5 6 0 wa liu zong de qiang jiao

"Don't fight, I eat your tofu."

So the MMs of the public pulled out the best food in their lunch boxes out of a pot, and brought it to Liu Ziguang in front of them.Watching him eating, he had to set up ordinary people, and he couldn't help but fled, but Brother Liu was Liu Ge, and he calmly affected the welfare of Yingying Yanyan.: "Well, why don't you eat?"

MMs said with a smile: "We lose weight, don't eat it."

"If you lose weight, why should you bring meals?"

"That ... how can I lose weight to lose weight without eating."
"Okay, you can wash the dishes, you will go to work in a while."Get out the rest of the office, but he went to Liu Ziguang to say secretly with his former God of God: "President Liu, I have a secret information, you must be interested."

Liu Ziguang said, "What is the best?How do I definitely be interested? "

Xiaojiang said:" Do you see these roses in our office? "

The yellow white of the pink is full of the roots of the wall. Liu Ziguang said, "Don't say that your president has done it, the entire company has become the ocean of flowers, is it a gift of the March 8th?"

BR> Xiaojiang said, "Oh, you are stupid, how can there be a company to buy flowers for employees and tell you that these flowers are sent by a mysterious person, and the roses are given directly to President Li.Transfer to us. "

Liu Ziguang sighed:" Buying so much flower is better to buy two boxes of apples. "

Xiaojiang waved his hand:" Oh, you are too slow, no, no, noTell you, don't you want to know who gave Li Li secretly? "

Liu Ziguang said:" Someone is pursuing President Li, this is a good thing, but what does it have to do with me? ">
Xiaojiang was broken, and said with both hands and said, "Huh, let you pretend, wait for President Li to be chased away by others, I think you are too late to cry."

Liu Ziguang laughed: "Xiaojiang, you, youThe news is quite spiritual. I think you are suitable for reporters. "

Xiaojiang smiled proudly:" You don't know, our most famous female reporter and female anchor Jiang Xueqing in Jiangbei City is my daughter of my uncle far away., She is also my idol. "

Liu Ziguang said," Yes, do it well, and strive to be a reporter.Xiaojiang blinked: "You really don't want to know who is pursuing President Li?"

"I know, this person is surnamed Yin." Liu Ziguang said.

Xiaojiang was surprised to Zhang Da's mouth: "How do you know? Everyone in our company is guessing whether that person is you. Only when I found the clues from President Yin's credit card bill that he knew it was his.. "

Liu Ziguang said:" The lice on the bald head are bright, and you still need to guess. "

Xiaojiang said," President Liu, you should pay attention, Mr. Yin is very strong. "

Liu Ziguang said with a smile: "Then my strength is bad?"

Xiaojiang said: "The girls in our president are all the fans of Liu, resolutely support you!"

"Okay, get back to work, President Li should also arrive. I'll go to her to talk about something."
"Well, I go, Mr. Liu, you want to cheer."Xiaojiang walked to the door and waved his fist again and said, "Chong, brave boy!" Then he ran away.


Liu Ziguang came to Li Yan's office and found that President Li was sitting behind the desk. When he saw him coming in, he blame: "How do you get out of a brain shock,He is the person in charge of the company's demolition. "

Liu Ziguang did not explain at all, saying," What's wrong with the incident of demolition funds, and why is the compensation not in place? "

Li Yan said," The actual situationAnd expected, there are problems in the company's financing, tight funds, and compensation installment payment is a resolution of the board of directors. "

Liu Ziguang said:" I originally said that I had a one -time payment, but now I change the hexagrams.Faced with the masses? And this is a matter of both parties, not the board of directors of Chengcheng Group can be unilaterally, have you consent to the demolition households before?What is the difference between development with Da Da? "

Li Yan's needle told:" The group's funds cannot be transferred, and even the salary cannot be paid. This is also helpless. I should give me a penny.Nothing will owe others! As for the relocation, you have heard of which demolition is solved peacefully. There are such a group of people in this world, which is difficult to be flat! But this is not the biggest difficulty.What confuses me is that as a member of the Chengcheng Group, who can help in the end? "

Li Yan is sitting behind the desk.Get up, it is no longer the gentle young woman who is familiar with Liu Ziguang, and has become a complete female strong woman and a female developer.

"Hum" Liu Ziguang sneered and said, "The group crisis is heavy, but President Li has leisure and subordinates to eat a romantic French meal?"

Extremely good, not on the spot, but looking at Liu Ziguang calmly, the ease of egential tone said: "I don't want to explain this matter, and there is no need to explain to you. Today, I am disappointed. I still have something.Don't delay your time. "

Liu Ziguang stood up and said," Okay, see President Li. "

Turning out, the little girl at the door of the door was probed on the brain, seeLiu Ziguang came out, one by one, if he was cold, he wanted to persuade but dare not persuade him. He could only watch Liu Ziguang leave.

When Liu Ziguang got off the elevator, the door of Li Yan's office was gently rang.Li Yan quickly wiped the tear marks on his face, and said as much as possible with the same tone as much as possible: "Please enter."

The deputy president of the group, Yin Zhijian, chief commander of the Linjiang CBD project, has always been well -dressed well的他在办公场合只穿白色的衬衣,一件熨烫的极为挺括的法式反折袖口的纯棉衬衣,配上造型朴素大方的纯银袖扣,加上笔挺合体的黑色毛料西裤,衬托People are more elegant.

Yin Zhijian hurried, the printed group merged the financial statements, and said, "President Li, the statement is ready, you can see it, I feel that I can fax to President Dai."

Li Yan took the report and looked at it, praised: "These data are modified very well, it is worthy of being born, I want you to do CFO."

Yin Zhijian smiled subtlelyLaughing: "President Li said laughed. It’ s rusty for how many years I did n’t touch it. I still help you run your legs. "

Li Yan handed the report back and said," You think the possibility of the loan of this loanHow big is it? "

Yin Zhijian said:" President Dai was my classmate when I was a master's degree. Although the relationship between our two is not a Mo Ni, it is also a knowledge of knowledge. Chengcheng Group's assets are very good.High -quality plots, I think there may not be someone to do charcoal in the snow, but everyone is always rushing to do the icing on the icing on the cake. Just now he also called and said that he would thank you on his behalf.The taste is great. "

Li Yan shook his head and said," You are too optimistic, the project in Longyang City is a large quagmire, and the investment of tens of millions of funds is still effective.Now the demolition of Gaoto is another huge funding gap. President Dai Ken loan to us, that is, sending charcoal in the snow. "

" So, I won't let him know our real situation. "Yin Zhijian patted his hands.The report in the middle: "I will give him a condition that I can't refuse, and let him criticize the loan as soon as possible. That's it. I will go to the bank now."

What looks like, looking out to reach out, it seems to want to hold Li Yan's face. Li Yan was frightened by his sudden movement. He dared not move for a while.The fresh aroma of Gu Longshui was mixed together. His chin was shaved with iron, and the breath of a mature man rushed to face, which would almost make all women reverse the breath.

Yin Zhijian just reached out and picked up a hair on Li Yan's shoulders, smiling and said, "To maintain your hair, remember not to stay up late, drink less coffee." Then he turned away.

Li Yan sat in a while, and finally picked up the phone and started to call Liu Ziguang's number. Before pressing it, Wei Ziyi came in, and Li Yan pressed the phone to the spring and said, "Zi ZiB, what's the matter? "

" Liu Ziguang went to the demolition site. "

" What are he going? "

" Go to talk with the demolition households. "

"Did he bring a lot of people over?"

"No, he is alone."

Li Yan said, let go of the phone, and speechless for a long time.


Gao Tupo is the largest shantytown in Jiangbei City. The earliest was the refugee area during the flood of the Huaijiang River before liberation.The plague is rampant and is the "Longxuou" in Jiangbei.Because it is located above the river embankment, the terrain is high, so it is called "high soil slope".

After liberation, the government has made great efforts to rectify, and sets the dormitory area of ​​the two state -owned factories here, which has increased the area of ​​the high soil slope and made it the largest residential area in Jiangbei City. At that time, when I got to get off work, the streets were full of bicycles. The scenes were spectacular. Grain shops, small shops, charcoal shops, and vegetable fields abound. In the summer evening, residents will still be angry. The inner fetus went to the Huaijiang River to swim. At that time, living in Gaotong was still very happy.

Over time, the high -rise building rises flat, and the high soil slope seems to be more and more old, more and more dilapidated, just like a patch on the brocade, and the city leaders want to move this piece, butDue to the complicated situation, the involvement was too large, and it has not been relocated. It was not until recently that the relocation was out.

But everyone still underestimates the complexity of the matter. High -soil slope not only has workers in Chenuang Factory and Hongqi Factory, but also a large number of indigenous people. Most of these descendants of these flood refugees live on North Street, which is close to near the street, that is, close to the northern street, that is, close to the northern street, that is, close to the northern street, that is, it is close to the approachingIn the center of the city center, their houses are covered early, belonging to the ancestral private house, and after many reconstruction, often the area is two or three hundred square meters, and there are some facade houses, even the house before liberation, the small tiles, the roof, the roofThere are that thatched grass, but the door headlight box is quite beautiful. These houses are rented to fashion stores. There are at least tens of millions of income every month. Therefore, they are the most reluctant to demolish.

Today, the owners of the northern facade room have united and refused to sign the contract. Unless Chengcheng Group meets their requirements, the specific conditions Liu Ziguang has learned from Wei Ziyi. The first floor of the same area is prosperous.Shop, plus 20,000 demolition funds per square meter, is simply the lion opening.

Chengcheng Group's funds have been quite tight. It is really difficult to promise such conditions. It will be stiffened in one or two.

During the time of the dispute, Liu Ziguang had been running out outside. Li Yan could not see his figure at all, so he had to give the heavy responsibility to the Yin Zhijian recommended by Mao Sui.He appointed his younger brother as the person in charge of the demolition, led a group of friends in the gym, and hired a group of idlers to put pressure on those residents every day.

The effect can be imagined. Not only has there been no tree, but also smashed the signboard of Red Star Company and hit the face of Liu Ziguang, the representative of the district.

After coming out of Li Yan's office, Liu Ziguang called Wei Ziyi, who was traveling on a business trip, and went directly to Gaoto North Street to do ideological work for the relocated households.