Chapter 279

"It's still big." Junyang Longyue said with a smile at Yang Xue, who looked at his face."It is much bigger than you think."

"It is still big ..." Yang Xue was shocked to hearing him so much."How old is she?"

The Yang Yangyue glanced at Xu Jing and the incredible Lin Miaoyue with a slightly frowning face.Then he laughed at the three beauties and said, "Sixty -one."

"Ah ..." As he expected that the three beauties were shocked by his words again.Just staring at him with his mouth stunned.It seems to be settled.But he laughed.Seems to enjoy this feeling.

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You bastard." Yang Xue shouted loudly at Jiyang Longyue suddenly.Please get more and faster."You dare to play us."

Xu Jing frowned.The color of the water is fast.Only Lin Miaoyue looked at the whole Yanglong Yue.

"I really didn't lie to you. She is really sixty -one years old." He said helplessly."I didn't believe it at the beginning. But the question is that she is indeed sixty -one years old. What can you tell me? Could it be that you also told me to return to her back to her mother's belly. Forty years can't be done. "

" You're sure you are true. "Xu Jing frowned slightly.Watching him ask.

"I'm certainly sure." The comprehensive Yangyue was very innocent.

"Did not lie to us." Xu Jing asked in doubt.

"I didn't lie to you." And Puyang Longyue still answered very well.

"You swear." Xu Jing was still staring at him and still disliked.

"I swear." Sanyang Longyue said unambiguously.

"Huh ... this is too outrageous." Xu Jingchang vomited a sigh of breath."How can a woman who is more than sixty looks like a twenty -year -old?"

"People are in the face of the face." He said nothing about the shrugged shrugged.

"Yeah. This is simply incredible." At this time, Yang Xue calmly said."It's better than that Liu Xiaoqing."

"She has been sixty -one. How can she be your girlfriend?" Lin Miao, who didn't speak for a while, also said at this time."Will her child agree with you?"

"Yes." Xu Jing and Yang Xue suddenly realized that this problem turned around and stared at Jiyang Longyue. Asked together."She's sixty -one. Do she have no family?"
"If she really has children. Then her child is much larger than us." Yang Xue watched Xu Jing continued to say.

"That's it. This is too ridiculous. Her age is larger than my parents." Xu Jing also said.But then his face said again."But if you are talking about the true words. And she is really the principal of the Natasha Security Technology School. Update the first time, then we really can't take her."

"Hehe. "Heyang Longyue felt very comfortable to watch them three, you couldn't help but laugh twice."Actually, these concerns of you are superfluous. I tell you. Natasha she has not had no children. She also had no marriage. And. Hehe. And she was a vinegar woman before she was with me."

"Vinegar girl ..." The three women were shocked again.And it can be seen that the shocking strength is the biggest.Don't say them.It was anyone who heard that a beautiful woman looks like a vinegar woman when she is more than sixty -one years old.Because in modern times, a society that is relatively openly pays attention to individual freedom.Update the first time not to say such a beauty.It is that a nun may not be able to keep her body like jade in sixty -one years.

"I didn't expect it." Xu Jing sighed.

"It's too incredible." Yang Xue sighed.

"It is also incredible." Lin Miaoyue also sighed.

"That's how the facts are." Sanyang Longyue said proudly.

"Do you get any information from her?" Yang Xue, a agent from a criminal policeman, suddenly looked up at him and asked.

"Um." The integrated Yangyue nodded solemnly."Indeed a lot of information. Please get more and faster. Please have a very complicated relationship with Shenlong Club. But I still have to explain it. She is my woman now. And it is always. For my woman. I don't allow anyone. It also includes any institution and country to hurt her. "

Yang Xue sighed helplessly after hearing it.Although he disagreed with him.But she also knows how she disagrees is useless.Because she knows him.Lin Miaoyue and Xu Jing are much more calm.Because they are different from Yang Xue after all.Not a agent.Therefore, it has no impact on whether Natasha is subject to legal sanctions on them.The top of her is that her influence on the total influence on Yangyang Yue will indirectly affect them.

"Natasha and Shenlong Club." Lin Miaoyue asked slightly.Update as soon as possible

"Um." Heyang Longyue nodded and said."In fact, the main institution of Natasha Group is the Natasha security training school that Xu Jing has been waiting. In a strict sense, this school is from the Shenlong Society."

"What do you say." Xu Jingwen couldn't help but ate."You said that Natasha Security School belongs to Shenlong Club. Why do I not know this as a student of Natasha School. And I haven't even heard of the name of Shenlong Club."

"Don't worry. Listen to me slowly." Junyang Longyue looked at her and said with a smile."In fact, the main purpose of the Natasha Security School is to train talents for Shenlong Society. But not all students can eventually enter the Shenlong Society. Instead, choose the good talents in all students to enter the senior class. Then choose to choose from. Part of it enters the Shenlong Society. For example, Zheng Huaizhu is. "

I heard him say that Xu Jing's heart is a bit uncomfortable.Although she may be rare to enter the senior class.However, it is not the same as being selected to be selected as a senior class.This is the school's affirmation and negation of a person.Obviously she is negating.Although she has always thought that she is excellent.

The comprehensive Yang Longyue saw her expression change.Naturally, she guessed her thoughts.He glanced at her.After thinking about it, they said, "The standard they choose is not to choose according to the quality of the kung fu. It is necessary to think about it in the first time. Because they will be trained as a killer in the end. Especially the selected into the Shenlong Dragon Social students. So they are more kind for their hearts. They will not be selected even if they work hard at home. "

Xu Jing's heart is a bit more comfortable.Although he knew it might not be the case at all.This is just some of the rhetoric that compose her Yang Yue to comfort her.But this heart is a lot more comfortable.That's how people sometimes need to just make themselves feel comfortable but do not have to be real.

"Everyone who says you say is trained as a killer." Yang Xue frowned slightly."The person who has not been selected to enter the Shenlong Club. More and faster, please come. How they are placed. It will not be allowed to go out to be a free killer or enter other killer organizations." < br>
"No. They are not stupid enough to train their enemies for themselves." He said with a smile."There are not many people who can enter the senior class. Those who can not enter the Shenlong Club have all come to the city of Natasha Group. A clear face is trade but actually a killer group Natasha Group. "

" The strength of Shenlong Society is really powerful now. "Lin Miaoyue frowned and seemed to be distressed."Actually, they will have a killer group."

"No." Sanyang Longyue said with a smile again."This killer group. It is not affiliated with Shenlong Society. Instead, it belongs to Natasha's individual."

"Is there any difference?" Yang Xue frowned."Even Natasha is a person in the Shenlong Society. Then her Natasha Group naturally belongs to the Shenlong Society."

"No." Said Yang Yangyue said with a smile."Natasha does not belong to the Shenlong Society. She is just to repay Lin Yuquan who has saved her life to train them for their talents."

"Lin Yuquan has saved Nata Sha. "Lin Miaoyue asked slightly.

"Yes." He Yanglong nodded and said.And how to rescue Natasha's life and how to be rescued by Li Yuquan.I said with Li Yuquan's love for her.He heard a few people amazed.

"I really didn't expect that there were so many stories in it." Xu Jing couldn't help but sigh after finishing the whole Yangyue.

"Yeah." The integrated Yangyue also sighed."And now Li Yuquan will come to the city and Natasha once every year. I said to hear Natasha reporting. Actually, I still do not die for her."

"You said that Li Yuquan will meet Come to the city. "Yang Xue said suddenly."Then he will come this year."

"Yes." Junyang Longyue smiled and said."Yes. And just a few days. Natasha came to the city to see Li Yuquan this time. But it seemed like something happened to Shenlong Society. So I have never come."

Yang Xue and Lin Miaoyue glanced at each other.They naturally understand what happened.It should be thought that it is naturally because the Qinglong Society was brought away by the Qinglong Society.Just let them not understand.I didn't hear any moves they had.If they are because they are afraid of the police.So what is he preparing now.This made them feel that Shenlong Society might have a big move.

"When will he come?" Xu Jing couldn't help but frowned and looked at the whole Yanglong Yue."What do you have to plan?"

"Hehe." Heyang Longyue smiled twice.But in the eyes, a touch of murderousness was shot."When did he come now, I don't know it for the time being. But if he is here. I must have a few tricks with him."

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