Chapter 083 【镯 Bracelet】

Chapter 083 [镯 Bracelet]


The Demonstration Office sent the beard with hard and hard to pull out the nail households.On the ground, he suffered two feet on his body, and Lu Xuyang's mouth was spit on his face, curled up there for a long time without any movement.

For a long time, the beard moved slightly. He opened his eyes and felt that his bones were scattered like a frame. The corners of his mouth twisted, and his eyes did not dare to shake on Lu Xuyang and his family.

For a while, the beard really didn't dare to hum out loudly, for fear that Lu Xuyang would once again rush to say a fist.

"That person is definitely a lunatic! He has a lunatics with a tendency to violence!"

He hates itching in his heart, but a good man does not eat in front of him. At this timeJing, there is no helplessness to Lu Xuyang.

"Captain Feng, are you ... are you okay?" Director Wang was dumbfounded.Then your own responsibility is great!

Director Wang trembled and asked, he wanted to step forward to help up with Feng Dahu, but was stretched out by Lu Xuyang to block it: "Who dares to help him today, I told him to follow my house from my houseGoing out inside! "

He was angry, his red face became more and more ugly, and he could not force it. With a anger, Director Wang dared to move!

The young man who had just tone was very arrogant, and there was no noise at now, and his expression stood in a panic look.

"Lao Lu, see ... say something well. Don't do it ... otherwise it is not easy to pack up, this matter ..." Director Wang smiled bitterly.Helplessly turned his head to "ask for help" to Lu Lifeng. He said that your son was fierce for a while, but people were very good.In the end, it will only be your home.

Lu Lifeng is honest, not a troubled person, and does not want something bad, so he stood up.He said a few words to Lu Xuyang and said that letting them go. This is just the case. The old man did not nod. Our family would not sign on the relocation contract.

Lu Mu also attached to her husband's words, and came over to pull Lalu Xuyang. He whispered to him not impulsive. If he hurt people, it would cause trouble. After all, it was not good.

Listening to my parents' words.Lu Xuyang stopped.Let the road of Director Wang.Any Harba dog walked over and lifted the half -dead Captain Feng.

After the three people ran out of the door of the Lu family, Lu Xuyang sat at the table, and his expression gradually recovered.Said: "Dad, mom. You don't need to worry, they are like dogs, it chases to bite you, you can only smash it with a fierce look at it, and it will be obedient. I will be able to send a good attitude next time.People.

The old man nodded, smiled, but did not speak, his opinion was consistent with Lu Xuyang.

"But ... your child, you do n’t know who you learn, fight people, and start so heavy ..." Lu Mu was still a little uneasy, afraid that the other party would be hit by this mealThe psychology of revenge, after all, they are officials. They are rich and powerful.

"Mom, I can't watch you be bullied? You put it for 120 hearts. I will get it!I really don't dismantle it, see what they can do! "Lu Xuyang gritted his teeth, said loudly, and he swear!

"Okay. Old Fang, go to cook rice and cook, Xiao Xu hasn't eaten yet. You, you, the boldness is small.Lao Tzu was not afraid of it! "Li Lifeng raised his hand towards his wife and told her to cook for her son.

Mother Lu promised, and didn't talk about it anymore.

After the mother went to the kitchen, Lu Xuyang relieved, and then asked his father and Zhou Bangcai's car repair shop.

"The ground was one, but the rent was a bit expensive." Lu Lifeng frowned slightly, and seemed to have a sorrow.

Lu Xuyang immediately said: "As long as it is appropriate. Dad, there is a business in this world, but there is no good thing for money. It is essential to invest in making money.Money is not a problem. I will call you 200,000 tomorrow. "

" Ah? So much? Xiaoxu, don't spend too much money. In fact, we can get a shop casually. "Lu Lifeng doesn't want to lose too much about Lu Xuyang's investment. You are young people. You have a little money yourself.

"Can't be casual. It is the best to open if you want to open, so that the most attractive, and the business is booming." Lu Xuyang couldn't help but say that when he said, others walked back to his room.

In the morning, I used the "Yin and Yang Two Mirror" to use a remnant martial arts novel to wash out "Yin Yang Boxing".After the opportunity, Lu Xuyang took off the schoolbag and took out the yin and yang mirror. What should I wash?

He pulled a bracelet from his "treasure box" from a small gadget since he was a child. He suddenly remembered that it seemed like a birthday gift from a little female companion to himself, but for a moment, but for a momentI can't figure out who it is.

"I collect this girl, I don't have much usefulness. Practice, what will happen to see."

Lu Xuyang raised the yin and yang mirror and refined the bracelet to refine the bracelet.When it comes to, the effect is very surprising:

"A ravioli Lantian jade bracelet has disappeared ... Congratulations, you can get a pair of light -light bracelets. Red light bracelets can be traded to the transaction to the red light bracelet to trade to the transaction to the red light bracelet.The opposite sex has the effect of heart -shaped seals. With the skill of passing the skills, meditation of the other party's name, and transmitting it to the target instantly, the cooling time is 24 hours ... "

A very ordinary bracelet is upgraded to two after upgradingThe change of a pair of shining and delicate bracelets, each exuding blue and green light, the exquisite shape is still the second. The most interesting thing is the implicit attribute.Give this red light bracelet to the girl you like, which can produce a magical effect that appears next to her!

Think again and again, Lu Xuyang felt that this bracelet had to be given to Wu Wanfang, because Zheng Xiyi's neck had a "pendant of the heart

Lu Xuyang made a decision, so he raised the pair of jade bracelets.

Unfortunately, when Lu Xuyang began to refine for the third time, the system said that it failed, and today he could not upgrade the items. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, there is still time in the future.

After doing a while in the room, Lu Xuyang suddenly felt hungry. At noon, he ate the pasta with Wu Wanfang at their school.

So, Lu Xuyang opened the door and tied it out. He hadn't walked to the door of the kitchen. At this time, he just heard the voice of his mother saying hello to people: "Xiao Fang, your sister is fine now, right?? "

" Okay. Thank you for your concern. "

It is not Wu Wanfang's crisp and moving voice outside the door.Step out of the door.

Mother Lu is busy cooking.

"Xiaoxu, are you hungry? Just wait. The soy sauce is used up, I will get the new bottle." Lu Mu said with a smile and said to Lu Xuyang, walking into the room.

Lu Xuyang just ran up the stairs at this gap and drilled into the small attic of Wu's sister.

"Ah!" Wu Wanfang was bent over and packed in the bed, and no one was prepared to "attack" from behind her. She screamed in fright and struggled madly.

Lu Xuyang was frightened by Wu Wanfang, and her right palm was bitten by her. He was afraid that the four houses of the neighborhood were shaking, so he hurriedly covered Wu Wanfang's mouth and said in her ear.: "It's me. Why are you so big?"

Wu Wanfang heard that it was Lu Xuyang's voice, and suddenly relieved: "Why are you sneaky? I really scared me just now."

"I want to give you a surprise. Is it okay? Isn't it really frightened?" Lu Xuyang pine opened his hand, sat next to the bed, and watched Wu Wanfang, who looked red with a smile.

"I was frightened. I am very timid, you can't do so in the future. As soon as you come up, don't say anything, just hug and kiss, I thought it was the color wolf outThe cave. "Wu Wanfang was angry, and his eyes suddenly fell on Lu Xuyang's right hand. His bowl mouth had two rows of obvious teeth marks, and he was bitten by himself.

"It hurts not pain? Sorry, I'm too hard."

Wu Wanfang hurriedly grabbed Lu Xuyang's hand, gently rubbed back and forth on the wound, and asked about it.Is it tied with gauze?

“不用了。没关系。你用力用得对,也不用跟我说对不起。你很厉害,我放心了,以后你要真是遇上了色狼,我也不怕什么了,呵呵,The injured will only invade you. "Lu Xuyang held Wu Wanfang's palm and said with a smile.

"You can still laugh at the loss." Wu Wanfang sat down with a smile, Ren Lu Xuyang stretched his arms and grabbed himself.

"I give you something like you. See you like it or not." Lu Xuyang said that he pulled out the pair of bracelets from his pocket.

"The bracelet is so beautiful, so vivid bracelet!" Wu Wanfang only felt a bright eyes and praised it sincerely.

"I gave you the red light. I gave it to you. This is only mine. We can be discarded anyway," Lu Xuyang said solemnly.

Wu Wanfang took the red bracelet and nodded without hesitation. She looked very happy.

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