Chapter 282 Eye Beside Natasha

shocked.shocked.Everyone, including comprehensive Yanglong Yue, was stunned by Lin Miaoyue's words.Even Natasha, who has been experienced in the world for more than sixty years, was stunned by her words.

"Okay." Suddenly, Jiyang Longyue smiled happily."Okay. Excited. It's so brilliant. I really didn't expect it. Your understanding of life turned out to be so profound. Admire. I admire it. I really admire you. I love you so much. "

He said that he could hold his hands holding his hands on his forehead and kissed him with both hands.

And Natasha, Yang Xue and Xu Jing were watching his ecstatic face and began to show a disdain on his face.

"Okay." Yang Xue finally frowned and drank."Comprehensive Yang Longyue. You said."

"What do you say." Heyang Longyue looked at her and asked.

"Say something between you and Xiao Haiying." Yang Xue said angrily at his eyes and gritted his teeth slowly, but he said strongly.

"We and she had never seen it again after that time."Pretend to be stupid.

"What's the matter in the child in her text message?" Yang Xue asked with a hate.

"Oh. This is." Heyang Long Yueyue made a smile and smiled."Actually, I don't know what's going on. She said she was pregnant. And she was pregnant with my child. But this is just her word. Who knows that it is really false." < br>
"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You are really a "Actually, I don't know what's going on. She said she was pregnant. And she was pregnant with my child. But this is just her word. Who knows that it is really false." < br>
"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You are really a bastard." Yang Xue said at him suddenly."Is a girl a girl who uses such a thing to help you."

"Did she have a boyfriend?" Natasha frowned slightly and asked Essence

"I don't know." The total of Yang Yangyue said."I have only met her in total two times. But. But ..."

"But what." Yang Xue saw that he began to swallow again.And from the beginning, she knew that as long as he swallowed, it was definitely not good news.Please get more and faster.

"But when I was strong. She seemed to be the first time." Zhenyang Longyue whispered again.

"Hehe." Natasha smiled.But laughing is very complicated."Long Yue. I didn't expect you to be really blessing. Then what do you plan to deal with it?"

““ ““ ““ ““.Suddenly looked up his head and said, "If she is really pregnant, and I will be responsible for my child."
"Oh. Okay. Okay." Natasha again. " Laughed.But it is more like a smile."It's a good one. I will be responsible. Longyue. You are really a good man. I have no opinion. But did you think that you would have the feelings of your other women when you were responsible."

The whole Yangyue was speechless at once.He knew that he did lose money in this incident.But he also knew that he was more than he was in the incident.For feelings itself is selfish.Although he will feel guilty.But who makes him so much love.If everything is worthy of everyone's feelings.Then he won't have Wang Yiyao.There will be no Cui Ziyan.There will be no women such as Song Meimei, Li Xiaolu, Xia Tingting, Yang Xue, and Lin Miaoyue.Of course, it will no longer have a relationship with Wang Hairong and Xiao Haiying.After coming to K City, there will be two women, Xu Jing and Natasha.Nor will he never agree with Wang Jihi's seemingly incompetent but very seductive requirements.Update as soon as possible

"Forget it. He is this virtue." Yang Xue glanced at his head and seemed to have a very guilty Yang Longyue."He is willing to do whatever you want. Who made me blindly be his woman?"

"I have no opinion." Lin Miaoyue said with a glance at Yang Xue."I am a woman's woman. I support what Brother Dream does."

Astronomical movement could not help but move.It's wrong to think about it.Why did you just say such a thing about his punch and kick.Um.It must be Yang Xue and they instigated her.I said how the wonderfulness that always supports me did that kind of thing to me.Please get more and seems that I will often bring wonderful in the future.A pure good girl saved by them was broken by them.

"Hey ..." Xu Jing sighed.It seemed helplessly."I listen to everyone."

Several people glanced at her.Everyone knows that she is actually uncomfortable in her heart.It's just that she now chooses to accept this reality.And Yangyang Longyue even felt guilty.Think about it.A beauty with many pursuers now has to follow a man with many beauties.It's really chilling.It is no wonder that parents will be furious.So much so that someone came to assassinate him.Because this seems to ordinary people.This is too incomprehensible.This is purely what a sick person will do.It's more like Li Zongrui gave those female stars who have laid off.It's just a longer **.Even unable to solve it in a lifetime.

"Dingling." Just when everyone was immersed in these dull atmosphere.The mobile phone of Zongyang Longyue suddenly rang.

The whole Yang Longyue sighed.Picking up the phone and looking at it was still Xiao Haiying's text message.The content was that she thought he was suspicious of the authenticity of what she told him.And she just wants to tell him that she is all true.Ask him not to hesitate to return to K city.And tell him.She knew what he and Zheng Huaizhu had heard of the phone and Zheng Huaizhu accidentally.

"Zheng Huaizhu." The total of Yang Yangyue snorted.I finally understood why Lin Yuquan knew what was between him and Natasha.

"How could Zheng Huaizhu know about what was between Sister Natasha and Lin Yuquan." Lin Miaoyue couldn't help wondering."And how did he connect with Lin Yuquan. You must know that the level system within the Shenlong Society is quite rigorous. Don't say the level like Zheng Huaizhu. Contact him directly. "

" Then use to say. "Yang Xue sneered and said."This Zheng Huaizhu itself is the eyeliner that Lin Yuquan is inserted beside Natasha."

"Yes. Yes." Tongyang Longyue also nodded."Lin Yuquan is a smart person. Of course, he will not leave a training base that is not trained for him in a training base that is not in his level."

"That means that he is in He knew about the two of you between the two of you. "Xu Jing couldn't help but surprised.

"It should be." Junyang Longyue nodded and said."It seems that we really have to hurry up to return to K City."

"Hey ..." Natasha said a sigh of sigh."I really didn't expect that things would be like this."

"Don't worry." He said coldly with a cold smile."I am not so easy to deal with Yangyue Yue. Otherwise, he will not prepare for more than a month to deal with it. Please get more and faster." It has been prepared for more than a month. It also shows that he is preparing for full. "Lin Miaoyue said suddenly when he suddenly became serious.

This change surprised Natasha and Xu Jing.The two of them looked at Lin Miaoyue in surprise.When they saw the gathered and Yang Xue's indifferent look.When they thought about it, they were relieved.Although they think this change makes people uncomfortable.

"You are right. So we have to hurry back to K City." Hengyang Longyue sighed and said that he picked up his phone and dial.

He called Zhang Zhenchuan.The content naturally tells Lin Yuquan in K City that he wanted to deal with his woman in the city and told him and told her to secretly protect his women.At the same time, he also passed him to the photos of Natasha's once ** Lin Yuquan.But he has repeatedly told this matter that it is limited to Long Yue's special commando.Can't disclose it.It is Chen Zhixiong, they can't do it.

After hanging up the phone, he called the sunspots.Ask them to protect his women.Whatever there is a timely notice Chen Zhixiong called them to help.But they did not tell them about Lin Yuquan.They didn't ask.Because what they should not ask should not ask.

"Do you want to tell my brother?" At this time, Yang Xue looked at Natasha, Xu Jing, and Lin Miaoyue, but hesitated and suddenly asked about comprehensive Yanglong Yue.

"No need." He Yangyue said."Do you think they don't know."

"Oh." Yang Xue nodded.I didn't say anything.

Although Natasha did not know what Yang Xue's brother did.But she really surprised them.But why do they know.Yang Xue just talked about the whole Yanglong in his life.But in the work involved, he only obeyed him.Because she is a smart person.It is also a person who is concerned.Things are divided into severity.

"What do we do now." Xu Jing also hesitated."Back to K City."

"No." The total of the Yang Yangyue said with a sneer."Don't go back for the time being."

"Why." Xu Jing said slightly."What do they do. You must know that Lin Yuquan is a powerful figure."

"Rest assured. Since he dare not do it lightly, there is a reason." Said.

When he saw the text message just now.For a while, my mind was a little stunned.So some things didn't expect.Now think that although they are dangerous, the risk factor is not large.Because Yang Lei could not watch Lin Yuquan's hands on his women.Moreover, there is his Longyue Special Commando.

"Then we stay here are useless." Xu Jing didn't understand.Although she wants to stay in the city."It is better to return to K City. Once Lin Yuquan has any action, we will have a good response."

"Back is definitely going back." He said coldly."But we need to do one thing before returning."

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