Chapter 5 Thousand Magic VSSABER


Shi Lang and YuanbanIt was facing in front of the coffee table. Saber was staring at Qian Shi, putting his hands on an irresistible weapon, and making counterattack preparations at any time, while Qian Mi looked at the structure of the Wei Gong family boring.

"What is going on? Yuan Ban classmates?" Shi Lang curiously asked the headache.

"Ah ~ Shiro" said slowly, "Do you not know about the five major element control methods and the magic of junior entry? Are you an ordinary person?"

Know some of the enhanced magic and the like! "Shiro said a little bit.

"Nothing!" The whole person lay on the coffee table and said depressedly, "Why can people like you summon Saber?"I can't figure out my own position? "

" Standage? "

" That is to say, you have been involved in a game, oh ~ Student Shiro, this is you to do it, you do you do it, you do you do it, you do you do it, you do you do it, you do you do it, you do you do it, you do you do it.What a snack ~ It's so delicious "Sitting on the side of eating snacks suddenly explained.

"Um ~ it's what I did"

" The Holy Grail War ... kill each other? "Shiro looked at 凛 unbelievable.

"Well ~ Shi Lang, you are selected as a master, there should be a mantra in a certain hand ~" Qian Shi eats light snacks, and said elegantly, "that is the masterA proof ~ "

" What about this ... "Shi Lang looked at the order of his hand and heard that he continued," Seven masters will be selected every decades, and each master has himself.Servant, killing around the Holy Grail, I am also the only one in this issue, and the one who eats there is my service. "If you are there, Servant will follow the instructions, ordering the curse to have absolute order rights. Even if Servant is unwilling, you must obey the order, because the curse will be used once. "

" "What are these in the endOne thing !! "Shiro asked at a loss.

I did n’t take Li Shiro, but walked to Saber, and carefully looked at Saber slowly, "You seem to be not in the state."

" Um "Saber put away the police mode," Shilang did not provide me with the magic of the entity, but if you return to the spirit state, it is difficult to recover. "

" ""Alas ~ "I sighed depressed," If I were your master, these two situations are obviously simple. "

" Hey ~~ Master ~ "Thousands of fantasy looked at the depressed.Alas, "Am I disappointed you?"

"No ~~ It's just a little uncomfortable, please don't care!"
"I am not suitable for this?" Shi Lang slightlyI understand what I said.

"Of course ~ nerd!" He looked at Shiro, who was confused, "It's time to set off"

"Where to go?"

"The location of the people who supervise this war" said, "Archer, let's go!"

"Master ~ I won't go, I have to talk with Saber well!"Qian Mi leaned on the wall and rejected his request.

"No, I want to protect me!" Saber refused, "Besides, I don't know whether you are enemies or friends"
"Eh ~ Yes ~"Get up, ignore Saber's blue face at all in Saber's ear, gently spit out a voice that only Saber can hear, "My King Arthur! Don't you want to talk about it?"

"You youWho is it!? "Saber shocked Qian Mi, and his hands were pointed at Qian Mi.

"If you don't talk about it, you know who I am!" Qian Xi ignored his uninvoraged sword at all, and said to "Master ~ Saber's Master can ask you!"

"Cut ~ Really, let's go to Shilang!" He looked at the lazy face, so he said to Shiro.

"Hey! Wait for the distant classmates ..."Shiro quickly chased and left straight.

"So who should you say now! Archer !!" After seeing both of them left, Saber looked seriously at the magic of playing chopsticks. "I should have never seen you.Bar! Think of your excellent face that makes people unforgettable, how do you know me? "

" You have never seen me! "Qian Xi looked at the serious saber, suddenlyWith a smile, "Don't worry, I won't leak your identity! I just didn't expect the legendary King Arthur to be such a petite woman!"

"Please don't kidding my gender, Archer!! "Saber tightly tightened the inconsistent sword," What are the purpose of you? "

" First introduce myself, my name is Thousand Fantasy Tenstrisa, you can call me meThousands of magic "Thousands of magic said slowly," How do I know your identity ... secret !! "

" So, I will challenge you in the name of the King of Britain!"Saber fiercely performed a knight ceremony, and then prepared for attack.

"Are you challenged?" Qian Shi smiled casually, "Alright, I'll play with you!"We do n’t need to use treasure, I ’m free to bully you.

“ I ’m not so weak that I have been in a state of oppression!” Saber followed the thousand fantasies to walk outside, watching the thousands of fantasies from the distance,Slowly lift up the unsightly sword, and said seriously, "Are you! Are you ready ... Archer!"

Back to Saber's thousands of fantasies slowly lifted the right hand, the amethyst bracelet on the wrist, the amethyst bracelet on the wrist,It emits the purple light under the light of the moonlight, "Saber! Then you have to pick it up!" The bracelet flickered, and there were two more long knives in the hands of thousands of fantasy.Look at Saber's posture, "The second form, the moon blade!"
"Are you looking down on me! Archer!" Saber clenched the sword in his hand and said, "That's it.Let me teach you a rude person. "After speaking, I raised Excalibur to cut into thousands of fantasies, but was blocked by the two moon blades in the hands of Qian Mi.

"How is it possible!" Saber looked at the blocked Excalibur.Easily block Excalibur?)

"Do you want to say why my moon blade can block your Excalibur?"Attributes, "Although the moon blade is only B+, the treasure attribute it is given is never worn!"

"It turns out!" Saber nodded, sat in a good battle posture, and looked at it with agreed to look at it.Thousands of fantasy, "I didn't sneak at me when I was surprised, Archer, you are a real knight." After saying a sword, he wielded his sword and killed thousands of illusions, "Then please continue"

"As you wishMy King Arthur! "Thousands of magic disappeared in place immediately, appeared behind Saber, and double -knife was behind him.Sliding and drawing a cross in the air, Saber's eased in the intersection of the double -knife with the super fighting intuition, and the great power shook Saber to retreat by several meters.

Saber held his hands with his hands, and looked at Qian Mi in surprise.The right foot was withdrawn, the left hand sank, the double -knife was connected to the crescent type, and the Saber who looked at the battle to fight again and said, "I'm coming, King Arthur!"
"! "

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