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The official residence of the SAR Chairman, the guards are strict. President Cheng has received several shots of guests today, all of which are all unhappy roles. Observer of the Ministry of Public Security Anti -Drug Bureau, special agents of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Safety, and even evenThere are also extremely mysterious representatives of a certain guest. They came to see the purpose of Chairman Cheng, but they all inquired about the whereabouts of a person. The person's name was Liu Ziguang.

The Jind Dang Special Economic Zone is located on the border of northern Myanmar and borders China. It is surrounded by various warlord forces. It can be described as intricate forms, but no matter which one, you must face up and respect the will of the big power of the Northeast.

Chairman Cheng is not a child. In fact, people who can do this position are all good guys who crawled out of the dead for many years. Tomorrow of the SAR government depends on many factors. None of these members.He dared to offend, but although he wanted to provide some useful information, he did not know anything about this person named Liu Ziguang.

Fortunately, the big members just asked casually.Important people who are concerned.


Li Jianguo has been staying in the old street for five days. There is still no news of Liu Ziguang. The drug dealer gangs have a bad soldier and how to take revenge. According to this analysis, Liu Ziguang must not fallWhen they arrived in their hands, but where did this guy go?Fund only has extremely limited resources, so he is also helpless.

I was stunned on the street. Suddenly, I came in the distance. The skin was dark, wearing a human character, and a cigarette roll that was not lit.

Li Jianguo pressed his excitement, took out the lighter to help Liu Zi, who had been missing for a long time, and looked at him with his eyes, "What are you busy?"
"After a circle, I just came back, and a few people stared at you, what's going on. "If Liu Ziguang said nothing, from a distance, the two seemed to be a pixel who did not know each other occasionally to chat together.

"That's the old police team, maybe it is to protect me." Li Jianguo glanced at Xu Yukai in the distance.

"Protecting you, it seems you have met an old acquaintance." Liu Ziguang laughed, and suddenly Yu Guang in the corner of his eyes noticed that the people came over at himself, and he used the straw hat on his hand.As a cover, the insurance was opened on the right hand.

"Lao Li, your friend?" Xu Yukai asked a standard Mandarin. The accent and the Yunnan native language on the courage are very different. The appearance is also like a northerner.Employment.

Li Jianguo didn't speak, staring at Xu Yukai's every move. Recently, his movement was very special. He stared at him all day long.It is worthwhile to do so, is there any other picture?

Liu Ziguang directly acknowledged: "Yes, I came here with Lao Li."


"For free, surname Liu, Liu Ziguang."

Xu Yukai's face changed his face, and he stopped his hand on his pocket. He didn't wait for him to make further reactions. Liu Ziguang's pistolHe had been on his waist nest, and asked with a smile at the same time: "Do you know me?"

A few special policemen next to him were very numb and quickly raised the automatic rifle. Li Jianguo was also ready to go out.In the posture, Xu Yukai hurriedly waved his hand: "Put the gun down, this is the guest of Chairman Cheng!"

The special police officers received the gun, Liu Ziguang also took the pistol, and his face still smiled: "Isn't it a trouble?It is a bit big, and the central government is a bit big? "

Xu Yukai said:" Almost, President Cheng ordered to find you, see people, see how many people are looking for, now I don’t know how many people are looking for the world to look for the world.What about you, don't say anything, go to me to see Chairman Cheng. "

Liu Ziguang looked at Li Jianguo, Li Jianguo shook his head slightly, saying that he didn't know the matter. Liu Ziguang thought about it and looked up," OkayLet's go, I'll go. "

" The buddy is refreshing. "Xu Yukai stretched out his right hand:" My name is Xu Yukai, who used to be the Marine Corps.They are all yourself. Buddy, which troops do you have? "

Liu Ziguang smiled lightly and did not pick him up, Xu Yukai patted his head:" Look at my brain, forget the confidential regulations, you should not ask, you should not askDon't ask, don't say it, the buddy gets on the car, I will take you to see the chairman. "

In the official residenceOn the chair of the mahogany, the smoke did not leave his hand, and talked about it. It seemed like a farmer in Yunnan rural in the river, but the talks contained problems such as international politics and regional games, which made Liu Ziguang look at it.

Chairman Cheng also paid great attention to this person who was noticed in all aspects. The 20 -year -old appearance was less than one meter eight height. From the perspective of southerners, it is already a big man.The difference is that his conversation and temperament are not like special forces, more like a spy, and a relatively high -level one. From his eyes, the countless chairman Cheng found a kind of confidence.The majesty, this man must be a big man with power, or a big man who once holds authority.

President Cheng knows it, and does not ask for what people come to do here, but talk about the current situation.Be sure to put the work of anti -drug and gambling first, please be assured of the leaders.

How smart Liu Ziguang, guessing the intention of Chairman Cheng. The so -called special zone is actually similar to a domestic township. It is really comparable to strength.The chairman may not be more than the domestic county party secretary. They can survive and have a relationship with the support of domestic compatriots.

Liu Ziguang comforted each other and said some ambiguous words. Fortunately, Chairman Cheng didn't ask for anything, but just wanted to use this rare opportunity to convey his voice.

The chairman still made some small requirements in the process. Asked if Liu Ziguang could use Li Jianguo to use it to help them train the elite troops.If you are training, I can help you contact a professional company through the relevant channels. "

" That's great, I would like to thank you on behalf of the SAR government. "President Cheng was overjoyed.

Liu Ziguang also said, "I also have one thing, please help Cheng Cheng."

"I ask."

"In the mountain 40 kilometers away from the mountains, there is a one in the mountain, there is a one in the mountain, there is a one in the mountain, there is a mountain, there is a one in the mountain, there is one in the mountain, there is one in the mountain, there is one in the mountain, there is one in the mountain,Forced the landing plane, I needed you to help dismantle it back to China. "Liu Ziguang said.

Chairman Cheng twisted his brow, and his heart shocked. It really occurred in a big event. A series of things that had occurred recently were not isolated, but there were inextricable connections, but it was too strange.It is difficult for ordinary people to organize these things together.

I have never heard that there are planes nearby. The air force of the Myanmar government is basically equivalent to furnishings. Where does this mysterious aircraft come from?In the process of no process, the chairman can also vaguely guess some clues, fearing that it is related to some projects on the Indian Ocean in the Indian Ocean.

"Okay, when we are out of the vehicle, we must do this." President Cheng waved his hand and agreed.

Liu Ziguang nodded and said, "Also, this matter must be confidential, don't let anyone know, I said anyone, do you understand?"

<: "I understand."

Whenever this kind of secret task, the less people who always know, the better, the people in the relevant departments can't wait to get rid of all the relationship, so that people will not know about themselves.The chairman will naturally not make anyone difficult.

According to Liu Ziguang's request, he allocated a group of workers and people, and several trucks went to the mountains to perform secret missions.

And Liu Ziguang called the house at this time and reported peace.


The team is walking on the mountain road. The opening of a high -level machine that armed pickups was shot and shot in the front of the car.GK80 steel helmet, wearing a single green army uniform, holding the Bayi bars, the couple soldiers, behind the three Dongfeng trucks, some workers sitting under the tarpaulin, the tools and oil barrels of the box.The American ten -wheeled card, the car is still full of armed soldiers.

After some travelers, the team finally arrived at the destination, but there was still a distance from the landing point of the plane.The plane was found on a relatively flat ground in a mountain.

Xu Yukai is responsible for the alert mission. When he saw the plane, his mouth was open for a long time, and Xiao Xu was also a person who was a world.8. After retiring, they often take civil aviation flights, but have never seen such a bad, so old plane.

A small -winged canvas leather transport aircraft flying out of the museum stops in the middle of a poppy flower. The grass green body also has the logo of Myanmar Airlines.Splash on the skin of the plane, wings, paste on the wheels, and a burnt smell permeated in the air.