Chapter 191 The Poetry of High Realm

The female thief laughed.It seemed to be very satisfied with his performance to him and said, "You are really willing to be my boyfriend. Don't you know that I am a thief."
"I know." Yue said firmly."Yes. You are a thief. But it's not an ordinary thief. It is the kind of chivalrous thief willing to pay for others."

The female thief laughed.Laughing beautifully.Her smile can be described as the best explanation of a smile.

"Thank you." She said sincerely."You are a good person. I am willing to be your woman. If you are willing. I will belong to you tonight."

““ ““ ““ ““ suddenly.This is not expected anyway.Please get more and faster.He is right for her to be her own woman.Not just because of her beauty.More because he did what he thought he should be responsible for her.But he believes that she would not agree to be her own woman.And he also made a psychological preparation for long -term pursuit.But I did not expect that it would be such a dramatic result.

"This. Is this a bit faster?" Zongyang Longyue said a little."I think. We should still know more about each other."

"You don't want to." The female thief frowned lightly."That's it. I won't force you. I didn't say it. I didn't say it. Speaking."

I would turn around and go away.

The whole Yang Longyue quickly reached out and grabbed her hand.To stop her from saying, "No. It's not that I don't want to. I just think this is too unfair to you. I don't want to hurt you. I hope you can consider some decisions."
"If you are willing to be willing to Don't want mother -in -law and mother. Men must be more profitable. "The female thief turned his head and looked at him."Since I promised you. It means that I have already thought about it. I am a person who knows what I am doing."

"That That's what. Then what else I don't want to do. I can only be grateful for herself. "Junyang Longyue seeing her is really not like a decision made by a moment of impulse.So said that.

"Then take me to your room." The female thief laughed and said.

"Um." He Yangyue nodded with a smile.Holding her hand directly to his former room.


"I had a few questions before I gave you to ask you." The female thief asked the comprehensive Yanglong Yue on the bed and asked.

"Can you tell me your name before you ask?" The integrated Yanglong Yue said with a smile.

"You are doubting my sincerity." The female thief frowned slightly."But it doesn't matter. You just don't ask me to tell you. My name is Wang Hairong. Occupation is a thief. How about it. My answer is quite satisfied."

"Then what are you have any questions, then you have any questions. . Just ask you. I must answer truthfully. "Junyang Longyue smiled embarrassed.He did doubt the true purpose of her coming here with him.Because he thinks he is still handsome.But he still knows that he is not handsome that he will fall in love with himself as soon as he sees him.

"Okay. Then I will start asking. You remember the question clearly." Wang Hairong nodded and looked at him and said."What are your names. How big this year is. Who do you learn from your martial arts? Why don't you stand at the stairs in your stairs without wearing clothes. Why is it a little movement when you see me? And did you find it? I am a woman. Please get more and faster. "

我 我 我 我 我 After listening to her series of problems, I can't help but secretly hold my lips.Can you ask you one by one.Fortunately, Brother's memory is good.If you change to some of the dementia on TV, it is really hard to say that they can remember these issues.

"Report the beauty of Wang Da." He Yangyue didn't want the atmosphere to be too dull and joked as if a soldier reported to the head."My surname is comprehensive. Famous Longyue. This year, I am a little bit nineteen. My kung fu is a child from a young age. The reason why I do n’t wear clothes to stand in the staircase entrance because I hear the sound of prying the door. I didn't care about dressing. The reason why I didn't have a little movement to you. It was because I was confident in my kung fu. But when you thought I was a statue, I would wait for you to take the initiative to come to the door. And I also found that you were a woman when you were close to me when I saw you holding a dagger. So ... "

Speaking of him, he scratched his head embarrassedly and scratched his head. EssenceHey laughed a few times.

"So you're playing with great intentions. Play me, right?" Wang Hairong said at a glance.

"How do I know that it will be this result in the end." The total of the Yang Yang Longyue scratching his head with a smile.

"You don't like this result, right?" Wang Hairong narrowed his beautiful eyes and stared at him with a sinking face.

"No. No." The total of the Yangyang Longyue hurriedly said."As a result, I like it. But this process is too sorry for you."

"You still have conscience." Wang Hairong smiled suddenly.Said him."Okay. I finished asking. I am satisfied with your answer."

"That's how we can ..." Junyang Longyue said with a bright smile.So he rubbed his hands and said with a smile. Hey said with a smile.

"Morality." Wang Hairong smiled and glanced at him.

The whole yang Long Yue couldn't help but stunned.He even felt the sound of his bones cracking.This feeling is really amazing.It's too fascinating.But the woman who was numb in front of him.Now it is his woman who comprehensive Yangyue.He can enjoy her without scruples.So what are you waiting for.So he suddenly embraced her in his arms.It seemed that after a few centuries of hunger, she kissed her beautiful but beautiful and beautiful face.

"Can you. Slowly. Ah." Wang Hairong felt his enthusiasm."I hope. I hope my first time. You can be gentle."

"Rest assured. Baby. I will." Zhenyang Longyue also pant.But she couldn't wait to take off her clothes."I promise. Let you leave you for the first time to leave you with a memorable and satisfied memory of life."

The two of them soon met each other.Wang Hairong was shocked to the beauty of heaven and man again.He watched the beautiful first update in front of him and slowly embraced her in his arms.Kiss with her gentle.Touch the silky and beautiful skin like soft.Slowly the two of them combined together ...

People say that the matter of men and women requires passion.It's fierce like fighting.However, the comprehensive Yangyue and Wang Hairong are proved that they have implemented men and women.It can also be beautiful like red wine.Although they did not have that kind of fierce in the process.But it was gently embraced.Move slowly.The beauty full of love is the beauty of the other party.It is also a very high level of pleasure to reach a very high realm.

After this toss.It will be on for more than two hours.So they all slept with each other.The whole sleep is very stubborn and beautiful.Please get more and faster.This is his most pleasant night.First, the surprise brought by the seven beautiful wives to herself.Then Wang Hairong's surprise to himself.Especially the latter.Let him have always been stupid during the entire sleep.Unwilling to close.


It's dawn.The whole Yanglong Yue stumbled to hear the voice of a woman talking outside.He is excited.Wake up.If he thinks about how to explain how to explain her seven beautiful wives, it is already the beauty of the beauty of his woman.He turned subconsciously to embrace his new woman.But suddenly found that his new woman was gone.He got up suddenly.I thought she would not make breakfast for herself like those shots on TV.if that happened.If you meet his seven beautiful wives, it is not fun to see it.If you make any misunderstandings.It's blind to fight.

He quickly got up and wanted to wear clothes.At this time, he remembered that the clothes he wore yesterday was with his seven beautiful wives.Fortunately, his things did not move to that room.So he took a set of clothes in the wardrobe and put it on quickly.Because he really didn't want his women to have any misunderstandings.And he just heard the voice of the beauty outside.Although you can't hear what you say.He guessed that most of them met.Because the content is unclear.But the tone was still resentful.

When he opened the door and walked out.He really saw what his seven beautiful wives were talking about the stairs.When they discovered him.Just fixed his eyes on him.In addition to Lin Miaoyue.They all stared at him with a resentful gaze.

He swallowed a sip of saliva.When the heart is broken, it must be a conflict between them encountered.But he still walked forward without hesitation.Because he was worried that Wang Hairong would leave his sleeves in one go.When he walked around the stairs and glanced around.When his heart was standing, he got cold and cold.He didn't see her.He even used abilities to see everything around him.Even a lonely woman who was across the villa bathroom was seeing a big cucumber herself and did not find the shadow of Wang Hairong.

He smiled bitterly.Sitting in the stairs very weakly.This is the case.He just scolded his seven beautiful wives.Besides, what's the reason to scold.No wonder you just blame yourself to sleep too much.I didn't hear a little movement.He also began to hate why he didn't even leave her phone and address.The result is so.I want to find her, there is no place to find it.He regretted his head.He said that he comprehensive Yangyue and Yongyang Longyue.You really You really fucking a shit egg.

And his seven beautiful wives looked like him.The resentment in his eyes became puzzled.But Song Meili still asked loudly with him: "Long Yue. You explain to us what this is."

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