely and perfect arms muscle lines, perfect nine -headed body proportions.

The top models in the world, afraid it is not just such a figure!

Too handsome!

Wang Chuxue was shocked!

The president's fiance will not be this handsome guy!

The height value is full.

This is how to dress, too cheap!

Ordinary white T -shirts with casual pants, the price added, and the black silk on his own legs!

However, cautiously, she did not show her heart.

The granddaughter of the old lady Liu family.

Never be ordinary people.

How can ordinary people enter the old lady's eyes.

For Ye Feng, she dare not despise it!

When she looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng is also looking at her.

Visual insulation is 1.7 meters tall.

Exquisite and elegant makeup, with bright big eyes.

The figure is also uneven, with a lot of scores, and can score seven points.

Hmm ...

Kuchi's letter black silk, with a straight and slender leg shape ...

I know how to highlight the image advantages.

Add a point.

One point higher than the stewardess just now.

For women, Ye Feng never picky eaters.

As long as the face value exceeds seven points, the emotional affection must be deepened.

The subsequent development is naturally the water comes, and the trend is for the sake.

As for those women who do not love themselves.

It has always been respectful.

The woman in front of me can judge from qi and blood.

Is a good girl who is clean and good.

"Hello, I'm Ye Feng, did you come here together?"

Ye Feng reached out with a smile.

Many details show that the woman in front of her is not a fiancee Liu Qingyun.

"Mr. Ye, hello, I'm the assistant to President Liu, Wang Chuxue."

Wang Chuxue reached out, and then explained: "President Liu is hosting an important meeting, so arrange me to arrange meCome to pick up the plane. "

" There are rude places, please treat Mr. Ye more. "

" It's okay. "

Ye Feng retracted his hand and stared at the surroundings for a circle.Essence

Wang Chuxue hurriedly opened Mercedes -Benz's door and invited Ye Feng to get on the car.

Ye Feng sat into the boss of the back row.

This Mercedes -Benz's privacy is very good, and privacy glass is installed in the middle and back row.

Just press the switch lightly.

Not only can it sound soundproof, but also raises the water mist to prevent the front row from spying.

Now it is the state of water mist rising.

This is unusual.

It is just an ordinary pick -up, and the two did not meet before.

No need to open a private space!

And, listen to the sound of the front row, in addition to the driver, the co -pilot also sat alone.

To be precise, it is a woman.

The breathing of men and women is still slightly different.

That woman's identity is self -evident.

What can be interested in yourself and want to test.

Only a fiancee Liu Qingyun.

What is the purpose of doing this?

No matter what the purpose is.

This can only look at me and not let me see your approach.

It is uncomfortable to lose fairness.

Then accompany you to play.

Ye Feng's mouth showed a fun smile.

Wang Chuxue got on the car from the other side.

The vehicle starts steadily and starts.

"Mr. Ye, the president instructed me to take you to the hotel first. When she finished the meeting, she would come to meet you."

Wang Chuxue smiled.

She knew that the president was sitting in the co -driver.

The task of sitting in the back row is to explore the basic information of Ye Feng.

The most important thing is his attitude towards this marriage.

I can see that the president does not want to get married.

At least the president does not want to marry a strange man without emotional foundation.

"It's okay, I have a lot of time, it is not too late to meet again after she is busy."

Ye Feng turned and looked at Wang Chuxue, then softly said, "Chu Xue, your name isMy Mr. Ye looks too sparse. "

" Call me Ye Feng directly! "
" Of course, you can also call my maple intimately, and I have no opinion. "

Wang Chuxue didn't consciously froze.

This intimate name!

This is closer to the distance that can feel each other!

It is the teaser of red fruit!

Wang Chuxue's deep and charming look of Shang Ye Feng was defeated.

The cheeks bowed their heads ashamed and moved their bodies back.

"Chu Xue, follow his meaning, I see what he wants to do."

The cold sound hidden under the soft black silk Bluetooth headset.

Wang Chuxue knew that the president was angry.


In front of her, seduce her girlfriend and assistant.

This behavior is too shameless.

For such a

For such a scumbag, she also planned to help the president.

"Feng, I also want to call you in close name, but you will become someone else's husband right away, it is impossible between us."
Wang Chuxue said, stretched out his hand and reached out his hand, reached out his hand, reached out his hand, reached out his hand, reached out, and reached out his hand.Push Ye Feng away and grieved.

"I have been unwilling to believe in love at first sight."

Ye Feng's chest is close to Wang Chuxue, and the corner of his mouth outlines a charming smile.

The soft voice said: "I have never seen Liu Qingyun and I have seen it. She does n’t know if she looks like a circle. There is only a paper marriage contract between us. How can there be feelings?"
"Come to Xingcheng to perform a marriage contract, just to eat the soft rice of the Liu family."

"But you can rest assured, if you are willing to be with me, I use her money to raise you."

The words have just fallen.

A Mercedes -Benz car has a sudden sudden brake.

Everyone in the car lost the center of gravity and hit it fiercely.