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In his own swimming pool, it is too incredible, and the time of death is so coincidental. It was the night when the Hongqi factory incident happened.

"Come on, take the handle, and lift him out." Hu Rong waved his hand, several policemen stepped forward to drag Chen Runing out of the water, throwing the water on the shore of the swimming pool, like a one like one like one like one like one, like one like a one, like one like a one, like one like a oneDipped the big fat pigs to be slaughtered.

The staff in the villa came over to ask the question in turn. The villa security was the professional bodyguard hired by the Chen family. On the night of the incident, they were on duty.The first one to discover the corpse was the cleaner Wang. When she came to the swimming pool on time in the morning, she found the corpse floating in the pool, but there was no clue to ask.

Hu Rong asked his men to continue the transcript. He came to the outside of the villa and walked around and found that the monitoring camera and infrared alarm were all around. There were two fierce Dubin guard dogs in the dog.Moving Chen Xuanwu silently, this person must be quite good.

Suddenly a car came, stopped in front of the villa door, a young man jumped out of the car and went straight to the villa. The police reached out to stop him.Assistant to the president Mu Lianheng. "

Hu Rong's heart loudly said," Let him go in. "

Mu Lianheng hurried to the side of the swimming pool, watching it away from the distance, watching it away.When he arrived at Chen Raning's body, he burst into tears, and his steps couldn't move.Want to ask you, can you cooperate with it? "Hu Rong said softly behind him.

Mu Lianheng stood up, took off the suit and covered Chen Ranin, wiped a tears and said, "I must cooperate with the police to capture the murderer who kills President Chen."

"Without the test of forensic medicine, you can't conclude that it is not determined to be a murder. How do you determine that Chen Ranin was killed? "Hu Rong stared at Mu Lianheng's eyes and asked.

"Mr. Chen's health is very good, and he knows how to take care of himself. It is impossible to drown in the swimming pool. There are too many enemies in our basalt.Everyone knows the reality. "

" Then you talk about, who is the most suspicious? "

" I'm sorry for a police officer, I can’t answer you in this question. "

Hu Rong nodded, and it seemed that Mu Lianheng still kept his mind sober in this case.

"Who is the last person in contact with the deceased?" Hu Rong asked a question again.

"It should be me. I left the villa at 9:30 last night. I was going back to the provincial capital early in the morning. How can I know that this happened ..." Mu Lianheng tears under the rain, the voice is like a rain, the voice of the sound, the voiceChoppy.

Forensic doctors have finally arrived. After on -site investigation, it is confirmed that Chen Ranin did die. After further results, it was necessary to dissect it to know.Check yourself.

Chen Ranin, the president of Xuanwu Group, was packed in a black corpse bag and carried it on the car. The villa was temporarily closed.Special, such a big case must be treated carefully.

Back to the brigade, Hu Rong first went to Han Guang's office: "Han Da, how did that case dealt with?"

Han Guang said, "Do you say Li Wei'an's case?Now it is divided into two. The Anti -Corruption Bureau is responsible for tracking the origin of those money.I want to interrogate the corrupt official in person, and ask him what he collects so many gold bars to prepare to do. "

Han Guang laughed dumbly:" Besides, the case with unknown sources of property was originally from the procuratorate.Besides, it is not a small thief who can engrav on the corrupt official's face. This case is enough for you to check it. "

Hu Rong said:" I am not interested in that case, Chen Runing was killed in this case, but it was a bit a bit.Forming. "

Han Guang sneered:" If you can't make these two cases, it is done by one person. This kid will add chaos on the eyes of the bones. "

" Who is who isDo it? "Hu Rong widened his eyes.

"Who else can there be, our old acquaintances, this time he can be counted as heaven, Chen Runing's backstage can be hard ..." Han Guang grunted, picked up the case, and walked outside the door,Go back to the door and look back: "I go to the detachment to report the work, you stare at the case."

Hu Rong bowed his head and thought about it, but he didn't hear Han Guang's words.


The Municipal Party Committee, Qin Song was sitting in the office to review the documents. On the surface, it was not shocked. In fact, two appalling things happened last night. First, Director Li was first.He was tied away from the house and was discovered by the police with a large number of gold cash cash, and then Chen Runing, president of Xuanwu Group, drowned in his swimming pool. These two things were by no means a coincidence at the same time, but there was a powerful thing.Power is acting.

Thinking of the mysterious red light that appeared last night, Secretary Qin was not chilling. Does it say that people who killed Chen Ranin had also entered their own home?He also has the opportunity to kill himself. Why didn't he do so?

The case is definitely unable to cover it. Although as the secretary of the municipal party committee, Qin Song has far from mastering the overall ability of Jiangbei City. Since people dare to do this, they are dedicated to pulling off Li Ping'an.It is better to help the surname Li's butt to wipe the buttocks.

If the guess is right, the province has received the wind in the province. At this moment, it is better to launch the whole body, or it is better to protect the body.

Li Ping'an has been protected by the personnel of the Guard of the Municipal Bureau. It is protected, but it is actually under house arrest.If you think about it, you can feel a headache and you shouldn't be so deep.

Suddenly, the telephone ringing rang, and a closer look. It was the number of the provincial government. He quickly picked up Bi Gongbi and said, "I am Qin Song ..."

After a call,Secretary Qin called the Municipal Bureau Han Temple Qing: "Xiao Han, Chen Runing's body, don't move anymore, take care of his family's emotions."

Han Temple Qing immediately understood the leadership leaderThe intention: "Okay, I understand."

"Oh ..." Qin Song hesitated and said, "How about the case some time ago?"

"Several parties involved in the case are adolescents. I think we should treat it carefully. Our psychologist also believes that there is no motivation for intentional homicide in this case."Let go of a bad guy, and you can't be wronged with a good person. "After Secretary Qin made instructions, put down the phone and leaned on the chair, and took a long breath.


In the municipal hospital ward, Wei Ziyi was awake, sitting quietly in the hospital bed, his eyes dull, looking at the food in front of him without saying a word.

"Sister, you eat something, otherwise the uncle will be sad." Fang Yan's eyes stared at Wei Ziyi, and her fracture recovered very well and could already walk around.

Wei Ziyi still did not move, did not speak, did not cry, just sat so dumbfounded, from the moment the Mr. Wei jumped off the furnace, she became unconscious.It makes people feel heartache.

The meal was brought by Li Yan. She rushed to the hospital from home early in the morning.Persuaded Wei Ziyi to change his mourning, but he couldn't work at all.

The door of the room gently pushed away, and Lu Tianming, who was embarrassed, walked in, walked in front of Wei Ziyi, and took out a piece of letter paper and said, "Zi Yan, this is what I just received, it is, it is, it isThe letter sent by your mother the day before yesterday, embarked on the road of sacrifice, is a decision she has already made. I hope you can cheer up and do not disappoint your mother's expectations. "

Letter of the letter paper spreads in front of Wei Ziyi.Her dull eyes finally flashed.

Tianming, Ziyi:

When you see this letter, I am no longer alive. One year ago, I had diagnosed gastric cancer. To this dayIt was exhausted with the lights, Tianming, forgive me for not being your wife in this life. Zi Yan, my favorite daughter, my mother wants to look at the wedding dress, but unfortunately I never see it.

Since the reorganization, the factory has deteriorated, and it has reached the last moment of life and death. The struggle has to pay for sacrifice. Instead of sacrificing others, it is better to sacrifice my patient.He loves you like his mother. There is a passbook in the drawer in the middle of the desk. The password is Ziyu's birthday. There are not many money.

That's it, I will always love you

Wei Shumin is now

After reading the testament, Wei Ziyi suddenly burst into tears, Lu Tianming stepped forwardHolding the daughter, the father and daughter cried with headache, tears in the ward.

Li Yan and Liu Ziguang exited the ward gently. Fang Yan was still watching it stupidly. Liu Ziguang pulled the corner of his clothes, quickly retreated, and closed the door gently.

"Little Fang, is the condition better?" Li Yan nodded with a smile at Fang Ye.

"Do you know me?" Fang Yan blinked, looking at the good white -collar beauty in front of him.

"Oh, so, I still have a job, let's talk about it." Li Yan glanced at Liu Ziguang and turned away.

"Uncle, who is she?" Fang Ye asked wondered.

Liu Ziguang smiled bitterly, just about to answer, and when he saw Hu Rong out of the elevator, he couldn't help but secretly cry.

"Liu Ziguang, I want to talk to you." Hu Rong walked over and said arrogantly.

"Okay, talk." Liu Ziguang said.

"Let's talk about it." Hu Rong glanced at Fang Ye, stuck Liu Ziguang to the staircase of no one, and asked in a low voice: "Chen Runing drowned in his swimming pool last night.Didn't you kill it? "

Liu Ziguang smiled bitterly:" Hu Rong, you know me, if I shot, at least how can he die so comfortably. "

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