9 3 4 qing ma da qiao


Although the heart of Asia is the rare best glass of old pits in recent years, after all, it is just a rough stone, not a artwork carved by famous artists.The US dollar valuation is actually more reasonable. Even after the bidding of all parties, the hammer should not exceed 10 million US dollars.

When Chen Xuanwu shouted 10 million, the wealthy businessmen in Southeast Asian were already moving, but it was not shocked or admired, but a faint contempt.Poor, just a little money in his hand was dragged like this, and treating the auction as a stage for showing off wealth is really not cultivated.

And Olivi's offer made these Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan nobles really feel a little shocking. Although the European family was on the name of the Singapore Ship King, in recent years, due to the decline in the global economy.The business volume is also constantly shrinking. It is said that the Eu family's fleet has scrapped a large number of unprocessed freighters for a while, and the order of five seafood -type freighters has been canceled.Looking at it, this news may have to be confirmed.

After all, not everyone can take out 20 million US dollars to buy a stone. Although the gold is priceless, in the eyes of these experts who are proficient in antique jade, this jadeite is indeed worth so much value.Money, since Ms. Ou can take this jadeite at least two issues at least two issues at a price beyond the price beyond the price of double the former. First, Ou Jia's strength is still strong.

The auctioneer was finalized, and the heart of Asia was taken away by Miss Ou from Singapore at a higher reference price of $ five million, and once again refreshing the auction house emerald rough auction price record.

A bunch of applause of "Papa Papa" sounded, and the telephone client took the lead to stand up and see that he was also a businessman from the Mainland, but the style was much stronger than Chen Xuanwu.Essence

In the auction hall, applause sounded, and the auction would come to an end for a while. Next, the auction was a white jade carving binocular housing bottle during the Qianlong period and a green boy Guanyin ornament in the late Ming Dynasty.When the wealthy businessmen also wanted to see the madness of the upstarts in the Mainland, they found that Chen Xuanwu had left quietly.

The owner of Asia at the same time is the owner of Asia, Oli, apparently, she is not interested in the next two auction products, and it is directly rushing to the heart of Asia.

In the foyer, Chen Xuanwu, who was smoking, met Olivi, who was embraced in front of the bodyguard.Help me ask her. "Then I kept staring at Olivi's shadow into the nanny car before receiving it. It happened that the telephone client also came out.Put your own business card and hand it over.

Chen Xuanwu took it over and looked at it. If he didn't pay much attention, he saw the words of the secretary behind the name, and immediately felt dispelled his worth, and handed his business card to Mu Lianheng.Said faintly: "Fortunately." He turned away.

Mu Lianheng took out his business card and exchanged the other party very politely, and simply gave a few words. Then he caught up and whispered: "Chen Shao, that person has a background."

"Isn't it just a secretary? What kind of cow, dare to call me brothers and brothers." Chen Xuanwu dismissed.

"Yi Yong, the secretary of the Xia Mining Group, this is a key enterprise under the State Council.Essence

Chen Xuanwu is silent. Although the Xuanwu Group is strong, after all, it is just a private enterprise, which is not the same as the red -top businessman of the country.


Wei Ziyi can clearly feel that his heart is jumping, and the Asian heart actually discharged 20 million US dollars of sky -high prices, even if it removes 14 %, it is fourth.The commission also has more than 100 million yuan. With this funds, all the stagnant businesses under Hongshi Holdings will work again, and in the foreseeable future, they will no longer worry about funds.

She opened Liu Ziguang's mobile phone and told him the good news, but Liu Ziguang didn't seem to be surprised.It's higher. "

" Oh my god, 20 million US dollars are not high enough? "Wei Ziyi, who has always been calm, was just like a child, with a coquettishness in his tone, with pride, it can be seen that it can be seen that it can be seen that it can be seen.How happy she was at this moment.

"Oh, good, good, you have worked hard." Liu Ziguang seemed to be infected by Wei Ziyi's happy mood, and said with a smile. It seemed to hear the exaggerated shouts on the phone,Probably he was scared by this number.

Wei Ziyi suddenly thought of one thing, and quickly reported: "President Liu, I found Chen Xuanwu, and he also participated in this auction.He's in his hands. "

" I know, you pay attention to safety, I'm already on the way back. "The laughter on the phone stopped abruptly, and Liu Ziguang's voice became very serious in an instant.Essence

Hong Kong is a legal society. The tentacles of Xuanwu Group cannot reach this, but this does not mean safety, but it is even more worrying. Chen Xuanwu is despicable and shameless.

On the sea between Hong Kong and Macau, high -speed passenger ships drove by wind and waves, and a white tail plowed out of the tail.Following Hong Kong in the distance.

Liu Ziguang did not guess wrong. When Chen Xuanwu saw Wei Ziyi at the auction, he moved his bad brain. After the auction, he immediately sent Mu Lianheng to find out the news of Wei Ziyi.This kind of thing is the most handy, relying on the handsomeness and sensitive mind, he set up the name of Wei Ziyi from the auction house without the power of blowing ash, and then rushed to the old man of the Oriental Wenhua Hotel.It got the message you wanted.

Back to the peninsula hotel where Chen Xuanwu stayed, Mu Lianheng reported to his Shaodong family that Wei Ziyi came to Hong Kong with four bodyguards.

Chen Xuanwu smiled with a disdain: "The security company, please put on the facade, you can't see it."

"There is another news, Chen Shao may be more interested."Mu Lianheng then said, "Two gentlemen came from the Mainland the day before yesterday, one Liu Sheng, one Zhuosheng, and they stayed at the Oriental Mandarin Hotel."

Chen Xuanwu did not say anything,After smoking the cigarettes for a long time, I finally threw the cigarette butt and stood up and said, "Book the nearest air ticket, go back!"

I can't help but be afraid.The security department hired was a good player on the rivers and lakes. Previously, his two personal bodyguards were seriously injured by Liu Ziguang.You can also make a salted fish, which makes them died and wounded.

The case was hardly pressed down, but it did not mean that Liu Ziguang and Zhuo Li had endured this breath.Affairs, how can I know that the enemy is pursuing and followed Hong Kong all the way.

"They must come to me, I have to go quickly." Chen Xuanwu said in horror, in the final analysis, he was just a rich son. Although he also experienced some cruel and bloody things, it was all that were all all, but it was all that were all all, but that was all that were all, but it was all that were all all, but that was all that were all.He killed others instead of being chased by others.

"Chen Shao is worried, I think they are not for us. Wei Ziyi is the agent of the seller of the Asian heart. I guess it is likely that Liu Zhuo is hired to protect the jadeite."Mu Lianheng analyzed this way.

Chen Xuanwu was slightly calm, but still not assured: "No, Wei Ziyi has seen me, she will definitely tell them that I am here.If you do n’t eat your eyes, you will be careful to get a 10,000 -year -old boat. "

Mu Lianheng had to agree to arrange the recent air tickets. Chen Xuanwu added another sentence:" Don't go home, you have to guess them, don't guess them.Go to my schedule, go to Singapore, yes, go to Singapore to avoid the limelight. "

Chen Xuanwu was panicked, Liu Ziguang was also anxious. Although the last thing, although the last thing was solved peacefully under the mediation of Captain Xie ZhizhiIt is definitely not Hua Ge into jade. The hatred on both sides is not only eliminated, but it is deeper. On the one hand, he is worried that Chen Xuanwu is not good for Wei Ziyi, and on the other hand, he is also afraid of Chen Xuanwu's slippery.It will save a lot of worries.

Back to the hotel, Wei Ziyi was waiting nervously. The guardians of the four red star companies were also in a high alert.After selling emeralds, the wealth will be followed by the Jiang Yang thieves who are fascinated by the bright fire. In fact, their concerns are a little redundant. The money has not yet arrived.Essence

Liu Ziguang laughed as soon as he entered the door: "The guys are very vigilant, but you are gathered in a house. If someone really comes to the door, you will wrap you dumplings directly."

The guards laughed at each other. They were just soldiers from soldiers, not professional bodyguards. Where can I know this.

Liu Ziguang also said: "Hong Kong's law and order is better than Jiangbei. Don't worry about anything. Besides, the jadeite has been sold, and your task has been completed.Let ’s.

The four young men went highly, and Liu Ziguang carefully inquired about what happened at the auction to Wei Ziyi. After listening to it, he asked Chen Xuanwu’ s whereabouts.

"I don't know where he lives, but I heard that the boss of Xuanwu Group always lives in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong." Wei Ziyi replied.

"In this way, Ziyu, you retreat the room here first, change one family, and then book three air tickets to go back, tomorrow will be." After Liu Ziguang explained, he went out with Zhuoli,Searching for Chen Xuanwu in the world.

When they came to the Peninsula Hotel, Chen Xuanwu had left the room two hours ago. This made Liu Ziguang suspicious. Could this guy smell the danger?

Although Hong Kong is a land of projectiles, there are many hotels and hotels as well as beef. Liu Ziguang is not a ground snake and does not want to use the police relationship. Therefore, Chen Xuanwu's traces are very difficult to find.Li had to cancel the operation.

In the early morning of the next morning, Liu Ziguang, Zhuoli, and Wei Ziyi took a taxi to the airport, and the four guards still stayed in Hong Kong to enjoy the holidays.

In the morning of the blue horse bridge, the scenery is extremely magnificent, like a Shenlong who is not seen at the end of the tail in the vast smoke. There are not many vehicles on the bridge. The taxi driver is a very enthusiastic uncle.It explains the history of the struggle of Hong Kong people in vernacular, and all the three people in the car are absent -minded. Wei Ziyi is planning how to use this fund, and Zhuo Li is planning how to clean up Chen Xuanwu, while Liu Ziguang is paying attention to the road conditions on the bridge.

"The second child is a bit wrong." Liu Ziguang suddenly said.

"It's wrong?" Zhuoli looked blank.

"The front container truck, there is one behind, just clamp us in it." Liu Ziguang said.

Zhuoli looked back and forth, shrugging, "Photon, you are allergic. People are the trucks delivered to the airport. Besides, it is not only one car that was sandwiched among them."

As soon as the words fell, the previous container truck sent a harsh noise, directly on the bridge surface.