Chapter 3 Everyone negotiates the list of Gods

After talking about Lin Hua's proven last time, I told the disciples about the robbery. Although it was vague, it also made some requirements for his disciples.Then Zixiao Palace had a boy to invite, saying that there was something to do with the ancestors, so everyone arrived at the Zixiao Palace. It was also surprising that everyone saw Lin Huazai, but what Hong Jun said was even more surprised.The saints are within the robbery.After that, Hong Jun asked everyone to sign the list of Gods, and disappeared.

The rest are you look at me, I look at you, but they do n’t speak. Qingyun looked at everyone, so he handed the Feng Shenbang to Lao Tzu, saying: “The saint is the saint is the sage.Disciples of Zixiao Palace, as a master as a master. "

Lao Tzu took the Fengshenbang with a anger look at Qingyun, thinking that I was the position of your emperor that year, how to make this thing today,It's in my hands, but what can I do if I think about it?As a brother, why do you have to start with this thing, so he said, "There is a disciple under my door, staying in the Eight Scenery Palace all day, but you should not be on the list."Yuanshi Tianzun.

Lin Hua suddenly said: "Lao Jun's words are bad, just now the ancestors have words, all the saints are within the number of robberies, but your disciples have great merits? Is it blessing?The deep people still have to go to know it. "

Lao Jun was angry when he heard his face, and he was such a disciple, and would he have to send it to heaven to suffer?So suddenly a person who touched Lao Tzu in his body suddenly popped up, but Xiu was only in the middle of Tianxian. He said: "I only have one disciple. Today, I will come to the list from him."After speaking, I flew towards the heavenly court.

Everyone did not know what to say at a glance, so Taishang Laojun handed over the god list to Yuan Shizun.It is a deep generation of Fuze, but it is not properly on the list. "After speaking, he also gave the god list to Tongtian.

Tongtian closed his eyes without receiving his eyes. Qingyun looked at Yuan Shizun over there, thinking that I owe Lao Tzu for the cause and effect, but I didn't owe you. At that time, I asked Guang ChengziWhat is the profound people from Fuzawa refers to Taiyi real people? Or is it a lamp? Or is Guang Chengzi? "Yuan Shizun was asked about Mumu, his face turned red, and then said:"Some demon clan has a lack of roots, and there are many disciples under the tutoring door. In contrast, we have a deep blessing and good roots.Looking at Yuan Shi, he said angrily: "Let you sign the list, what do you say that my disciples are doing? The disciples under your door kill the robbery, causing everyone to suffer.I dare to say that the blessing is deep under the teaching door. Even the teacher of the personal emperor wants me to intercept the teaching door to help you compete. After earning your hand, you can't teach it.BR>
Yuan Shizun was helpless, so he had to sign some unrelated names, and handed it to Tongtian with resentment. Tongtian looked at the Fengshen list signed by Yuan Chi, and smiled slightly, so he picked up the pen and signed it on the Fengshen List.Dozens of dozens of usual virtue and the names of those who have humiliated teachings are handed over to the post -soil. The back soil looked at the Sea God List.. "So the Fengshenbang was handed over to the son -in -law.

The son -in -law looked at the Fengshen List in his hands, saying: "There is only one person under my door, and the Lich War has been separated, but this god list has nothing to do with me." So he handed it over the Fengshen List to the God List toReceive.

I was promoted to look at the god list in front of me, and said slowly: "My Western disciples are staying in the bliss world.>
"Don't go out of the Bliss World? Who is the Emperor Qingmu Great? Isn't it a Westerner who has a bear tribe to accept apprentices in that year? Now you can't say the bliss world, if you don't stick to the cause and effect, if you are youNow I dare to say that you are not settling in the east from today, you don't need to sign this god list. "Lin Hua squinted his eyes and looked at the lead in front of him.

I will take a look at each other and see each other. This will never be on the East. If this is not the East, what should I do?What do you do in your own Taoism, so he mentioned: "Daoyou is bad. Although the people in the West are in the West, the floods are not distinguished, and even if the Western door is out of the West, it will not kill the killing.The incident is not like some people, but it will only launch a war. It is the living spirit. "

Tongtian said:" The creature is coated with charcoal? Why didn't you see it, do you mean Chi You?, Have great causes, cause and effect, but do you not see Chi You's proved to the Destiny? Do you think of those all kinds of karma? I have heard that you have a dream in the West.Friends, are you sure you are not being practicing now? "

准:" What does it mean to say this? What does this have to do with my Western dream? "

The back soilBut he smiled: "I still want to come to my East to preach, and I don't want to sign the God List. Isn't this dreaming? Or quasi -Taoist friend, are you really practicing?Still take good care of your younger brother, don't let him enter the demon. "After speaking, he took a look and sighed.

Although the two people are angry, they have nowhere to vent. They had to sign two unrelated names on the Fengshen List, and then handed them to Lin Hua. Lin Hua looked at the Fengshen List.Slowly: "We only have three disciples under us. The big disciple Yun Xiao was the emperor Ziwei of the heavenly court.No need to be on the list again. "So he handed the Feng Shenbang to Li Jing.

Li Jing looked at Qingyun and smiled, saying: "Both disciples under my door and his wife and son -in -law can block the God list.Give it to Qingyun again.

This remark was a large number of Thunder. The master of the sage is really extraordinary. Others are reluctant to the disciples on the list. This is good.How to list the list, Dao Zu Ming's price of priced the saints seal the god list, what else do you do?So everyone had no choice but to give up.

Qingyun looked at the saints, saying: "365 positive gods on the list of Gods, less than fifty now. As for the rest of this, everyone to see what to do.. "

I look at everyone, one by one, and they are reluctant to be reluctant to their disciples. There is no way to teach for tens of thousands of years, just like their children, who is willing to let them accept the slavery of others?But this god list could not be dragged down, so he got up and said, "Everyone, except for the existing people on the list, how do we use the other means?Is it good?

Lin Hua looked at Taishang Laojun and said with a smile: "How do people on the list on the list? The physical body is on the list? Or the Yuanshen is locked after death?But it is not necessarily as simple as it is on the list, and even if you teach your disciples, you still recite Huang Ting. Otherwise, it will be the cause and effect when you fall into the red dust.But said: "Each of each chance is also fair, and the poverty is recognized."

The quotation of the quote also echoed: "Too the sage is very good, but I wait."

Lin Hua saw that everyone else agreed, so he said:" Since there is no opinion in the public, I have no opinion, and then they will be based on them. "Call for good.

Then Qingyun worshiped in the cloud bed, and then Tao Zu Hongjun slowly appeared in everyone's sight., Opportunity, decide not to sign the list for the time being. At that time, the person of the body is the person on the list. "

Hong Jun looked at Qingyun and looked at the saints."Okay? "

Everyone replied:" Yes, I have decided to take advantage of the opportunity. "

" In this case, just wait for it, wait for the big robbery, wait for the rush,Divide it again. "Hong Jun disappeared on the cloud bed after speaking.

Everyone greeted them one after another, and Lin Hua returned to Jin'ao Island Biyou Palace together with Tongtian.After a while, the Palace Palace was full of people. Everyone looked at the two teachers and fell down: "I have waited for two teachers, the teacher has no sanctuary."

Tongtian looked at the interception teachingThe disciples said, "Today, the ancestors of Zixiao Palace are settled in the god list. Under the saints above the floods, they are all in the calamity.That is, for the teacher, you can't keep you. "

When the disciples listen to, the saints are all within the robbery. Is this too wide?What is the god list?So the Virgin did not get up and worshiped: "Teacher, but Zhou Tian Zhengzheng?" Tongtian also knew it when he heard it, and was slightly curious, so he said what the ancestors of the Zixiao Palace said, how did everyone signed the seal of the god list in one direction?The disciples came, and the interceptors were shocked after listening.

Lin Hua looked at the disciples under his eyes and said, "It's terrible to see how we go to the robber. Today I want to tell me a very important thing to teach my disciples.This is also an attitude. My Lin Hua has given everyone the first lesson since the self -study. "Everyone listened to Lin Hua as quiet and looked at Lin Hua.

Lin Hua continued: "In the future, the big robbery is coming. You can't avoid it. Only actively deal with it. You must know that people sit at home.The big robbery has nothing to do with you. And, if I intercepted my disciples, I must be united. If I know that someone is killing the person who is killed by outsiders, this seat is to chase the Zixiao Palace.Yang ash. "

After speaking, look at the expressions of the middle son, and then add another sentence," I don’t want to see the mistakes of someone who committed the dispute between the last time, and this time it is not the case.What kind of scruples, as long as it is opposed, then kill it all. But don't destroy all the gods.

Tongtian Dao: "All disciples are scattered. If you don't know what you don't know, come to Jin'ao Island to find me. Or go to Puzhou Island." As soon as the disciples heard it, they all dispersed and returned.Dongfu.