Chapter 24 Sakura and Holy Grail

"Greek's betrayal Witch Meidia?" Said slowly, "Both sides are two servant ..."

"So what about entering Liudong Temple?" Saber put forward his own opinionsEssence

"Is it a good way ..." Qian Xi nodded, it was the advice that agreed with Saber.

"Wei Palace, are you there?" Suddenly there was a shouting of Liudong from the outside.Asked, "What's wrong? What's the matter?"

"Well, I was called by Teacher Gemu because of the student union just now, and let's take a look at your situation by the way.""Teacher Gemu is also at school?" Qian Mi asked curiously.

"Well, go out early in the morning, you know that the student union is always okay," Liu Dong said helplessly.

"Wait!?" Qian Xi suddenly said, "How do you know that Teacher Gemu went out?"

"Of course, live together"

"? "

" Ah pull ... I didn't tell you ... it's still rude. "Liu Dong smiled sorry," Teacher Gemu has lived in Liudong Temple three years ago "


"You areSaid that Ge Mu is the Master of Caster "to send 10 % fantasy, and in a blink of an eye, he was pulled into the living room by the eavesdropping. He heard the analysis of 凛, and could not help but ask at will.

"Teacher Gemu is not a magician, this is consistent with what Ilia said." I worked hard and looked at it.This is necessary ... "Saber nodded in harmony.

"It's "hiding in the trail and watching Ge Mu walking forward slowly, then raised his hand and shot Gand. At the moment of contact, the magic was suddenly invalid, and he couldn't help but shocked." It was invalid!! "Suddenly a piece of gray cloth fell into the ground, and slowly formed a person's appearance. It was the CASTER of the Liudong Temple. He looked at the caster in front of him and said seriously," Space Transfer "

" I have some I haveI have told you, Master Zongichiro, because of this happening, let you stay in Liudong Temple. "

Ge Muzong Ichiro, who is back to Caster, suddenly spoke.Is it true?

"Yeah, although not a big fish" Caster smiled mysteriously, "Come out, the avoided servant !!"

Qian Shi and Saber slowly slowly and Saber slowly.After walking out, Ge Muzong Ichiro looked back, "Far board, you can't even think of you, even if you are a master, caster, strengthen me fist." Then he threw the briefcase and rushed up.

Saber quickly raised the sword to pierce Ge Mu, but was clamped by Ge Mu with his elbows and knees strangely. Saber had to retreat backwards. Because there were too many magic power with Berserker, Saber could not help his body stagnant.Kneeling down on one knee, suddenly felt a strong fisting style, hiding with its strong intuition, and the original position was opened by Ge Mumu to open a large hole.

Ge Muzong Ichiro said slowly, "You can avoid it, instead of dynamic vision, it is better to say that your intuition is better."The thousand fantasies were intercepted halfway.

"Wait!" Caster suddenly dragged Ge Mu back and stretched out his hand to stop several people. "I said, this is the way to such a barbaric behavior, do you want to join us?

"What dreams! CASTER" Saber refused angrily, and slowly came forward, "What does this mean"

"Nothing ... it's just that the structure of the Holy Grail is clear, youIsn't the goal too the Holy Grail? We can summon the Holy Grail without killing. "

" What do you need to summon the Holy Grail? "I asked seriously.

"There are enough spiritual veins here, as long as there is a core thing and a powerful magic, it is okay."

"" "It sounds nice, powerful magic, how many people do you need, how many people do you need?The soul can only be maintained !! "
" Yes, as long as everyone who uses it here is enough, "Caster said indifferently to surprise a few people," Anyway, there are many people in the world.It's annoying "

" What is that core !!! "Although shocked by the cold blood of Caster, he still asked Caster calmly," Is it a magician. "

" It's really smart,~ "Caster was surprised by the cleverness, and then laughed with admiration," Only one magician can end the killing, isn't it good? "

... "Saber retreated to the side, carefully reminded 凛.

"Unfortunately ... the magician is not just you." Caster held Ge Mu's arm, "In addition to you, there are qualified magicians," then he disappeared in front of several people with Ge Mu.

"The qualified magician ... is it ..." Thinking of the words of Caster carefully, he was shocked. At the same time, he also thought of the candidate.>
Saber suddenly ran towards the palace house, and Qian Mi also picked up and caught up.

When Qian Mihe arrived, I saw Saber kneeling on the ground, and Sakura looked at a few people like puppets, and suddenly a strange dagger pointed at his neck like a strange shape.Slowly floating in the air, the sound of caster spit out in my mouth, "I took this girl away, and I came to my temple." After that, I disappeared into the air.

"Sakura ..." 凛 looked at Sakura who was taken away to himself.

"Saber, how are you?" Qian Xi looked at Saber, who was still kneeling there, and asked anxiously.

Saber's painful face flashed a hint of red red, "Nothing, just hitting the Caster's treasure, you can't use the treasure for the time being"

"Really, that's good" Thousands of Thousands "Thousands of thousandFantasy finally rest assured that he didn't pay attention to asking Saber's tone at all.

"It seems ... we are going to Liudong Temple," I said slowly at the place where Caster disappeared.

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