Chapter 28 Demon Flame (below)

A magnificent golden light split towards the right saint head, at the same time a red light, a ball of blue light wrapped in the air, forming a Taiji graphic toward the right holy.Lingguangzi gathered the two groups of light, banging in the right saint, Liu Xingzi was the sword of the sword, and he grabbed a golden spirit in his left hand."

The right saint loudly, the wrinkles on his face shaking for a while, and he drank:" Okay, there are finally masters who come to face, but unfortunately, it is still a bigger than Grandpa me.In the early days of distraction, your little doll just raised his god, dare to do it with Grandpa? "He also flew out a green light in his right hand, entangled Liu Xingzi's sword light, grabbed his left hand, and directly grabbed it, and directly grabbed it, and directly grabbed it.The magic weapon of Lingguangzi grabbed it.

The two groups of light made a dazzling mang, and the right saint's claws made a sound of "<".With a light drink, his body flew up, and a five -line sky thunder was split towards the right saints.You Sheng laughed: "By the way, your magic weapon is useless to me at all." His left -handed black smoke flashed, and the magic weapon of Lingguangzi had been crushed.Spray it out.

Liu Xingzi only felt that he had a heavy pressure on his sword, and the flexible sword light in the past was a little unprepared.He was so angry, but the place where he was injured by the real dragon sword at his heart immediately had a painful pain. He said secretly: "This time, I guess I am in trouble.The Qi Qi sprayed out, and said, "Disease." Jin Guang immediately divided into thousands of, and formed a light net in the air, blocking the green light that strange pythons.

Liu Xingzi played with his left hand, and the golden spirit on his left hand took the thunder to get rid of his hands.The Lingya of the incisor became more than ten feet, and it smashed down from the heavens.The golden light flashed in the golden light, countless runes flashed, and a vast righteousness permeated the entire Qingyunping.

The right saint stayed and screamed: "'Set the magic treasure"? How can you be on your hands? Damn things, I hate this magic weapon most ... hahahahaUnfortunately, your strength is too bad. "His body flashed, and the thunderbolt emitted by Lingguang was suddenly flashed by him, and his right hand was already hitting Lingguangzi's chest.A dragon elephant giant came out, and the upper body of Lingguangzi turned into a minced flesh.

Liu Xingzi screamed: "Brother." A spiritual light flashed in the corpse of Lingguizi, and a naked villain looked around.Qingyunping, I don't know where to go.

The right sacred Qi screamed: "You, the dying group of the dying, and the Daoxing so deep Yuan infant, you don't even grab it? Damn, how much can you add? A group of idiots?, A group of waste, a group of loser ... I was so angry, I opened it for Grandpa. "He fought with his hands, and his two pockets flickered.The loud noise of ‘Dangya’, the ‘Demon Bao 菉’ with infinite power was dangling, falling down the ground to restore the original shape.

Liu Xingzi Yuanshen was stunned for a while, and a sip of blood sprayed out.A sharp claw had already come out of his heart, and the magical prince grabbed Liu Xingzi's heart in one hand and put it in his mouth and swallowed it.Liu Xingzi screamed: "The evil ... wants to take away the god of the Taoist priest." He simply ossed up and detonated his Yuan baby.The golden light that had a flash of Fang Yuan was screamed, and the magical prince screamed, and his body was scorched with black smoke and retreated towards the back. His muscles all turned into coke, which exactly retained his Yuan infant.

The right sacred gas was stunned: "A group of waste, a person who was beaten by grandpa, would you all become like this?"

A bad wind blows over,The ritual dripping kitten glared at his eyes, and rushed towards the right saint crazy.You Shengqi jumped straight: "Your dead tiger, dare to start with Grandpa? Get up ..." He grabbed the kitten's front paw in one hand, and slammed the kitten crazy on the ground.After a few times, Yang left his hand out of Qingyunping, and let the kitten's body and feathers fall down.The kitten's mouth sprayed the blood, and it fell without a word.

Li Feng was in the woods next to him. He saw the body of Lingguangzi being destroyed, he saw Liu Xingzi burst into the Yuan Dynasty, and saw the kitten's death and threw it out.He was so angry that the three corpse jumped, and his muscles were tightened for a while, and he wanted to rush out and desperately.But he didn't dare, he didn't dare to move at all, for fear of sending any movement of himself, he was discovered by those in black.Because the breath exuding the people in black is too strong, any man in black is more than a hundred times stronger than Li Feng. He knows that as soon as he comes out, he will be dead.

If it wasn't for ‘遁’, if it was n’t for the wonderful use of ‘遁 符 符’, he would have been found by those black men who scratched them around.Fortunately, no one, including the right saint, has reached the ‘hole fiction’ situation, and no one can find that he has been integrated with the heaven and earth.

Li Feng was full of body, holding his head with his head and squatting in the woods. He wondered: "Where is the master? Where is the master? Where did the master run? Is it ... she also ..."Li Feng bit his lower lip, and a drop of blood flowed into his neck along his chin. He didn't dare to imagine what Zhao Yueer had encountered.The monster of the people in black had completely deteriorated Li Feng. He couldn't mobilize a little bit at all, and he didn't even have the power to escape a little.

The strong wind is timid, but at this moment it has nothing to do with the size of the guts.The gap in strength is too large. In the face of these black men, Li Feng has no power to move at all.He could only hide in the woods with the power of ‘凭 他’, and watched the man in black that the man in black destroyed the Wonderland ’s Qingyunping.

The four golden light rushed out of the place where they retracted from the Fangcai Lingzizi, and the evil confinement shouted: "You are a group of demon, the old Tao is fighting with you."
Welcome to the three gods, none of them cared for the magical prince who was seriously injured.The Yuanshen of the magical monarch made a loud screame, and he simply rushed to a nearest black man. After he directly devoured the Yuanshen under the black, the nest was occupied, and the new magic prince activity was activated.Take the body and make a proud roar.

‘Bang Bang Bang’, Gu Lingzi, Lei Zhenzi, and Ghost Hearts were beaten out, and the blood in his mouth collapsed.The evil confinement screamed, and countless Jin Guang screamed out of him, hitting the right saint.You Sheng laughed wildly and found out in one hand, caught the Yuan Shen of the evil confinement.The Yuanshen of the evil confinement struggled, and couldn't see the magic claws, and suddenly a laughed laughed, and the self -explosive golden light broke out.

Right Sheng stayed, waved his hand and shot the evil confinement Yuanshen to the sky.The dazzling golden light flashed for a while and gradually disappeared.Right Sheng roared abnormally: "Damn, now, haven't you caught a Yuan baby who can swallow? You are a Right Sheng roared abnormally: "Damn, now, haven't you caught a Yuan baby who can swallow? You are a bastard." He rushed to the three people including Gu Lingzi.

The three of Gu Lingzi laughed, looking at each other, and at the same time, he exploded Yuan Ying.Rao Shi Sheng retreated and avoided quickly, and his left hand he extended was also fried into meat.The pain of the right saint was screaming, and the right hand was randomly shot, and the magical prince around him flickered the sky, and he flew out of the three feet.

A few people in black rushed out of the place where the evil confinement was closed, and they laughed: "Right Saint, Right Saint, 桀 桀, we solved five, and there was the lowest skill.I have solved my own soldiers, ”." Several black people's faces were full of satisfaction. Seeing their romiting belt, obviously searched countless Lingdan and magic weapons.

The triangle of the right saint was staring sharply: "Miao, so, all the twelve disciples of Yiyuanzong were completely destroyed, hahahaha, and found me the five hometown of Dongfu.While they were unable to move, they destroyed them, hahahahaha ... "

A man in black rushed to:" Right saint, we found the entrance of Dongfu, how can the ban on the entrance of Dongfu, but the brothers can't go inAh. "

Li Feng roared madly:" No, no, don't, don't ... "He heard the news that Xiao Longzi had been killed, and it completely collapsed for a while.His soul seemed to be a shell, and he was paralyzed in the woods, and he was gone at all.

The right saint nodded and drank proudly: "Miao 哉, go, we destroy the five old guys of a Yuanzong, take Chiyouqi, and go back to meet the owner. Hey, 桀."

The huge oscillation made the entire Qingyunping trembling. The Supreme Magic Gong of the right Sheng Shi broke through the prohibited system under the Qingquan reality and led all subordinates into the cave where their retreat.

One yuan, five old Cheng Cheng, five elements, sitting well, Chiyouqi fluttering on their heads, and suddenly a group of secrets in black rushed in. They were shocked one by one.Chen Songzi and Huo Yun were already sprayed out of blood.You Sheng laughed madly, and he was too lazy to say anything. He directly transported his whole body forces and hit the real person in the middle of the middle.A mighty counterattack force collided in the cave. More than forty people in black screamed in a scream, and the flesh was dying ...

Two hours later, the right saint led the residual subordinates to laugh again and again from the cave.Rushed out, and Chiyouqi was rolled on him.

I took a few steps on Qingyunping, and the right saint suddenly exploded: "Seeing the ghost, why did the three

I took a few steps on Qingyunping, and the right saint suddenly exploded: "Seeing the ghost, why did the three bastards who went to chase the little beauty not yet returned? Hey, the old beauty, Grandpa has enjoyed, At least the Taoism of Taoism at least for five hundred years, what about the little beauty? Just to be a grandfather's deed furnace, wonderful. "

Li Feng is already paralyzed on the ground.It can be said, speechless."Rebellion, retribution ... If the ancestors of Shi Bo, they are not greedy for Chiyouqi, why? ... retribution, retribution ... If Shi Bo is not such kind, not so trustworthy others, but to learn meLi Feng, how could it be attacked by Wu Shen's old way, so that he was seriously injured and could not resist at all? ... Tianli Reincarnation ... God, do you want to tell Li Feng, do you have a long life? So, let Li Feng completely me completelyBe a wicked man, what else do I do? "

A thunder in the sky bombed, and a little raindrops fell down.

A black shadow flew over with a black smoke from the northwest: "Right Saint, Right Saint, the female doll has an extremely poisonous magic weapon, both of which were killed by her.Ah ... Fortunately, the subordinates reacted quickly, and they had to escape the difficulties ... right saint, the female doll ... "

Right Sheng frowned, the right hand fiercely grabbed the black clothes manThe neck was so angry: "What about the female doll?"

The man in black was stunned: "It is a moment of anxiety, a thunder blew her right arm and slap her off.The cliff is. The Yinlei is given by the right saint. It is estimated that the female doll is unable to live ... right saint, forgiveness ... "A screaming, right saint squeezed his neck relentlessly, grabbed itAfter getting out of the Jin Dan in his body, he swallowed it.

On the other side, a group of people in black sent out a cheer, and they finally opened the palace that worshiped the real people of Huanglong.Yiyuan Zong's spectrum was taken out, and the real portrait of Huang Long was also taken out.

Right Sheng sneered: "Okay, so, this time the gain is also good, let's go, Grandpa, I leave them a illusion, let other decent people, don't come again. Hehe, hey, hey, hey,Otherwise, the Yuanzong will be destroyed, but it will turn the entire monastery world ... Hey, we actually killed more than 80 people.Yun, Qingsong ... 一 元, all the people of Yiyuanzong died, hahahaha. "

Right Sheng opened the portrait of Huanglong's real person, and his body stunned:" God, 'Seven Absolutely、 ',' Raw built -in pot ',' bundle immortal cable '... This old hairy leaves so many magic weapons? Damn, fortunately these one Yuanzongmen people are not brought on, otherwise ... "

BR> You Sheng laughed a few times in a low voice, drifting away with a vote.

Qingyunping turned into ruins as a whole. In the last small wooden forest, only Lifeng was lying there as if the dead man was lying there, receiving the beating of*