di 3 2 zhang wo sha de

These six people attacked him with fatal swordsmanship, or from six directions, which is definitely no doubt.

"Is it because of my origin, do you have to kill me?" Zhuo Yu said coldly, holding his fists tightly, and he couldn't help shaking, he was angry!

In his opinion, if you just want to snatch that brand, you don't need to be so hateful at all.However, because he was born in his fame, he did not take his life at all, and he could kill arbitrarily!

When Zhuo Yu left Snake Village, he vowed not to let his life be threatened, and all those who trampled his life were killed!

The six -handed sharp sword was pierced into Zhuo Yu at the same time, piercing into his heart, lungs, kidneys, throats, and Dantian.

But Zhuo Yu did not die, and even blood flowed out. His eyes flashed with sharp murderous intentions, staring at Ling Yun.

Ling Yun stayed, and the other five famous children were stunned. They did not expect that a person was stood in several key points at the same time and could still stand alive!This exceeded the scope of their cognition, and an inexplicable fear suddenly rose from their hearts!

"You have to die!" Zhuo Yu shouted lowly and coldly, and an invisible killing intention spread.

At this time, the things that made Ling Yun's panic again happened. The swords that originally pierced Zhuo Yu's body disappeared instantly!

"Let's die!"

With the cold voice of Zhuo Yu, the sword -cut sword -cut instantaneous brake runs through Ling Yun's throat!

The sword is puzzled, the blood spray, the fog -like blood beads splash, the blood mist is filled with everyone, impacting everyone's heart ...

Ling Yun died, his eyesFull of puzzlement, unwillingness, unbelief, fear, he didn't know why Zhuo Yu was not killed when he died!Instead, I was killed by myself!

Zhuo Yu twisted his body, sweeping the five dumb -Hubei teenagers coldly.

I came into contact with Zhuo Yu's anger and flushed eyes. They couldn't help shaking, their backs were cold, their faces were full of fear. They were all famous children from Dajin. Ling Yun was their.Head, but now Ling Yun was killed by a sword. What was scared in his heart was that Zhuo Yu was obviously pierced by six swords, but he did not die, and their sharp swords disappeared inexplicably!

Zhuo Yu's body gradually shadowed, becoming translucent, only the blood -stained sword or physical state!

In a blink of an eye, Zhuo Yu's body flashed in front of a teenager like a ghost, and the teenager's throat immediately had a blood hole!

Pulling the sword, another bloody mist fluttering!

"You ... you ... are not humans." A young man not far away shouted tremblingly. As soon as this was finished, Zhuo Yu had come to him, and he widened his eyes.Even more frightened, at this time he only felt the death approaching ruthlessly.

This is the fear before death!Crazy collapse!This is also Zhuo Yu's most hate!

A sword through throat!Zhuo Yu killed a distinguished child of his identity again. Since he killed Ling Yun, he didn't plan to close it!The person who wanted him just now can't escape!

The other three teenagers reacted. They knew that if they did not escape, they would be killed by the monster in front of them!

Watching the three teenagers hurriedly fled, Zhuo Yu sneered, controlled his body with his heart, and flew towards them ...

A few blinks, the three of them, these threeOriginally high, the promising and influential children had a blood hole on the throat!When they died, like those who were murdered by them, they felt the fear of death and the kind of unwilling mood before they died!

There is a strong bloody smell in the cool forest. There are six dead -name children lying on the ground. They are high in the old master when they are born, but after they die, they are the same as others. They are the same as others.It is a cold body.

Eighteen brands, Zhuo Yu can definitely enter Jingwu Court!

To kill these six people, Zhuo Yu also realized that he would be very troublesome in the future. He took a deep breath and calmed down in his heart.go.He didn't have half a panic in his heart. He was not afraid of the six people's family to take revenge on him!

If he was not with shadowing magical powers, it launched shadowing at a critical moment, then he would be lying here, and he might die worse.

This died in the forest six people, and it was absolutely impossible to conceal, but the teachings of Jingwu Academy said before the assessment that there was a life in this place., Never care about the fine martial arts home.

Not to mention these arrogant famous brothers do not think they will die at all. They have the most expensive weapon, the best healing elixir, and some good martial arts and good strength. TheyI believe that only others are killed!

It is safe to enter Jingwuyuan. Zhuo Yu got enough money from the six people to pay the tuition fee. At this time, he was lying on a dense tree to rest and rest.Essence

He knows that the characters who were killed just now are all children of the Dajin Dynasty.

But Zhuo Yu was surprisingly calm at this time. He didn't put the things just now. He just thought about the plan to enter Jingwuyuan in the future.

"First of all, go to find some books to take a look, understand the situation of the Qiankunzhu, get the warm jade, and then learn some powerful martial arts, and then find the way to improve the strength quickly, let the way to improve your strength, so that let itI'm promoted to the congenital Wujing to Dong Yizhen.Big help, I do n’t know when to let the sword come out.

He has been out for more than a year, but he has never heard of any magic door, so he still can't understand what the magic door is.

The bell sounded "<, 咚, 咚," the third round of assessment was also over, and Zhuo Yu had rest for more than a time on the tree. The easiest person in the assessment was him.

Zhongsheng remembered that Zhuo Yu slowly wrapped a piece of cloth to write the sign, slowly walked out of the forest, and came to the square of Jingwuyuan.A large number of people, he came back in the end. What surprised him was that there were six corpses on the ground. This was Ling Yun who was killed by him.

The people in the square are very ugly, because the background of the six people who died were very deep, and they participated in the assessment. These people died, and they were inevitably suspected.

Zhuo Yu also seems to realize the seriousness of the matter, because he has seen a white -haired old man who is checking the six corpses. The old man feels very dangerous and is very powerful.figure!

Because Zhuo Yu is a blacksmith, he is naturally ignored, and no one will doubt that a blacksmith can kill these six young people.

"They were all killed by a sword through a sword. The sword method was very common, but it was very direct.It was pierced by a sword without a sword. One more thing, they seemed to be afraid before they died. "The old man frowned and said.

"Everyone is in Qi, these six people are killed? Rest assured, we won't investigate, after all, the sword is not eye -catching." The old teacher said, then see the eyes of those like a falcon.Looking at everyone.

"I killed it!" Zhuo Yu said lightly, he didn't look like killing a few people with a significant identity at all, but killed a few grass chickens.

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was silent, and everyone's eyes were condensed on him, full of suspicion and shock.